Becker Quotes in The Sum of All Fears (2002)


Becker Quotes:

  • [aboard the command plane]

    Owens: Are you advocating we launch a first strike...

    Becker: [shouts] It is not a first strike! There's already been a first strike! And a second! Don't you get it?

    Owens: No! I don't get it! I don't understand why we have to nuke them, for God's sake!


    Owens: It's not reasonable!

    President Fowler: Sidney, goddamnit! They practically sank an aircraft carrier! Their missile silos are hot! We're getting nothing but bullshit from Nemerov! And let's not forget how this thing started, OK? They tried to kill *me*, remember! So don't fucking tell me to be reasonable!

  • Colt: Give me a name!

    Becker: Weren't your parents supposed to do that?

  • Becker: Do you sleep in the nude?

    Miss Destiny Demeanor: Only when I'm naked

  • Becker: What? I don't know nothin'. I didn't see nothin'. I ain't say nothin'.

    Wes Luger: Nothing, the word is nothing, not nothin'. There's an i-n-g on the end of it. Nothing.

    Becker: Ok, nothing. Nothiiing. Nothiiiiiiiiiiing. Ok, you happy?

    Wes Luger: That's better.

  • Becker: [after being shot] La Commedia è Finita!

  • Becker: After a few times, you'll be the one in control.

  • Becker: You assistants seem to be doing all the work. What does Dr. Ehrlich do?

    Dr. Hata: He thinks!

  • Becker: [meeting a camel-mounted bush ranger] The last thing I ever expected to see up here was a camel.

    Bushman: Yeah, I was riding a wombat up until this morning... broke a leg and had to shoot him.

  • Kim: How was that, Mr. Becker?

    Becker: Well, you tell me. Is that the Australian sound? I mean do we have the Australian sound here?

    Kim: I'd say that's easily as Australian as... well, a barbed-wire canoe. As Australian as... a shit sandwich.

  • [last lines]

    Terri: Can I offer you something ? Coffee ? Tea ?

    Becker: Yes, please.

  • Becker: You can call me the Coca-Cola kid.

  • Becker: Ah Philip, are those girls girls?

    Phillip: They're all girls.

  • Becker: Jesus Christ, woman! Do not start undressing in here.

  • Becker: If you were one of my boys, I would hit you so fuckin' hard.

    Hanna: If I were one of your boys, you'd be proud of me.

  • Becker: That's right - Pinnochio's not a real little boy!

  • Becker: You just got out of basic training, didn't you? It's pretty obvious you're a rookie. You think you're the center of the universe but you're not. We're just insignificant little specks, you and me. We're not gonna change the world. we're not gonna win the war. Nobody's gonna care when we die.

  • Ace Jefferson: What are they supposed to look like?

    Becker: You mean who are they supposed to look like?

  • Becker: [about Ross] He's one of them.

  • Becker: "When he's best, he's a little worse than a man, and when he's worst, he's little better than a beast."

    Hendricksson: Oh, that's real good, Becker. I never knew they put Shakespeare in comic books.

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