Ben Newman - Age 22-30 Quotes in Click (2006)


Ben Newman - Age 22-30 Quotes:

  • Michael Newman: [dying] Family, family... Family comes first.

    Ben Newman - Age 22-30: [crying] Family comes first.

    Michael Newman: Honey... honeymoon

    Ben Newman - Age 22-30: [still crying] Honeymoon

    [to his wife; still crying]

    Ben Newman - Age 22-30: I love you.

    Michael Newman: Samantha... I didn't make it to 200 but I love you.

    Samantha Newman - Age 27: I love you, Daddy.

    Michael Newman: [weakly gives Bill the finger and laughs] No no, no no,

    Michael Newman: [Give the Okay sign]

  • [Michael was told his father, Ted, died. In his grave, he asks the remote to flashback to the last time he saw him. Flashback: Michael's very busy working and his son, Ben, arrives]

    Ben Newman - Age 22-30: Hi, Dad. Sorry to bother you. Would you mind looking at my shopping mall design again? This one is cheaper, but... If you check this out, you'll see it has much better natural flow...

    Michael Newman: [Flashback-Michael interrupts without having seen his son's project] Cheaper one, like I said. Just, let me do my e-mail.

    Ben Newman - Age 22-30: Yeah, yeah, you're right. Er...

    Michael Newman: [Real Michael] He ain't right. You are a schmark, look at it!

    Ted: [arrives] Surprise!

    Ben Newman - Age 22-30: Hey, grandpa!

    Michael Newman: [Real Michael sees how old his dad is] Oh, my God...

    Ted: [hugs Ben] How did you get so handsome?

    [to Michael]

    Ted: So, Michael. I have a wonderful idea. Your mother is going to play canasta with her friends tonight, so I thought: "What a great opportunity". You, me and Ben should go and have a boys night out.

    Michael Newman: [Flashback-Michael] I can't.

    Ted: What do you mean you can't? You have to weak some time. We can go, we can whistle the pretty ladies.

    Ben Newman - Age 22-30: I'm down for that.

    Ted: See? He's down. I don't know what that means but he's down.

    Michael Newman: [Flashback-Michael] Hey, please.

    Ted: Don't give me that finger.

    [after seeing he's son keeps busy]

    Ted: I'll make you a deal. If you come, I'll show you the quarter trick.

    Michael Newman: [Real Michael] Will you look at the man?

    Ted: I'll tell you the secret.

    Michael Newman: [Flashback-Michael] No, Dad.

    Ted: Don't you wanna know...?

    Michael Newman: you do the stupid trick? I've always known. Can you let me do my job?

    Ted: [voice braking] You've always known...

    Michael Newman: [Real Michael, to Flashback-Michael] You're pathetic.

    Ted: Okay... I'm so sorry I butched in. I love you son.

    Ben Newman - Age 22-30: Don't you worry, grandpa. I'll go with you.

    [Grandpa starts leaving and cries. Real Michael freezes him, then rewinds the scene to the part Granpa Ted tells Flashback-Michael that he loves him]

    Michael Newman: [Real Michael, when he freezes his dad when he's looking at him] I love you dad.

    [kisses him in the cheek]

    Michael Newman: I'll miss ya... You know that... Good-bye.

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