Beth Easton Quotes in Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain (1995)


Beth Easton Quotes:

  • Beth Easton: This is amazing. You're amazing!

  • Beth Easton: You couldn't keep us apart, because nothing you say could ever change the way I feel about her, ever!

  • Beth Easton: Jody? Jody!

    Jody Salerno: Beth!

    Beth Easton: Oh my gosh, I was going crazy, I didn't think I'd ever see you again!

  • Beth Easton: The other girls don't really like Jody. I don't know why. I mean, I like her. There's just something about her.

  • Beth Easton: Just how dumb do you think I am?

    Jody Salerno: Dumb enough to let a lizard crawl up your leg.

    [Beth screams. Jody laughs]

    Jody Salerno: And dumb enough to look!

  • Beth Easton: You laugh like a horse.

    Jody Salerno: You look like one.

  • Beth Easton: Does your mother know you come here?

    Jody Salerno: My mother? My mother probably thinks I'm still in the next room. You've heard about her haven't you?

    Beth Easton: Heard what?

    Jody Salerno: You know Beth, when you lie your whole face twitches.

  • Beth Easton: You'll have to go for help. I'll just have to lay here.

    Jody Salerno: You can't just lay there what about the tide?

    Beth Easton: What about the tide? How much time do I have, before I could drown?

    Jody Salerno: You're not going to drown.

  • Jody Salerno: Are you scared?

    Beth Easton: No.

    Jody Salerno: You are too.

    Beth Easton: I am not.

  • Beth Easton: You know, there are a couple of cute boys there.

    Jody Salerno: There just after your money.

  • Jody Salerno: Great now the bats know were here.

    Beth Easton: Bats? Oh my God!

    Jody Salerno: Relax.

  • Jody Salerno: Say you'll climb the mountain.

    Beth Easton: No.

  • Jody Salerno: That's the second promise you made to me today.

    Beth Easton: What was the first?

  • Jody Salerno: Do you think she misses it?

    Beth Easton: What?

    Jody Salerno: IT. You know.

    Beth Easton: Oh, right. They always miss it don't they?

  • Beth Easton: Were they doing it, in the movie?

    Jody Salerno: No, but the people in the cars were.

  • Jody Salerno: I don't want you thinking I'm dumb. I'm not dumb.

    Beth Easton: But I am, for saying it.

  • Beth Easton: Jody!

    Jody Salerno: City girl!

  • Beth Easton: I told my mom, what happend to you. She didn't believe me.

    Jody Salerno: They don't wanna know the truth. It's easier for them that way.

  • Beth Easton: Don't get weird on me.

  • Beth Easton: Where'd you get the money?

    Jody Salerno: Stole it from my mom's purse.

    Beth Easton: I don't believe you!

  • Beth Easton: She saved my life, she's a hero!

    Kate Easton: Yeah, well according to the Sheriff, your so called hero, can't walk into a store without stealing something.

  • Jody Salerno: Do they know where were going? Does anyone know? You didn't tell did you?

    Beth Easton: How could I tell, when I don't know?

  • Beth Easton: Oh, it's the redneck.

  • Beth Easton: Oh my God, Jody!

    Jody Salerno: Beth, that's from when you tried to kill me with your bike.

    Beth Easton: That was a week ago. And that was your right shoulder. Come on Jody what happend?

  • Beth Easton: Come back with me! Tell them the truth, it was self defense. Tell them how Ray was treating your mother.

    Jody Salerno: They'll take Ray's side.

  • Beth Easton: Did you see Jody? I mean, is she okay?

  • Jody Salerno: I snuck out. I gotta get back before they notice I'm gone. It's like I'm under house arrest.

    Beth Easton: Me too, it's so childish.

  • Jody Salerno: I knew it.

    Beth Easton: Knew what?

    Jody Salerno: I don't know but I knew it.

  • Beth Easton: Jody's in danger and you're not doing anything!

  • Jody Salerno: Are you angry with me? You are, I can tell.

    Beth Easton: I'm angry this happen to you.

  • Jody Salerno: All it really needed was a new motor, so I got one.

    Beth Easton: You got one? Who's motor was it?

  • Beth Easton: Jody get down from there!

    Jody Salerno: Okay, if you say so.

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