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Bartholomew Quotes:

  • Clavius: I ask you one last time, where are the other disciples? I will not ask again. Tell me, and you're free.

    Bartholomew: Give your word.

    Clavius: My word. Where are they?

    Bartholomew: [gets up, walks towards Clavius and whispers in his ear] They're... everywhere.

    [laughs joyously]

  • Clavius: Yahweh manifests himself through a crazy, poor dead Jew?

    Bartholomew: Well, so it appears!

    Clavius: What does this rebirth mean?

    Bartholomew: Eternal life! For everyone. For everyone who believes.

  • Clavius: What if I ordered your crucifixion?

    Bartholomew: What? I would happily submit. Strike!

    [drop to his knees with his arms outstretched]

    Clavius: Have you watched a man crucified?

    Bartholomew: No.

    Clavius: No? I don't remember seeing you there. Probably because you ran. Didn't you? Shall I tell you what you missed.

    [throws a large nail at his feet]

    Clavius: Feel it!

    Bartholomew: [picks it up]

    Clavius: Imagine having this driven through your arms. And then the same driven through your feet. Your feet. Can you imagine it? That's what you hang from. Nails rubbing on bone. You have to decide what's worse. The agony here

    [grabbing his arm]

    Clavius: or here?

    [kicks him in the ribs]

    Clavius: You choose which torture your own weight will inflict, constantly. And then you discover you can't breathe. And you realize you will never breathe easily again. And that every breath for the rest of your horrific life will be like sucking through wet cloth. Yeshua was lucky, he only hung like that a few hours, most take days - gasping for someone to kill them. And if he still felt anything at the end, he surely felt the spear that thrust up under his ribs to pierce his heart and lungs. I didn't look closely, but they must have had to break bones just getting him down. Sometimes they bury them with nails still in...

    Bartholomew: Enough!

  • Clavius: Did you know he would rise?

    Bartholomew: He said he would, but... truth be told, we doubted it.

    Clavius: What made you follow Him?

    [suddenly there is a leper being chased away]

  • Bartholomew: [in a video conference with other corporate executives] In my opinion, we are confronted here with something of a situation. Otherwise, I would not have presumed to take up your time. Once again, it concerns the case of Jonathan E. We know we don't want anything extraordinary to happen to Jonathan. We've already agreeed on that. No accidents, nothing unnatural. The game was created to demonstrate the futility of individual effort. And the game must do its work. The Energy Corporation has done all it can, and if a champion defeats the meaning for which the game was designed, then he must lose. I hope you agree with my reasoning.

  • Bartholomew: Sweet Dreams, Moonpie. That's a bad habit you've got there. You know what that habit will make you dream, Moonpie? You'll dream you're an executive. You'll have your hands on all the controls, and you will wear a gray suit, and you will make decisions. But you know what, Moonpie? You know what those executives dream about out there behind their desks? They dream they're great rollerballers. They dream they're Jonathan; they have muscles, they bash in faces.

  • Bartholomew: The game was created to demonstrate the futility of individual effort.

  • Jonathan E.: If the rule changes stay the same, Mr. Bartholomew, I'm playing with my team.

    Bartholomew: Too late. The rule changes are already scheduled and announced. There's no going back. You saw to that.

    Jonathan E.: Then I'll see you in Tokyo.

  • Bartholomew: You can be made to quit, you know. You can be forced.

    Jonathan E.: You can't make me quit.

    Bartholomew: Don't tell me I can't. Don't EVER say that. I can. YOU can be stopped.

    [as Jonathan E. leaves the room, he turns up the volume of a TV set, as thousands are cheering his name]

  • Bartholomew: Try to understand it, Jonathan. Do try to understand it. Because I don't understand your resistance. And I don't think anyone else will either.

  • Bartholomew: Come in, Jonathan. Keep silence with me for a minute, won't you? - - - It's important to have a place to think things out.

  • Bartholomew: You've had an amazing career Jonathan. You know how proud we are of the Houston team and what we think of you - at Energy. Now, there are executives who want you out.

    Jonathan E.: Sir?

    Bartholomew: For 10 years in this game, Jonathan. Longer than anyone, ever.

    Jonathan E.: Retire? How could I do that?

  • Bartholomew: Jonathan, let's think this through together. You know, how the game serves us. Its a definite social purpose. Nations are bankrupt. Gone. None of that tribal warfare anymore. Even the Corporate Wars are a thing of the past.

    Jonathan E.: I know that, I just...

    Bartholomew: Now, we have the majors and their executives. Transport. Food. Communication. Housing. Luxury. Energy. A few of us making decisions on a global basis for a common good.

    Jonathan E.: The team is a unit that plays with certain rhythms.

    Bartholomew: So does an executive team, Jonathan. Now, everyone, has all the comforts. You know that. No poverty. No sickness. No needs and many luxuries - which you enjoy - just as if you were in the executive class. Corporate society takes care of everything. And all it asks of anyone, all its ever asked of anyone, ever, is not to interfere with management decisions.

    Jonathan E.: I don't mean to resist. I'm just tryin' to understand.

    Bartholomew: Its for your own benefit. You must know that, Jonathan. All decisions concerning you are.

  • Jonathan E.: I lost Ella. The corporation took my wife away because an executive wanted her.

    Bartholomew: I'm not going to review all that again. It was before I took over here and I had nothing to do with it. From what I hear your wife wanted to leave her self.

  • Bartholomew: So, now, you're going to retire. It shouldn't be too hard for you. It's a stupid game, after all. Awful game. You ought to be glad to be out of it.

  • Bartholomew: Take your time. Take a few days. You've just come through a game, you're tired. Go to your ranch, but, think about it and understand it. *Do* understand it.

