Baka Quotes in The Ten Commandments (1956)


Baka Quotes:

  • Baka: Will you lose a throne because Moses builds a city?

    Rameses: The city that he builds shall bear my name. The woman that he loves shall bear my child. So it shall be written. So it shall be done.

  • Lilia: Water, Noble One?

    Baka: No, wine... the wine of beauty.

    Lilia: What beauty can my lord find in these mud pits?

    Baka: A lotus flower blooms in the Nile's gray mud. Dathan, she will do well as a house slave.

    Lilia: Do not take me from my people! There would be danger.

    Baka: Danger from such lovely hands?

    Lilia: There are other hands strong enough to kill!

    Baka: Our mud flower has a thorn.

    Lilia: Oh, please, Lord Baka, I beg you!

  • Lilia: You are strange to the pits. Your back is unscarred.

    Moses: You bring a warm smile with your cool water.

    Lilia: My smile is for a stonecutter. The water is for you.

    Moses: I thank you.

    Lilia: Your voice is not strange. You are...

    Moses: [Moses spoke very quickly, preventing Lilia from recognizing his voice] One of many who thirst.

    Baka: You there! Come here!

    Lilia: That is Baka, the master builder.

    Moses: Does he call me or you?

    Baka: You, water girl! I'm thirsty.

    Lilia: He does not thirst for water.

    Slave: Beauty is but a curse to our women.

  • Lilia: Joshua!

    Joshua: Run, Lilia, run! The way is clear. The master builder will not follow.

    Baka: Neither will you, stonecutter.

    [Joshua tried to escape, running backwards, but was captured by Baka's guards]

    Baka: Bind him between the columns! See that his arms are tightly stretched!

    Egyptian guard: He'll cut him to pieces.

    Baka: Now go after the girl. Don't come back without her.

    Egyptian guard: We'll find her.

    Baka: You foolish, stupid man. I would have kept her only a short while. She would have returned to you, shall we say, more worthy. Now to whom shall I return Lilia? You will not be there, Joshua.

    [saying this, Baka starts to lash Joshua]

    Baka: You've seen me drive my chariot. I can flick a fly from my horse's ear without breaking the rhythm of his stride. You've seen me use my whip.

    [Baka lashed Joshua again]

    Baka: You make no outcry, Joshua, but you will. You will cry for the mercy of death.

    Joshua: One day you will listen to the cry of slaves.

    Baka: This is not that day, Joshua.

    [Baka lashed another stripe on Joshua]

    Baka: You hold your tongue almost as well as I hold my temper. It's a pity to kill so strong a stonecutter.

    Moses: [Moses caught Baka's whip, pulled it, and turned Baka around] Death will bring death, Baka!

    Baka: Who are you?

    Moses: One who asks what right you have to kill a slave.

    Baka: The right of a master to kill you or any slave.

    Moses: Then kill me, master butcher!

    [Moses then caught and used Baka's whip, choking Baka to death]

    Baka: Moses!

    [Baka's last line]

  • Baka: They use the old ones to do the work of greasing the stones, Lord Prince. If they are killed, it is no loss.

    Moses: Are you a master builder or a master butcher?

    Baka: If we stop moving stones for every grease woman who falls, the city would never rise.

    Overseer: If the slaves are not driven, they will not work.

    Joshua: If their work lags, it is because they are not fed.

    Moses: You look strong enough.

    Joshua: I am a stonecutter. The Pharaohs likes their images cut deep.

  • Baka: [after Baka got Lilia cleaned] No, no, no, no, no. Not red with the with the Sammur gown.

    Dathan: My eyes can best be used elsewhere, Lord Baka.

    Baka: Before you go, let them look upon what you thought unworthy. You would let beauty such as this go unseen. You would let such a flower go ungathered. Dathan, you can see only mud, so pick up her muddy clothes and go. Go, all of you!

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