Avi Quotes in John Wick (2014)


Avi Quotes:

  • Viggo Tarasov: [calling John Wick on the telephone] Hello, John.

    [John says nothing]

    Viggo Tarasov: I heard about your wife, and I'm sorry. My condolences. It's, uh, seems to be fate, or happenstance, or just bad fuckin' luck caused our paths to cross once again.

    [John says nothing]

    Viggo Tarasov: John?

    [John says nothing]

    Viggo Tarasov: Let us not resort to our baser instincts and handle this like civilized men to move on...

    [John hangs up mid-sentence; Viggo puts down his phone in a resigned manner]

    Avi: What'd he say?

    Viggo Tarasov: [pause] Enough.

    Avi: [quietly] Oh, God.

    Viggo Tarasov: Task your crew.

    Avi: H-how, how many?

    Viggo Tarasov: How many do you have?

  • Avi: The greatest con, that he ever pulled... was making you believe... that he is you.

  • Jake Green: This has become a large problem, Avi.

    Avi: There's no such thing as problems, Mr. Green, only situations...

  • [last lines]

    Avi: Checkmate.

  • Avi: You heard of the private sector? That's where you found me.

    Scott: Well, then sell me something.

  • Avi: There are some people in this house...

    Scott: Avi...

    Avi: That if you were go, while you were there, if you said hello to them for me, it would cut your price.

    Scott: Avi, what do you think I am?

    Avi: I don't know what you are. You ain't a planner. You're a shooter. I don't know what you're doing here, and I think you've gone off the reservation.

  • Avi: [stunned] No one could've survived that crash!

    Jason: [glowers] I DID!

    [last lines]

    Avi: [grimly] Then I guess I have some unfinished bussiness to deal with

  • Avi: Who sent you?

    Jason: YOU DID! Flight 77? I was on it

    Avi: [eyes widen] NO ONE could've survived that crash

    Jason: [grimly] Sometimes I wish no one had

    [last lines]

    Avi: Then it seems I have some unfinished business to attend to/deal with

  • Avi: Should I call you Bullet? Tooth?

    Bullet Tooth Tony: You can call me Susan if it makes you happy.

  • Avi: Eighty-six carats.

    Rosebud: Where?

    Avi: London.

    Rosebud: London?

    Avi: London.

    Avi's Colleague: London?

    Avi: Yes, London. You know: fish, chips, cup 'o tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary fucking Poppins... LONDON.

  • Bullet Tooth Tony: A bookie's got blagged last night.

    Avi: Blagged? Speak English to me, Tony. I thought this country spawned the fucking language, and so far nobody seems to speak it.

  • Bullet Tooth Tony: Boris the Blade? As in Boris the Bullet-Dodger?

    Avi: Why do they call him the Bullet-Dodger?

    Bullet Tooth Tony: 'Cause he dodges bullets, Avi.

  • Avi: You got a toothbrush? We're going to London. Do you hear that, Doug? I'm coming to London.

    [Avi arrives in London]

    Doug the Head: Avi!

    Avi: Shut up and sit down, you big, bald fuck. I don't like leaving my own country, Doug, and I especially don't like leaving it for anything less then warm sandy beaches, and cocktails with little straw hats.

    Doug the Head: We've got sandy beaches...

    Avi: So? Who the fuck wants to see 'em? I hope you appreciate the concern I have for my friend Franky, Doug. I'm gonna find him, and you're gonna help me find him, and we're gonna start at that fight.

  • Customs official: Anything to declare?

    Avi: Yeah. Don't go to England.

  • Avi: Tony.

    Bullet Tooth Tony: What?

    Avi: Look in the dog.

    Bullet Tooth Tony: What do you mean "look in the dog?"

    Avi: I mean open him up.

    Bullet Tooth Tony: It's not as if it's a tin of baked beans! What do you mean "open him up"?

  • Avi: I'm gettin' heartburn. Tony, do something terrible.

  • [Avi, Tony, and Rosebud watch Boris on the video monitor]

    Bullet Tooth Tony: This guy's a handful.

