Bastian Bux Quotes in The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter (1990)


Bastian Bux Quotes:

  • Bastian Bux: All right, Xayide. I will make my last wish. I wish... for you to have a heart!

  • Bastian's Mother: [Nimbly is viewing a memory that Bastian just lost] Don't be afraid, Bastian. We are all a part of a never ending story.

    Bastian Bux: We are? Even when we die?

    Bastian's Mother: Yes, Bastian. We are.

    Nimbly: [on the verge of tears] That's good to know.

  • Koreander: [spotting Bastian with the book] Put it back!

    [Bastian jumps and ends up slamming the book shut]

    Koreander: That book has too much on you.

    Bastian Bux: But it's "The NeverEnding Story." I've already read it.

    Koreander: Ahh, but have you ever read a book twice? Books change each time you read them.

  • Bastian Bux: Atreyu, get real.

    Atreyu: But I am real. What do you mean by "getting real?"

    Bastian Bux: Nothing. It's a joke.

    Atreyu: Being real is a joke in your world?

  • Bastian Bux: [holds up a hand] Give me five.

    Atreyu: Five what?

    Bastian Bux: Forget it.

  • Atreyu: Bastian made a wish, didn't he?

    Falkor: He gave up a very special memory.

    Atreyu: [to Bastian] Your mother would've been proud.

    Bastian Bux: [confused] Who?

    Atreyu: Falkor, you shouldn't have let him!

  • Trainer: [Bastian won't jump off the high diving board] What's the matter?

    Bastian Bux: I've got a cramp.

    Trainer: High wimp factor, Bastian.

  • Bastian Bux: You going out tonight?

    Bastian's Father: Yeah, uh, technical sales staff seminar. Listen...

    Bastian Bux: [sarcastically] Is Miss Station Wagon going to pick you up again?

    Bastian's Father: Why do you say that?

    Bastian Bux: [hesitates] The tie.

    Bastian's Father: Oh, uh, yeah. Well, dressing is common courtesy, Bastian. I mean I - something you ought to learn, by the way. Look at that old rag you're wearing.

    Bastian Bux: [feeling hurt from what he said] I like it!

    Bastian's Father: Well, I don't.

    Bastian Bux: Mom made it.

    [His father stares at him]

    Bastian Bux: [looking sad] You don't remember, do you?

    [a car horn is heard]

    Bastian's Father: Gotta go.

    [His father quickly leaves]

  • Atreyu: We need weapons.

    Bastian Bux: I wish for... a spray can!

    [a can appears in his hand]

    Atreyu: That's a weapon in your world?

    Bastian Bux: Yeah. People use it against walls.

    Atreyu: Those walls must be dangerous.

  • Bastian Bux: I wish for the most horrifying flying dragon in the history of Fantasia!

    [as he's speaking, the dragon slowly appears behind him]

    Bastian Bux: I wish him to be red. No, no, green! I wish he can fly as fast as the concord and stink so bad that he makes us sick. And he breathes fire. I'll call him Smurg.

    Nimbly: Maybe you should wish for some modifications.

    Bastian Bux: [turns around and sees the dragon] Oh, no!

    Xayide: [watching from her castle] Oh, yes!

  • The Childlike Empress: You have found the only wish powerful enough to save us, Bastian. The emptiness cannot be destroyed; it had to be filled with love.

    Bastian Bux: [takes off the Auryn and gives it to her] And Auryn?

    The Childlike Empress: Is only a mirror of what's inside of you, Bastian. Courage comes from the heart; not from symbols.

  • Bastian Bux: You saved my life, Atreyu.

    Atreyu: Yes. But you would have done the same for me.

    Bastian Bux: [after a pause] Sure.

  • Bastian Bux: Mr. Koreander?

    Koreander: Huh?

    Bastian Bux: Do you carry how-to books?

    Koreander: How-to books? Does this place look like a supermarket? If you want advice on how to buy real estate or housebreak your goldfish, go to the video store down the street.

  • Bastian Bux: [after the dragon has escaped] What are we gonna do?

    Atreyu: Chase it!

    Falkor: Chase? Did somebody say chase?

  • Bastian Bux: Falkor, look! The castle that looks like a hand!

    Falkor: A very mean hand.

  • Bastian Bux: [when Smerg is hit by an fire arrow from Horok] Smerg got zapped!

  • Rockbiter: Bastian, in your world, if the Neverending Story is fading, no child will ever know about Junior.

    Atreyu: They will never ride the prairie with me?

    Falkor: And they'll never ride through the clouds with me?

    Rockbiter: If humans forget about us, nobody will think of fun things for Junior to do.

    Bastian Bux: NO!

