Band Member Quotes in Back to the Future (1985)


Band Member Quotes:

  • Skinhead: [throws Marty in the trunk of a car] That's for messing up my hair!

    Band Member: What the hell you doing to my car?

    3-D: Hey, beat it, spook. This don't concern you.

    Marvin Berry: [four additional band members get out of the car] Who you calling "spook," peckerwood?

    Skinhead: Hey, hey, listen, guys... Look, I don't wanna mess with no reefer addicts, okay?

    Marvin Berry: Get home to your mama, boy.

    3-D: Biff, help!

    [the band members chase the boys]

  • Joan Jett: Hey, what the fuck? Plug me back in!

    Band Member: Watch your mouth, kid, or we'll have to turn you over to child services.

    Joan Jett: Fuck you, old man!

    Sandy West: [band member throws a cigarette at Joan] Hey, what's your fucking problem, man?

    Joan Jett: Hey man, I wouldn't. It's a lose-lose situation.

    Band Member: How's that?

    Joan Jett: Well, if you win, you beat up a girl. If you lose, you get beat up by two.

    Sandy West: Teenage ones.

    Band Member: All right, sound check is canceled. Maybe if you ever headline, you'll get one. Now why don't you go to your rooms, and do your fucking homework or something?

    Joan Jett: Like, we need a sound check.

    Sandy West: Pretty soon, you'll be opening for us!

    Band Member: Opening your legs, maybe.

  • Rena: Throw it to Lucas!

    Maggie: Throw it to Lucas!

    Ben: Throw it to Lucas!

    Band Member: Throw it to Lucas!

    Coach: No, don't throw it to Bly!

  • Felix Woods: You know that song "Pocketful of Dreams"?

    Band Member: Down here we call it "Pocketful of Ass".

  • Band member: Well, what you want us to sing, Frank? Taps?

    Frank Baker: God, I don't give a fuck if you sing motherfucking Kumbaya. Just get the fuck out there. We have a contract by grace of George fuckin Washington, you motherfucking fucking fucks.

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