Berke Quotes in Get Over It (2001)


Berke Quotes:

  • [Berke and Felix talking on phone]

    Berke: So whatcha doin?

    Felix: Nothing, just watching Chester screw the rubber tree.

    Berke: What, is that some kind of expression?

    Felix: No, we're babysitting my aunt's dog for the weekend, it's some... kind of... hormonal imbalance...?

    [tilts head]

    Berke: Wow.

  • Berke: [reading the school play] Captain of the fairy band, Helena is close at hand. I'm understanding about every word of this shit.

    Kelly: [Kelly and Basin enters] Berke.

    Berke: Hey.

    Kelly: What happened to your face?

    Berke: A long story.

    Kelly: A Midsummer Night's Dream? What, are you gonna try out for the show?

    Berke: Kinda, sor - Maybe.

    Kelly: Well, you know, if you're serious about it, I'm kinda good at that stuff.

    Berke: Really?

    Basin: Have you heard her songs?

    [patting Kelly's shoulder]

    Basin: She's only like the next Josie Mitchell.

    Kelly: [putting her hand on Basin's shoulder] Joni Mitchell.

    Berke: I-I could actually use some help. So, tommorow, coffee?

    Kelly: Okay. Coffee would be great.

    Berke: Okay.

    Kelly: Bye.

    Berke: Bye.

    [Kelly and Basin leaves]

    Basin: [mocking Kelly's words] If you're serious, I'm kinda good at that stuff.

    Kelly: Shut up.

    Basin: [mocking Kelly's words] Shut up!

    [pats Kelly]

    Kelly: [gasps] What?

    Basin: Did you see Dennis staring at me again?

    Kelly: Oh, I know, totally.

    Basin: I told you.

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