    [Bastian goes silent for a few seconds]

    Bastian Bux: We won't let that happen.

  • Atreyu: [as they reach the castle] Do you remember what to say?

    Bastian Bux: Yeah.

    Atreyu: Make it loud.

    Bastian Bux: [quietly] The Earthling, Bastian Balthazar Bux, and Atreyu, the warrior from the Great Plains...

    Atreyu: [curiously] Is that what you call 'loud' in your world?

    Bastian Bux: [shouts louder] The Earthling, Bastian Balthazar Bux, and Atreyu, the warrior from the Great Plains, demand to see the master of this castle!

    Atreyu: That should get somebody's attention.

    [huge rumbling occurs]

    Bastian Bux: Guess whose? Atreyu, they make strong gates in Fantasia, don't they?

  • Bastian Bux: [after trying to talk to giants] I like to read... you're probably not to interested in the subject. You probably hate books!

    [runs for his life]

  • Bastian Bux: [climbing up the castle wall] I wish for another step! And another one! And another!

  • Bastian Bux: I can tell when someone lies to me.

    Atreyu: And I can tell when someone is up to no good.

  • Bastian Bux: Thief!

    Atreyu: I've come to warn you!

    Bastian Bux: Liar!

    Atreyu: Don't you EVER say that to me!

    Bastian Bux: But it's the truth! You're jealous because I have Auryn and you've come to take it away from me!

    Atreyu: No, I have not!

    Bastian Bux: I overheard you talking to Falkor, so don't even try to make excuses!

    Atreyu: You've gone mad, Bastian! Give me Auryn!

    Bastian Bux: [holds it] She wants ME to have it. You don't understand nothing. Why don't you just go back and play with your buffaloes, country boy!

    Atreyu: Why don't you go back and play hero in your own world, Earthling!

    [he pauses]

    Atreyu: Bastian, every time you use Auryn, you lose one of your memories. Xayide has a - a machine that collects them.

    Bastian Bux: [in disbelief] I would've seen it! I've been in the...

    Atreyu: I have seen it - it is in the roof of the Xobile. A few more wishes, and the Emptiness will possess you! Now, give me Auryn before it's too late.

    Bastian Bux: Take it if you can.

    [Atreyn and Bastian get in a severe struggle until Bastian pushes Atreyn down to the ground, Bastian sees this in shock]


  • [Xayide looks into Bastian's memory, she sees a window get broken]

    Bastian Bux: The window got broke! I didn't do it!

    Bastian's Father: Do lie to me!

    [she then sees Bastian's father leave]

    Bastian Bux: You promised to take me swimming! You promised!

    Bastian's Father: Something's come up.

    Bastian Bux: I HATE YOU!

    Xayide: [thinking] So that's what humans remember.

    Nimbly: [quietly, to himself] That's a memory Bastian has lost.

  • [Nimbly makes sounds to wake Bastian up, Bastian wakes up and gasps seeing him]

    Nimbly: Wait, Mr. Bastian, wait! I'm not going to hurt you! I've come to help you.

    Bastian Bux: [pants] You don't give up, do you? You expect me to believe you?

    Nimbly: Yes, Mr. Bastian, you have to. I saw... one of your memories... and it made me feel something. I learned that we're all part of a never-ending story. Bastian, try to remember it. Unless you stop Xayide, the story will end. That's why I'm here.

    Bastian Bux: Tell me where I can find Falkor.

    Nimbly: At the Silver City, but you won't like what you see.

    Bastian Bux: [goes lost for words] How do I get there?

    Nimbly: Behind those rocks, you find a path through the mountains. One the other side, keep the sun on your back; follow your shadow for half a day. Don't turn round, the Emptiness will be on your heels.

    Bastian Bux: Come with me.

    Nimbly: [nervously] I got the part of a spy in the story, Mr. Bastian. And he who spies and flies away lives to spy another day.

    [Nimbly goes still then flies off]

    Nimbly: Hurry, Mr. Bastian! Keep the sun on your back!

  • [after Bastian accidentally killed Atreyu, Bastian goes back to the Xobile and sees the machine and all the memories he had lost, Bastian had realized Atreyu was telling him the truth]

    Nimbly: [remorsefully] You've only two wishes to go.

    Xayide: [as Bastian storms out] But, my lord...

    Bastian Bux: [sees Falkor soaring in the dark skies carrying Atreyu's lifeless body] Atreyu, I didn't mean it! Falkor! ATREYU, I'M SORRY!

  • Atreyu: Now's your chance. Go!

    Bastian Bux: [referring to the giants] But what about them?

    Atreyu: It's a good day to die.

    Bastian Bux: Please don't say that.

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