Barillo Quotes in Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003)


Barillo Quotes:

  • [the Barillo Cartel has captured Sands]

    Agent Sands: I feel its only fair to warn you, that killing me is crossing the line and you will have every single Marine from here to Guantanamo Bay up your keester mister, so just know that.

    Barillo: Fortunately for you, nothing you did is worth dying for. You have only seen too much. We are going to make sure this does not happen again.

    [the Doctor picks up a drill and moves it toward Sand's eyes]

  • Billy: You want me to break his fingers?

    Barillo: No. I want you to chop them off.

    Billy: I was making a joke.

    Barillo: I wasn't.

  • Cucuy: The man I work for, Mr. Sands, is hiring El Mariachi to kill General Marquez.

    Barillo: So you want to join us. First you must understand. There is the bait and there is the trade.

    Cucuy: So El Mariachi is the trade?

    Barillo: You are.

    [Billy Chambers strangles and kills Cucuy]

  • [Billy confronts Barillo in the President's Building]

    Jorge FBI: Do you remember a man named Archuleta?

    Barillo: Why?

    Billy: [Pulling his dog out from behind his back and stepping aside to reveal Jorge] I present to you Special Agent Jorge Ramirez.

    Jorge FBI: [drawing a gun] You tortured and murdered Agent Archuleta. He was my partner. He was also my friend.

    Barillo: Agent Ramirez. You have to follow certain rules...

    Jorge FBI: Oh, I'm retired. Rules don't apply to me any more than they do to you.

    Barillo: Mr. Chambers?

    Billy: [nonchalantly] Yes, sir?

    Barillo: You just going to stand there?

    Billy: I'm afraid anything but standing's going to cost you extra.

    Barillo: [Nods to Dr. Guevara, the reaches for his gun] You leave me no choice!

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