Ben Azra Quotes in The Miracle Maker (2000)


Ben Azra Quotes:

  • Herod: You say this Jesus can perform the impossible?

    Ben Azra: Oh he can perform powerful illusions Majesty.

    Herod: Powerful illusions. Well isn't all human power an illusion?

    Pharisee: Not the Kingship granted to Herod.

    Herod: You really are encouraging to a vulnerable soul. Oh, if only Caesar was as sympathetic as you. But if I fail to govern my people, what will happen to us if Pilate sends reports back to Rome? And if this Jesus goes on and on performing such extraordinary tricks? Hmm? Where will it end?

  • Ben Azra: Pilate will destroy the temple and all that we have!

    Caiaphas: You know nothing! Nothing at all. Don't you realise that all the might and anger of Caesar can be aimed at one man. At this magician from Nazareth. Let one man die, and all the people will be saved.

  • Pontius Pilate: Who is he, and what has he done?

    Ben Azra: Jesus, from Galilee.

    Pontius Pilate: Jesus? Oh, is this the man?

    Pharisee: He opposes paying taxes to Caesar!

    Pontius Pilate: In other words he shares your opinion. And?

  • Judas Iscariot: Listen! I've made a mistake!

    Ben Azra: What's that to me?

    Judas Iscariot: No... I've betrayed an innocent man! I've betrayed a good man!

  • Pharisee: He saved others, why can't he save himself?

    Ben Azra: [amused] If he's the Messiah, let him come down now.

    Lucifer: [hissing] Come down now, leap off! Prove your power, if you *are* the Son of God, *if*.

  • Herod: Yes. The death of John was... unfortunate.

    Ben Azra: But necessary my lord Herod! A warning to the people!

    Herod: To warn them of what?

    Ben Azra: Disobeying their rulers. Destroying *your* kingdom.

    Herod: You do have a talent for easing my conscience. And yet one dead prophet is clearly not enough for you.

  • Ben Azra: There have been reports, rumors. If this madness continues...

    Simon the Pharisee: You think this Jesus from Nazareth is mad?

    Ben Azra: Well he's more dangerous than John, and we had to deal with him.


    Simon the Pharisee: What will happen to John now?

  • Ben Azra: Simon, you have all this. Your home, your servants, influence. Do you want all you've worked for in your life lost in an uprising against Rome? Do you want to be lynched by crowds shouting about the kingdom of heaven on earth? I must prepare a report on this Jesus and take it back to Jerusalem.

  • Jesus: [to the paralyzed man] My friend, your sins are forgiven you.

    Matthew: [to himself] Sins... forgiven?

    Ben Azra: [thinking] Who can forgive sins but God?

    Jesus: [looking at Ben Azra] Let me ask you a question. Which is easier to say? "Your sins are forgiven you" or "Get up and walk?" But to prove the Son of Man has the power to forgive sins

    [turns to paralyzed man]

    Jesus: I command you, take up your mat and walk.

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