Bashful Quotes in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)


Bashful Quotes:

  • Sneezy: [raising his hand and pointing to the sink] Hey, someone stole our dishes!

    Happy: They ain't stole. They're hid in the cupboard.

    Bashful: My cup's been washed. Sugar's gone.

    Happy: Something's cooking. Smells good.

    Grumpy: [shoving Happy and Dopey away] Don't touch that, you fools! Might be poison.

    [the kettle spews steam at the three of them and the lid rattles]

    Grumpy: See? It's witch's brew.

  • Snow White: [to the Seven Dwarfs] Please don't send me away. If you do, she'll kill me.

    Dwarfs: Kill you?

    Happy: Who will?

    Sneezy: Yes, who?

    Snow White: My stepmother, the queen.

    Dwarfs: The Queen!

    Bashful: She's wicked!

    Happy: She's bad!

    Sneezy: She's mighty mean!

    Grumpy: She's an old witch! And I'm warnin' ya, if that queen finds her here, she'll swoop down and wreak her vengeance on us!

    Snow White: But she doesn't know where I am.

    Grumpy: She don't, eh? She knows everything. She's full of black magic! She can even make herself invisible. Pfft! Might be in this room right now!

  • Bashful: [about Snow White] She's beautiful. Just like a angel!

  • Grumpy: Angel, ha! She's a female! And all females is poison! They're full of wicked wiles!

    Bashful: What are wicked wiles?

    Grumpy: I don't know, but I'm agin' 'em.

  • Snow White: Once there was a princess.

    Doc: Was this princess you?

    Snow White: And she fell in love.

    Sneezy: Was it hard to do?

    Snow White: It was very easy/anyone could see/that the Prince was charming/the only one for me.

    Doc: Was he strong and handsome?

    Sneezy: Was he big and tall?

    Snow White: There's nobody like him/anywhere at all.

    Bashful: Did he say he loved ya?

    Happy: Did he steal a kiss?

    Snow White: [sung] He was so romantic/I could not resist.

  • Bashful: I chased a polecat up a tree / Way out upon a limb / And when he got the best of me / I got the worst of him.

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