Belle Nops Quotes in Dirty Dingus Magee (1970)


Belle Nops Quotes:

  • Herkimer 'Hoke' Birdsill: This here is the chest from the stagecoach robbery and Dingus Magee estimates there may be as much as a million dolars in gold and silver pieces inside.

    Belle Nops: Well, the money ain't rightly ours, is it?

    Herkimer 'Hoke' Birdsill: Finders keepers. That's the Code of the West, ain't it?

    Belle Nops: Gimme that crowbar!

  • Belle Nops: Where in the hell have you been?

    Herkimer 'Hoke' Birdsill: At the jail taking care of my outlaw.

    Belle Nops: I didn't make you Sheriff to take care of your outlaw, but to protect my girls here.

    [indicates her bordello]

    Herkimer 'Hoke' Birdsill: Is somebody threatening them?

    Belle Nops: The Army is threatening them!

    Charles Stuart: The Army is threatening to move out.

    Belle Nops: And ruin every industry in Yerke's Hole... especially mine!

    Herkimer 'Hoke' Birdsill: Why would the Army move?

    Rev. Green: To go where the Indians are! That's what they come out west for - to fight Indians.

    Belle Nops: What we need is a good massacre.

    Herkimer 'Hoke' Birdsill: There ain't nothing but tamed Indians around here, Belle.

    Belle Nops: Well, stir 'em up!

    Herkimer 'Hoke' Birdsill: How?

    Belle Nops: Break a treaty! Speak with forked tongue! How the hell should I know? I never started an uprising before!

  • Belle Nops: [hands Hoke a badge] Here. You're the new sheriff.

    Herkimer 'Hoke' Birdsill: Maybe I oughta be sworn in or something.

    Belle Nops: Raise your right hand. Swear.

    Herkimer 'Hoke' Birdsill: To hell with Dingus Magee!

  • Belle Nops: These army drills are hard on the girls.

    China Poppy: Soldiers hard on, too.

    Belle Nops: You can say *that* again.

  • Belle Nops: [after her bordello catches fire] My cathouse!... My cathouse!... My cathouse is burning!

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