Barbara Robbins Quotes in City Slickers (1991)


Barbara Robbins Quotes:

  • Danny Robbins: We saw a picture of you in a newspaper in your underwear.

    Kim Furillo: Oh, well that was an advertisement. I sometimes model ladies' underwear.

    Barbara Robbins: You looked great.

    Danny Robbins: Mom, you said let's see how she looks after having two kids.

  • Phil Berquist: So Do you hate baseball?

    Barbara Robbins: No I like baseball. I just never understood how you guys can spend so much time discussing it. I mean I think the game is great but I don't memorize who played third base for Pittsburgh in 1960.

    Phil BerquistMitch RobbinsEd Furillo: Don Hoak!

    Barbara Robbins: See, that's exactly what I mean.

  • Barbara Robbins: Go away with Ed. Take Phil. I am giving you these two weeks. It's my present. Go and... find your smile!

    Mitch Robbins: What if I can't?

    Barbara Robbins: We'll jump off that bridge when we come to it.

  • Barbara Robbins: You know Mitch? I've been thinking. If you really hate your job, why don't you just get out of there?

    Mitch Robbins: No, I'm just going to do it better. I'm going to do everything better.

    Barbara Robbins: Everything?

    [Barbara and Mitch share a long kiss]

    Mitch Robbins: See?

    Barbara Robbins: Oh, I missed you.

    Mitch Robbins: I missed you too.

    Barbara Robbins: Let's go home.

    Mitch Robbins: Today, is my best day!

    [Mitch and Barbara begin to kiss again]

    Skycap: Mr. Robbins!

    Mitch Robbins: [breaks his kiss with Barbara abrubtly] Yeah, right over here! This is gonna be great.

    Barbara Robbins: What, did you get a dog?

    Holly Robbins: We got a dog?

    Danny Robbins: All right!

    Mitch Robbins: Come on little man.

    [Mitch opens the oversized cage and grabs the reins on Norman, gently pulling him out of the cage]

    Mitch Robbins: . Everyone, this is Norman!

    [Norman moos]

    Barbara Robbins: It's a cow.

    Mitch Robbins: Well,

    [Mitch struggles to steady himself as he picks up Norman]

    Mitch Robbins: he's a calf, actually.

    Barbara Robbins: Mitch, wait. You're gonna put him in the VAN?

    Mitch Robbins: Oh yeah, and then the den!

    [Mitch loads Norman in the van]

    Barbara Robbins: Mitch, you're not taking him home!

    Mitch Robbins: [Norman moos again as he is loaded into the van] See kids, he just said, hellllooooooo! Well, just for a little while. Then we'll put him in a petting zoo, so he can be with your mother!

    [He grins]

    Barbara Robbins: Ah! Come on, let's go home!

    Mitch Robbins: [walks around to the driver side of the van] I'm kidding, I'm just kidding! All right, seat belts Norman, seat belts!

    [Norman moos]

    Barbara Robbins: Mitch...

    Mitch Robbins: I hope you went to the bathroom Norman, because we got a long drive ahead of us!

    [Barbara puts her head in her hands, exasperated and laughing at the same time at Mitch's foolishness]

    Mitch Robbins: Let's go home!

  • Barbara Robbins: I'm sick of people coming over here and thinking they're in a Bergman film. "You've met my husband, Mr. Death?"

  • Danny Robbins: We saw a picture of you in the newspaper in your underwear.

    Kim Furillo: Oh, that was an advertisement. I sometimes model ladies' underwear.

    Barbara Robbins: You looked great.

    Danny Robbins: Mom, you said "let's see how she looks after having two kids".

  • Barbara Robbins: [On the speaker phone in front of Mitch's colleagues] Tonight I'm going to pull down your pants and sink my hands into your cute little ass and then give you a tongue bath, I'm going to start at your feet and slowly work my way up...

    [Mitch quickly crawls across the conference table and picks up the phone]

  • Mitch: [after hearing his brother has arrived] Well how is he?

    Barbara Robbins: Well, he came in, asked me to make him a sandwich, no crusts, then started making long-distance calls. Of course, first, he did three scenes from "Godfather II".

    Phil: He still does that? I love that!

    Mitch: Phil, I'm warning you. If you mention "The Godfather" to him, I will rip your arms out of their sockets and beat you to death with them. This started out as such a good birthday!

    Phil: What's Glen been up to?

    Mitch: He's been up to nothing, he's the Vice President of Lazy. He goes from one family to another until they throw him out, he borrows money..."borrows"? That indicates an intent to repay. He gets jobs that aren't jobs. We only hear from him for change of address calls. I mean he's lost. He's a lost soul, he's a dented can, he's... behind me, isn't he?

    [Indeed, Glen is standing right behind Mitch, having heard every word. Phil nods]

    Glen: Mitchy, buenos dias!

    Mitch: [Shaking his hand] Hello, Glen. How was your sandwich?

    Glen: Ah, delightful!

    Mitch: Listen, I'm sorry about what I said...

    Glen: Ah, water off a duck's back. Come here.

    [Hugs him and briefly lifts him off his feet]

    Glen: Wow, look at you. You're still the world's smallest big brother.

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