Ben Logan Quotes in Erased (2012)


Ben Logan Quotes:

  • Amy Logan: Why are you going through my stuff?

    Ben Logan: When I was a kid, and that was a hundred years ago and you'll never be my age, but we actually got the report card and took it home to my parents so they could see it.

    Amy Logan: Mom never went through my stuff.

    Ben Logan: Well, I mean, I'm not Mom.

    Amy Logan: Yeah, no shit.

  • Ben Logan: [about Amy's foosball friend] Who was that?

    Amy Logan: Nabil. He's helping me.

    Ben Logan: Yeah. Helping you with what?

    Amy Logan: 'Without voices.' It's my next photo essay. You know, people make a life here because we screwed up whatever country they're from.

    Ben Logan: Don't get caught up in other people's problems.

    Amy Logan: Boy, what a world this would be if everyone thought like you.

    Ben Logan: And you shouldn't be hanging out there.

    Amy Logan: Yeah, and you should show up when you say you will.

  • Ben Logan: Did I tell you I found a place we can watch baseball? In Ghent? Ex-pat community? I thought we could go there, hang out? Fun?

    Amy Logan: I hate baseball.

    Ben Logan: When your mom and I first met, we used to go to games all the time.

    Amy Logan: Yeah, if it was so great, then why'd you leave?

  • Amy Logan: Why would someone you work with, try to kill us?

    Ben Logan: Amy, listen to me. I don't know what's going on here. Come here.

    [Ben cleans blood off Amy's face]

    Ben Logan: The safest place for you to be right now is at my side, listening to what I tell you. Will you do that for me? Will you trust me?

  • Amy Logan: [very scared] How can you be so calm?

    Ben Logan: Because that's the only way we're gonna figure out what's going on.

  • Ben Logan: What did Mom tell you about me?

    Amy Logan: That you were in overseas political affairs for the State Department.

    Ben Logan: [sighs] Your mother.

  • Amy Logan: Why'd you quit your job?

    Ben Logan: To be a father. I'm not doing too good of a job of it, am I?

    Amy Logan: [chuckles] I wouldn't know.

  • Ben Logan: I thought I told you to come alone.

    James Halgate: Mr. Braymer is here to serve our mutual interests.

    Ben Logan: Maybe he can tell me how much it costs to buy the CIA.

    Marty Braymer: Are we talking gross or net?

  • Ben Logan: Is it within my power to assign him a spiritual advisor?

    Grandma Logan: It is most certainly.

    Ben Logan: Good, then I assign you.

    Joe Logan: So, what? You're my babysitter now?

    Grandma Logan: That's how I roll, baby.

  • Joe Logan: Where'd they come from?

    Ben Logan: Smoke signals.

    [holds his cellphone]

    Joe Logan: All the Haudenosaunee Nations in one spot. I guess this is a home game now, huh?

    Ben Logan: Always was, son.

    [at the championship game]

  • Ben Logan: You play redskin to the whites, then white to your people.

    Joe Logan: It's just for show.

    Ben Logan: To show what exactly?

  • Joe Logan: Dad, you know why I don't play anymore.

    Ben Logan: I do, and they call it the "medicine game" for a reason. Let it heal you.

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