Benthic Explorer Captain Quotes in The Abyss (1989)


Benthic Explorer Captain Quotes:

  • [One Night is trying to disconnect the umbilical]

    Virgil: How's it going, One Night?

    Lisa "One Night" Standing: All hell must be breakin' loose up there. This cable's pissin' me off. I can't get a grip on it!

    Virgil: Well, keep tryin' baby, just keep tryin'.

    Bendix: [back on the Benthic] Shit! We've got a problem! We're losing number two thruster! Bearing's going... It's not holding! We're swinging out of position here!

    Benthic Explorer Captain: God damn it!

    [the cable slams into One Night's cab]

    Lisa "One Night" Standing: Shit!

    Alan "Hippy" Carnes: The rig is movin'!

    Virgil: Yeah, I can see that!

    [to the radio]

    Virgil: Topside! Topside, pay out some slack, we're gettin' dragged!

    Benthic Explorer Captain: [to the crane operator over radio] Down on number one winch!

    Virgil: We're gettin' dragged!

    Benthic Explorer Captain: [shouts] Down on one!

    [he gestures frantically through the window at the crane operator; the crane operator signals that he can't hear; the crane breaks off the ship and falls into the water]

    Benthic Explorer Captain: Shit! Get him on the UQC!

    [into the radio]

    Benthic Explorer Captain: Bud! We lost the crane!

    Virgil: Say again, what?

    Benthic Explorer Captain: The crane! We've lost the crane! It's on its way down to you!

    Virgil: All right, all right everybody brace for impact! Close all the exterior hatches, let's go go go go!

    Lt. Coffey: [to SEALs] You two help secure the rig! Let's go!

    Virgil: One Night! One Night, can you hear me? Get the hell outta there, the crane's comin' down!

    [part of the cable hits One Night's cab, but she manages to get away]

    Lisa "One Night" Standing: I'm okay, I'm clear, Bud!

    [the crew braces for impact; Hippy puts Beany in a plastic bag]

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