  • Bartholomew: No player is greater than the game itself. Its a significant game, in a number of ways, the velocities of the ball, the awful physics of the track, and in the middle of it all: men - playing by an odd set of rules. Its not a game man is supposed to grow strong in, Jonathan. You appreciate that, don't you?

  • Bartholomew: You're bargaining for the right to stay in a horrible social spectacle. It has its purposes. You've served those purposes brilliantly. Why argue when you can quit? And you say you want to know why decisions are made. You're future comfort is assured. You don't need to know! Why argue about decisions you're not powerful enough to make for yourself?

  • Bartholomew: Corporate society is an inevitable destiny. A material dream world. Everything man touched became attainer.

  • Henchmen: [singing] Oh Ratigan, oh Ratigan / You're tops, and that's that / To Ratigan, to Ratigan...

    Bartholomew: To Ratigan, the world's greatest rat! Hic!

    [Ratigan does spit take; the henchmen turn in terror]

    Ratigan: What was that?

    Bartholomew: Hic!

    Ratigan: What did you call me?

    Henchmen: Oh, he didn't mean it, Professor!

    Henchman #2: It... it was just a slip of the tongue.

    Ratigan: I am not a rat!

    Henceman #3: Course you're not.

    Thug Guard: You're a mouse.

    Henchman #2: Yeah, a-a big mouse.

    Ratigan: Silence!

  • [henchmen cheer as Ratigan reviews his illustrious career]

    Ratigan: Thank you, thank you. But it hasn't all been champagne and caviar. I've had my share of adversity, thanks to that miserable, second-rate detective, Basil of Baker Street!

    Henchmen: Boo!

    Ratigan: For years, that insufferable pipsqueak has interfered with my plans, and I haven't had a moment's peace of mind.

    Henchmen: Aaw...

    Bartholomew: [cries]

    Ratigan: But all that's in the past! This time, nothing, not even Basil, can stand in my way! All will bow before me!

  • [first lines]

    Clarinda: [TV soap opera scene] It doesn't make sense, I don't understand how something like this happened. I don't know what I'm going to do. This has been my whole life, and now it's gone I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Pendleton Industries is all I've ever known, and now it's all been taken away.

    Danica: When someone sees a weakness in me, I turn that weakness into a strength.

    [holds up a gun]

    Clarinda: Danica, you're so strong. I don't think I can do anything like this.

    Danica: You can imagine changing your life by fighting for the deed to the land, Clarinda. Which is possible only if Bartholomew is no longer living.

    Bartholomew: [entering] You will never get the deed to the land again, I will never allow it. Put down that gun, you silly girl.

    Danica: Watch your step, Bartholomew, Ridge is on the way, and he's still in love with Clarinda. And Jared loves

    Roderick: [entering] Clarinda, it's true. I'm here for you.

    [dramatic beat]

    Mimi: [narrating over snowy landscape] This is the story of Joy, as told by me, her grandmother. Everybody starts with a some kind of dream of what life will be. Joy dreams started at this metal garage her father ran. My granddaughter had a best friend, Jackie... a half-sister, Peggy... a dog... a father... a mother... who is my daughter... a grandmother, that's me. She made many beautiful things in her world, magic. Some people love to make things. They have the patience and the focus to figure it out with their hands. Joy was one of those people who rejoiced in making things.

    Young Joy: [in her room with her friend] And *I* open the door to the big green meadow. And *I* go into the forest. And there I conquered many dangers: A wolf and other scary things. And I started to build my very own house, where I would live and make wonderful creations for all the world, to see and have. And maybe for the Prince and Princess who lived across the forest in a castle. See? And they were in love. And maybe they'd invite me over because of the things that I made.

    Young Jackie: You need a handsome prince, that's what you need: a prince.

    Young Joy: No, I don't need a prince, this is a special power, I don't need a prince.

  • [Albert is being accused by his union of scuppering other negotiations with management by supporting the women's equal-pay strike]

    Bartholomew: As a union we have to remember who comes first. The Communist Party. And Marx himself said "Men write their own history". That's "men", Albert.

    Albert Passingham: But didn't he also say "Progress can be measured by the social position of the female sex"? Or was that a different Marx? That was Groucho, was it?

    [Bartholomew is lost for words]

    Albert Passingham: Equal pay across the board. You telling me that ain't worth fighting for? Of course it is, and you know it. I'll tell you something. This Rita has got a bigger set of balls than you three put together. And she ain't scared to lay 'em on the line, neither. And I for one am gonna help her. And if you are what you say you are, an organisation pledged to support its members, then you'll get off your lazy fat arses and you'll help her too. Good fucking evening.

    [Albert walks out of the office]

  • Bartholomew: [Grabbing a drink tray] I'll take that!

    Sutter, Grand's Butler: Who are you? You're no waiter!

    Bartholomew: Sir, I'm not only a waiter, I'm a bee man, a G-man, and a he-man!

  • Bartholomew: [as Bartholomew suddenly comes in the door] Bartholomew reports.

    Nick Carter: Look, will you scram?

    Bartholomew: Never! Your assistant goes where you go.

    Nick Carter: [In frustration] Beeswax, didn't I tell you before I left New York that this was merely a pleasure jaunt?

    Bartholomew: Ah, but I never know when crime will rear its ugly kid.

  • Bartholomew: [Taking out two guns in the back seat and pointing them in opposite directions and then talking to the driver] Stop the car immediately, sir! I you fail, you're a dead mam.

    Dr. Crattan: How did you arrive at that conclusion?

    Bartholomew: [Matter-of-factly] I'll shoot him.

  • Nick Carter: What made you say murder?

    Bartholomew: Because it looks like suicide, and if it looks like suicide, it can't be, right?

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