Baron von Frankenstein Quotes in Mad Monster Party? (1967)


Baron von Frankenstein Quotes:

  • Felix: I'll kill myself.

    Baron von Frankenstein: No, Felix, don't kill yourself.

    Felix: Who's going to kill myself? I just said that because I didn't think anyone could hear me.

  • Baron von Frankenstein: Everybody must have had quite a time last night. There was a huge pile of left-overs in the dining room.

    Francesca: I wonder who it was.

  • Baron von Frankenstein: Ha ha ha. Quoth the raven, "Nevermore". I've done it. Created the means to destroy matter. They must all know. Know that I, Baron von Frankenstein, master of the secret of creation, have now mastered the secret of destruction. The invitations must be sent at once.

  • Francesca: But we haven't received a reply from... It.

    Baron von Frankenstein: Well I should hope that we don't. You see, It wasn't invited. It was a crushing bore at our last convention. It kept walking around crushing boars, wild boars, in its hands. Very frankly, Francesca, It disgusts even me.

  • Francesca: We also received a very strange reply from someone who says he's arriving on the 13th. Someone named Felix Flanken.

    Baron von Frankenstein: He's coming? That is good news. What else does he write?

    Francesca: "Looking forward to meeting all those fun people at your resort". Resort? Fun people? He doesn't mean Dracula and the Werewolf surely.

    Baron von Frankenstein: Yes, yes? Go on.

    Francesca: "Can't hardly wait to dip into the pool in the front of your resort and lie on your beautiful beach." Doctor, does he know about the crocodiles in the lagoon and the quicksand on the beach? Who or what is this Flanken?

    Baron von Frankenstein: Oh, don't be alarmed. Felix Flanken is a mere human.

  • Francesca: Do you really think that It would dare to come here uninvited?

    Baron von Frankenstein: I don't know. It is capable of anything.

  • Baron von Frankenstein: Aw, my dear, you look so... Er, ghastly.

    The Monster's Mate: [flattered] Oh, doctor.

    Francesca: Oh, brother.

  • Baron von Frankenstein: [the Werewolf enters] Aw, Werewolf, 'delighted you're here, Were.

    Dracula: Wolfie, you old dog! Ha ha. This convention is going to be a howling success.

    [Werewolf howls]

    Dracula: You see? I told you.

  • Felix Flanken: Well you see, Uncle, I'm a pharmacist.

    Baron von Frankenstein: Aw, then you must have conducted experiments of your own.

    Felix Flanken: Oh yes. My fudge quadrupple multi-flavored decker ala mode was a wild experiment. Mr. Kronkite turned green after he ate it.

    Baron von Frankenstein: Of course.

  • Baron von Frankenstein: You wanted my vial, you'd kill my nephew for it? Now you shall see that Baron von Frankenstein is not one to cross. True you won't see it for too long a time, but for one second, oh boy.

    [Drops vial; Island is completely obliterated]

  • [first lines]

    Baron von Frankenstein: Ah... a lifetime of experimentation capped in one small vial. Now to the final step: The infusion of energy.

  • Baron Von Frankenstein: You slut! And vith Henry Clavell, my best friend!

    Sarah Brightman: Vell perhaps if you spent less time vith that heap of brain-damaged flesh in the basement and more time vith me, I vouldn't have to seek pleasures elsevere! Vould I?

    Baron Von Frankenstein: But vith him!

    Mark Loftmore: Now, just a minute!

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