Benisato Quotes in Ninja Scroll (1993)


Benisato Quotes:

  • Yurimaru: Benisato... you mean the man Jubei Kibagami is the remnant of the government spies?

    Benisato: Possibly.

    Yurimaru: Why didn't you kill him?

    Benisato: Someone interfered.

    Yurimaru: No excuses accepted.

    [attempts to wrap a wire around her neck, but she catches it and it wraps around her arm]

    Yurimaru: If he is a government spy, he'll show up soon enough. Be sure to kill him next time.

    Benisato: I don't need your advice on that. If you don't mind, I'll tell Gemma in bed later on, Yurimaru. Do you mind?

    Yurimaru: [pulls the wire from Benisato's arm] Sleep well.

  • Benisato: What's your destination, stranger?

    Jubei: No place in particular. Just moving.

    Benisato: I'm looking for someone... and you look exactly like him. So I...

    Jubei: [gets his sword ready] All strangers look alike. I'm a vagabond named Jubei Kibagami.

    [the snake tattoos on Benisato's body come to life. She traps Jubei into a trance]

    Benisato: It was exactly your face. Tessai copied your visage in his palm... his death is your fault!

    [Dakuan throws a ninja star into Jubei's arm, breaking him out of the trance]

    Benisato: Die!

    [She sets her snakes on Jubei, who cuts them up. He grabs her and holds his sword against her throat]

    Jubei: Weave your spells on someone else!

    [Benisato sheds her skin and escapes]

  • [Jubei is covered in snakes set by Benisato]

    Benisato: Answer my question. Are there more than just you and the travelling monk?

    Jubei: Of course. There's a whole army - even if you sent one of these snakes for each one, you wouldn't have enough. You'll see.

    Benisato: Hmph - what lies!

    Jubei: Okay - I'll tell you the truth! Well, there's... the monk and myself, and one other. She's right behind you!

    [Kagero grabs Benisato from behind and puts her sword to her throat]

    Kagero: Get rid of the snakes. Get rid of them all!

    [a snake emerges from Benisato's vagina and bites Kagero's leg, who winces]

    Benisato: Her sting is most deadly!

    Kagero: Get rid of them!

    [Benisato makes the snakes leave, freeing Jubei]

    Kagero: And now it is your turn to answer this. What are you doing in this village? Well, speak!

    Benisato: [screams as she is electrocuted by Yumimaru]

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