Babe, aka "Pam Dawson" Quotes in Mr. Deeds (2002)


Babe, aka "Pam Dawson" Quotes:

  • Babe, aka "Pam Dawson": Oh, you have got to be shittin' me.

    Longfellow Deeds: Whoa... that's the first time I've heard you curse.

    Babe: I'm that excited.

  • Babe: And this is my brother Denny's room,

    [opens a closet door]

    Babe, aka "Pam Dawson": they didn't like my brother very much.

  • Mac McGrath: Are you gonna see him again tonight?

    Babe, aka "Pam Dawson": Yes. I'm calling him around 4. It's when I get off work. Remember, I am Pam Dawson, virgin school nurse from Winchestertonfieldville, Iowa.

    Mac McGrath: Ha ha, that's priceless... YOU a VIRGIN! Ha ha ha!

  • Babe, aka "Pam Dawson": He writes greeting cards.

  • Longfellow Deeds: And if it wasn't for Miss Dawson being here, I'd probably knock your heads in.

    Babe, aka "Pam Dawson": I don't mind.

    Longfellow Deeds: Okay.

  • Longfellow Deeds: What are you doing in New York?

    Babe, aka "Pam Dawson": I'm a school nurse.

    Longfellow Deeds: There's no way you're a school nurse.

    Babe, aka "Pam Dawson": Why, don't you believe me?

    Longfellow Deeds: You're too nice to be a school nurse. My school nurse was so mean, every time I'd tell her I had a tummy ache, she'd send me back to my class and say, "Stop whining."

    Babe, aka "Pam Dawson": But that's awful!

    Longfellow Deeds: Well, I said it every day.

    [Both laugh]

  • Babe, aka "Pam Dawson": I'm of Swedish ancestry.

    Longfellow Deeds: Really?

    Babe, aka "Pam Dawson": Yes. My grandfather was in ABBA.

  • Babe, aka "Pam Dawson": You know, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a news reporter.

    Longfellow Deeds: Oh yeah?

    Babe, aka "Pam Dawson": Yeah. I used to go around interviewing everyone, and writing notes in my little Holly Hobby notebook.


    Babe, aka "Pam Dawson": People didn't like that; I got beat up a lot.

    Longfellow Deeds: Do you remember their names?

  • Babe, aka "Pam Dawson": Where do you hail from, Deeds?

    Longfellow Deeds: Mandrake Falls, New Hampshire. Just a little town nobody's ever heard of.

    Babe, aka "Pam Dawson": I'm from a little town like that. In Iowa.

    Longfellow Deeds: Is that right? What part?

    Babe, aka "Pam Dawson": Winchesterton... field... ville...

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