Biderman Quotes in Blank Check (1994)


Biderman Quotes:

  • Juice: [sarcastically] Now that's a display of fine driving, right there.

    Biderman: You know, Carl, it might be easier just to steal another million dollars.

  • Biderman: What do you expect?

    Carl Quigley: What I expect is that if I give someone a million dollars and I come back the next day, I find the million dollars. That's what I expect!

    Biderman: Carl, I'm not a magician okay.

    Carl Quigley: So you can make it disappear but you can't make it reappear is that it?

  • [the guys are driving around in Quigley's Jaguar and spot Preston in the park]

    Biderman: That's him. The boy with the backpack.

    Carl Quigley: Go, go, go!

    Juice: The sign says 'no cars allowed'!

    Carl Quigley: Just drive!

    Preston Waters, Henry: Quigley!

  • Carl Quigley: So where you gonna find a kid, Mr. Family Man?

    Biderman: Newspapers.

    Carl Quigley: You want me to advertise? Is that it?

  • Carl Quigley: [sneaks up and cuts the line to Biederman's phone cord, interrupting his call]

    Biderman: [turns around in fear] Carl Quigley.

    Carl Quigley: [twirls the scissors smugly] You don't look to happy to see me.

    [now points with scissors]

    Carl Quigley: You also pointed at me in court. That hurt.

  • Carl Quigley: [observing Preston's castle] So what do you think?

    Juice: Looks very nice.

    [sees control pad for video game]

    Juice: Yo ho, what's that?

    Carl Quigley: [picks it up] I don't know. You two never saw one.

    [shows it to Biderman\Juice]

    Biderman: [shakes head] I have no idea.

    Juice: [shrugs] Beats me.

    Carl Quigley: Hey, Preston

    [showing control pad]

    Carl Quigley: What's this?

    Preston Waters: [nervous] Well you turn the little knob, and...

    [making a short depth movement smashes the control pad against the cement floor. Another suspense sound follows as the thing breaks in two but itsy bitsy pieces go bouncing/rolling off]

    Juice: You know kid, you shouldn't have let us in. All your little toys could get broken.

    Carl Quigley: [cracks knuckles happily] Kid, where's Macintosh?

  • Biderman: You can use these checks. They're temporary.

    Carl Quigley: Thank you, Edward.

    Biderman: Like our relationship.

  • Biderman: [after breaking into the Waters' house] Looks like no one's home.

    Carl Quigley: Shut up, Wienerman!

    Biderman: Biderman.

    Carl Quigley: Where is he?

    Butch: I don't know, but he might be down the street at Mr. Macintosh's. That's his boss.

    Carl Quigley: Macintosh. Come on!

    Juice: You know, I do like what they have done with this color.

  • Biderman: Wait. Quigley sent you?

    Juice: That's right.

    Biderman: What about the kid?

    Juice: What kid, man?

    Biderman: THE KID! The kid with the backpack!

    Juice: Look here, man, I'm tired of telling you this.

    [gestures with his index finger]

    Juice: But if you don't give me the money for that check, I guarantee you there's a bullet with your name on it in this chamber.

    Biderman: The kid with the backpack. The kid with the backpack! The backpack! The backpack! Shit! Oh, my god!

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