Benny Rodriguez Quotes in The Sandlot (1993)


Benny Rodriguez Quotes:

  • Smalls: I was gonna put the ball back.

    Squints: But it was signed by Babe Ruth!

    Smalls: Yeah, you keep telling me that! Who is she?

    Ham Porter: WHAT? WHAT?

    Kenny: The sultan of swat!

    Bertram: The king of crash!

    Timmy: The colossus of clout!

    Tommy: The colossus of clout!

    All: BABE RUTH!

    Ham Porter: THE GREAT BAMBINO!

    Smalls: Oh my god! You mean that's the same guy?

    All: YES!

    Benny Rodriguez: Smalls, Babe Ruth is the greatest baseball player that ever lived. People say he was less than a god but more than a man. You know, like Hercules or something. That ball you just aced to The Beast is worth, well, more than your whole life.

    Smalls: [Falls to the ground and clutches his stomach, groaning] I don't feel so good.

    All: [Fanning Scott with their caps] Give him air, give him air.

  • Ham Porter: [mimicking Babe Ruth with a cigar in his mouth; can't understand him] Check this out. I'm the Great Bambino.

    Sandlot Kids: What?

    Ham Porter: [still can't understand him] I'm the Great Bambino!

    Sandlot Kids: What?

    Ham Porter: [takes cigar out of mouth] I'm the Great Bambino.

    Sandlot Kids: Oh!

    Smalls: Who's that?

    Smalls: [narrating] I had no idea what they were talking about.

    Ham Porter: What did he say?

    Bertram: What? Were you born in a barn, man?

    Yeah Yeah: Yeah yeah, what planet are you from?

    Smalls: [narrating] But there was no *way* I could let them know.

    Squints: You've never heard of the sultan of swat?

    Kenny: The titan of terror.

    Timmy: The colossus of clout!

    Tommy: The colossus of clout!

    Benny Rodriguez: The king of crash, man.

    Smalls: [narrating] So, I lied.

    Smalls: Oh! The Great Bambino. Of course. I thought you said the great Bambi.

    Ham Porter: That wimpy deer?

  • Benny Rodriguez: Man, you think too much! I bet you get straight A's and shit!

    Scotty Smalls: No, I got a B once. Well, actually it was an A minus but it should have been a B.

    Benny Rodriguez: Man, this is baseball, you gotta stop thinking! Just have fun. If you were having fun, you would have caught that ball!

  • Ham Porter: Benny, why'd you bring that kid?

    Benny Rodriguez: Because he makes nine of us.

    Yeah Yeah: Yeah yeah, so does my sister, but I didn't bring her along!

  • Sandlot Kids: [after Wendy Peffercorn pulls Squints from the pool] Squints! Come on Squints!

    Ham Porter: Come on Squints. Squints!

    Timmy: Come on, Squints, come on!

    Scotty Smalls: [shouts] Come on, Squints. You can do it! Pull through, bud!

    Benny Rodriguez: Come on, man, come on!

    Yeah Yeah: Yeah yeah, he looks pretty crappy.

    Tommy: Squints! Come on man!

    Bertram: My God, he looks like a dead fish.

    Sandlot Kids: [Squints opens his eyes and smiles] *What*?

    Wendy Peffercorn: [Squints kisses Wendy]

    [muffled scream]

    Wendy Peffercorn: *Ugh!* *Little pervert!*

    Timmy: Aww, man, he's in deep *shit!*

  • Squints: the kid is a L7 weenie.

    Yeah Yeah: yeah yeah, Oscar Myer even, footlong, dodger dog, a weenie!

    All: ohhh haha

    Benny Rodriguez: what are you laughing at Yeah Yeah? you run like a duck!

    Yeah Yeah: kay kay, but I'm... I'm...

    Benny Rodriguez: Part of the game right?

    Yeah Yeah: mmm... Yeah?

    Benny Rodriguez: Now how come he don't get to be?

    Bertram: hes a geek man

    All: he can't catch.

    Benny Rodriguez: [looks back at smalls] Man base up you blockheads.

  • Benny Rodriguez: [referring to the chewed-up baseball] That's really nice of you, but that ball really is signed by Babe Ruth.

    Mr. Mertle: So's this one... with the rest of the 1927 Yankees.

  • Benny Rodriguez: Anyone who wants to be a can't-hack-it pantywaist who wears their mama's bra, raise your hand.

  • Benny Rodriguez: Man, this is baseball. You gotta stop thinking. Just have fun. I mean, if you were having fun you would've caught that ball. You ever have a paper route?

    Smalls: I helped a guy once.

    Benny Rodriguez: Okay, well chuck it like you throw paper. When your arm gets here, just let go. Just let go, it's that easy.

    [starts to jog away]

    Smalls: How do I catch it.

    Benny Rodriguez: Just stand out there and stick your glove out in the air. I'll take care of it.

  • Benny Rodriguez: [about Smalls' hat] Got a fireplace?

    Scotty Smalls: Yeah.

    Benny Rodriguez: Throw that in there, man.

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