Barbara Graham Quotes in I Want to Live! (1958)


Barbara Graham Quotes:

  • Carl G.G. Palmberg: Life's a funny thing.

    Barbara Graham: Compared to what?

  • Barbara Graham: [before go to the gas chamber] Just this once, I wish it wasn't ladies first.

  • Barbara Graham: I never even knew the dame.

    Police lieutenant: You know she's been murdered, don't you?

    Barbara Graham: Yeah. So was Julius Caesar. I didn't know him either.

  • San Quentin Capt.: [whispers] When you hear the pellets drop, count to ten. Take a deep breath. It's easier that way.

    Barbara Graham: How would you know?

  • Police Inspector: We have a tough, ugly job to do and you're making it tougher and uglier for all of us.

    Barbara Graham: My heart bleeds for you. How can I help you Inspector, buy a few tickets to the policemen's ball?

  • Barbara Graham: [Last lines. Barbara's letter to Ed Montgomery, voiceover] Dear Mr. Montgomery - There isn't much I can say with words. They always fail me when most needed. But please know that with all my heart, I appreciate all you've done for me. Sincerely, Barbara.

  • Prison Matron: You've done your time and you're getting out. So watch yourself. You're on probation for five years. Don't leave the San Francisco area or otherwise violate your probation in any way. Or you'll be back here quick enough.

    Barbara Graham: Oh, no ma'am, I won't.

    Prison Matron: I hope you mean it... You do have a choice. People have managed to be fairly happy by *not* getting into trouble. Get a job! Maybe get married!

    Barbara Graham: I have been... occasionally.

    Prison Matron: Your way doesn't seem to be going too well. Why don't you try the other?

    Barbara Graham: Thanks. Maybe I will.

  • Police lieutenant: Lousy hop-headed slut! I'd like to spread you out and stamp you into the ground.

    Barbara Graham: [mockingly] Ha. Everybody gets his kicks some way.

  • Personal Effects Clerk: [as Barbara is being checked into prison holding] Who do you wish to notify in case of death?

    Barbara Graham: [sarcastically] Marlon Brando!

  • Barbara Graham: [talking to her court-appointed lawyer] So let's level: what chance have I got?

    Attorney Richard G. Tibrow: With an uncorroborated alibi? None.

  • Corona Warden: [noticing that Barbara is wearing a negligee in her prison cell] I'm sorry, you can't wear that here.

    Barbara Graham: Why not?

    Corona Warden: It's too... provocative.

    Barbara Graham: [Incredulous] Provocative? There's nothing but dames here! Not a man within miles!

    Barbara Graham: [waving her hand across the bars of her prison cell] And I've got these for a chastity belt!

    Barbara Graham: [continues] Oh, boy, would I love to have somebody to provoke!

    Corona Warden: It's very foolish to make trouble on your first night, Barbara. I'd advise you to wear the nightgown we provided you.

  • Barbara Graham: [just before being led to the gas chamber] I want a mask. I don't wanna' look at people. I don't wanna' see them staring at me.

    San Quentin Matron: I have one. My sleep mask.

  • Barbara Graham: Get your paws off me! I soil easy.

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