Bala Quotes in Antz (1998)


Bala Quotes:

  • Bala: I've been kidnapped by the village idiot.

    Z: Who's the bigger idiot? The idiot, or the idiot who gets kidnapped by the idiot?

  • Bala: Pardon me. I guess you don't recognize me. I've been traveling, and I'm all... schlumpy. I'm Princess Bala.

    Chip: Oh.

    [aside to Muffy]

    Chip: It's worse than I thought. They're Euro-trash.

  • Bala: Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

    Z: Well, maybe, then again, maybe not, and then again... yowch.

    Bala: [recognizing his line from the night before] That's it. You're the guy from the bar.

    Z: Shhh.

    Queen: Bar? What bar?

    Bala: I... danced with this guy at the bar the other night. He was just a worker, then.

    Queen: What were you doing at a bar?

    General Mandible: Precisely what I want to know.

    Bala: No. This isn't about me. I mean, Look at this worker. Look what he's done.

    Z: I think - I think you're thinking of someone else. After all, I am a soldier.

    Bala: Exactly. You *were* a worker, but now you're a war hero.

    Queen: He's a worker?

    General Mandible: A worker danced with my fiance?

    Z: F-fiance? Hey, w-wait a minute. Th-this is not how it looks. I-I can explain this... hey, SHE was the one making all the moves.

  • Bala: Don't you get it? I was slumming it. I chose you because you were the most pathetic little bug in the joint.

    Z: You know, I was going to let you become a part of my most erotic fantasies, but now you can just write it off.

  • Bala: Labor? What you YOU know about labor? How would YOU feel if you were expected to give birth every 10 seconds for the rest of your life?

  • Bala: Z, I've gotta help my Mom.

    Z: Don't worry, I know almost exactly what I'm doing.

  • Queen: Everyone has their place, Bala. You, the soldiers, the workers... Oh, it's not all that bad being princess, is it? Would you prefer to be carting around dirt all day?

    Bala: Oh, Mother, don't be so dramatic.

  • Bala: Oh, good. Here they come to rescue me... and to kill you.

  • Z: Let me ask you something - what made you come to the bar that night?

    Bala: I guess I was looking for a little trouble.

    Z: Well, trouble's my middle name. Actually, my middle name is Marion, but I don't want you spreading that around.

  • Bala: Z's dead. You don't have to worry about him.

    Colonel Cutter: Dead? Well... he was an ant with ideas. Too bad for him.

  • Colonel Cutter: I have my orders.

    Bala: Don't you ever think for yourself, Cutter?

    [Cutter pauses briefly as he considers this]

    Colonel Cutter: Well, that was impressive. Ah, where's Z?

  • Z: I guess you prefer old Blood and Guts, huh? His idea of a romantic date is two seats at a public execution. Boy, you sure chose the right husband.

    Bala: For your information, the general and I are deeply, deeply in... in... engaged.

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