Ben at 7-Years-Old Quotes in Click (2006)


Ben at 7-Years-Old Quotes:

  • Ben at 7-Years-Old: Hey, Dad! Look at Kevin's new Robo-Dog!

    Michael Newman: [not listening] That's nice.

    Kevin O'Doyle: NICE? This thing's worth more than your car!

    Michael Newman: [runs over robo-dog] Not anymore it ain't!

  • Ted: Benjamin, what do I have in my hand?

    Trudy: A quarter.

    Ted: Now, Grandma doesn't let me eat ice cream because of my diabetes.

    Trudy: True.

    Ted: But she says nothing about a tasty quarter.

    [bites off half of it]

    Ted: Alright, please, very quickly, count to 3, it tastes terrible. One...

    TedTrudyBen at 7-Years-OldDonna Newman: Two, three.

    [Ted spits the quarter back into one piece]

    Trudy: Ahh!

    Ben at 7-Years-Old: Are you shitting me?

    Trudy: First he's eating like his father and now you're talking like him?

    Donna Newman: Ben!

    Trudy: Don't you EVER say that again!

    Ben at 7-Years-Old: Sorry, Grandma.

    Samantha Newman - Age 5: HOW did you do that, Grandpa?

    Ted: A good magician NEVER reveals his secrets, your daddy's been wanting to know how I did it since he was your age.

  • Donna Newman: Honey, you were so great.

    Michael Newman: Whoa, what are you, half a dolphin or something? That was incredible.

    Ben at 7-Years-Old: You just got here, Dad. I saw you.

    Michael Newman: What do you mean I just got here? Why are you saying that? I saw you. You jumped in there, you swam here.

    Samantha Newman - Age 5: Then what stroke was he doing, Dad?

    Michael Newman: He was doing the "shut-up".

    [Samantha laughs]

  • Michael Newman: How you doing, buddy? Playing some catch?

    Kevin O'Doyle: Actually, we're playing some drop, 'cause Ben hasn't caught one yet.

    [Kevin throws ball, Ben misses and throws it back, glaring]

    Ben at 7-Years-Old: Darn it.

    Michael Newman: Ahh.

    [freezes the game and moves Kevin's glove down and unfreezes]

    Kevin O'Doyle: [Ball hits Kevin's face] Ahh!

    Michael Newman: Ho-ho! You're a regular Derek Jeter yourself, O'Doyle.

    Kevin O'Doyle: [runs home] MOMMY!

  • Michael Newman: [after a year fast forwarded and his kids are getting bigger] I promise, I'm not going to work tonight, I'm going to stay home with you, and we're going to watch Dragon Tales.

    Ben at 7-Years-Old: Dragon Tales is for babies, Dad.

    Samantha Newman - Age 5: Yeah, let's go watch CSI.

    Ben at 7-Years-Old: Yeah! CSI!

    Samantha Newman - Age 5: [leaving the table] It's the one where they find the lady's arm.

    Michael Newman: [to Donna] I missed the whole Dragon Tales era?

  • Ben at 7-Years-Old: Hey, look at Sundance wrestle his duck.

    [Sundance is humping it]

    Michael Newman: Oh, no, that's not wrestling. That's... Something you shouldn't know about for another 10 to 30 years. Ten for you.

    [Points at Ben]

    Michael Newman: Thirty for you.

    [Points at Samantha]

  • Michael Newman: Ben, I promise you I'm going to finish the tree house and we are going to sleep in it next weekend! And you and I are going to exercise together and I'm not gonna wear a speedo!

    Ben at 7-Years-Old: Alright!

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