    Rosebud: I hate Russians. I'll take care of him.

    Bullet Tooth Tony: He's all yours, Rosebud me old son.

    Rosebud: Not a problem.

    [Cut to a few minutes later, inside Tony's Jaguar. All three of them are bruised, bloody, and shouting, but Rosebud is seriously hurt]

    Rosebud: You gotta get me to a doctor! Shoot that fuck, then get me to a doctor!

    Avi: Yeah, yeah, but first the stone, Rosie. First the stone and then I'm gonna get you to a doctor, and not just any doctor, boychik, I'm gonna find you a nice Jewish doctor.

    [at Tony]

    Avi: Find my friend a nice Jewish doctor!

  • Bullet Tooth Tony: I want to know who blagged Brick-Top's bookies.

    Mullet: Do me a favor, Ton!

    Bullet Tooth Tony: I will do you a favor, Mullet. I'll not get out of this car and bash the living fuck out of you in front of all your girlfriends.

    [Mullet hunkers down to the car window]

    Mullet: Got to make it worth my while, mate. Jesus, Tony, you know that...

    [Tony seizes his tie and rolls up the window, wedging Mullet's head in it]

    Bullet Tooth Tony: Comfortable, Mullet? It seems sadly ironic that it's that tie that's got you into this pickle. Now you just take all the time you want.

    [He starts the car forward]

    Mullet: What the fuck are you doing, Ton?

    Bullet Tooth Tony: I'm driving down the street with your head stuck in my window. What do you think I'm doing, you pen-ass?

    Mullet: Slow down, Ton.

    Bullet Tooth Tony: [sniffs] You been using dogshit for toothpaste, Mullet?

    Mullet: Slow down, Ton! Slow down, Tony!

    Bullet Tooth Tony: I don't think I'll slow down. I think I'll speed up. You can play some music if you like.

    [He turns on the radio; Madonna's "Lucky Star" is playing]

    Bullet Tooth Tony: Oh, I love this track.

    Mullet: I think...

    Bullet Tooth Tony: Yes, Mullet?

    Mullet: I think it's two black guys, in a pawn shop on Smith street.

    Bullet Tooth Tony: You better not be telling me porky pies.

    Mullet: I'm fucking telling you, it's two black guys who work off a pawn shop in fucking Smith Street!

    Avi: That's very effective, Tony. It's not too subtle, but effective.

    [Tony accelerates and turns toward Smith Street]

    Avi: Are we taking him with us?

    [Tony rolls down the window, releasing Mullet's head and dumping him on the roadside]

  • Alex Denovitz: What about Tony?

    [Cut back and forth between Doug's office and a younger Tony in Charlie's brothel]

    Alex Denovitz: You know, Bullet Tooth Tony.

    Avi: Who's Bullet Tooth...?

    Charlie: Tony!

    Bullet Tooth Tony: You silly fuck.

    Doug the Head: He's a liability.

    Alex Denovitz: He'll find you Moses and the burning bush, if you pay him to.

    Charlie: [draws a gun] You are gonna die, Tony!

    Alex Denovitz: He got shot six times, had the bullets molded into gold.

    [Charlie shoots Tony twice in the chest]

    Charlie: I shoot you, you go down!

    Susi Denovitz: He's got two in his teeth that Dad did for him. So he loves Dad.

    [Charlie shoots Tony three more times]

    Charlie: Why don't you fucking die!

    Susi Denovitz: He's the best chance you got of finding Franky.

    Avi: Six times?

    [Charlie shoots Tony in the mouth]

    Doug the Head: In one sitting.

    [Tony, blood dripping from his mouth, draws a saber]

    Bullet Tooth Tony: You're in trouble now!

  • Avi: [in Doug's office while trying to find Boris] Russians.

    [he chuckles]

    Avi: Russians. I should've known. Anti-Semite, slippery Cossack sluts. What do you know about this goyim?

    Bullet Tooth Tony: Ex-KGB cancer. He was a highly trained undercover agent. He'll be impossible to track down.

    Doug the Head: [the phone rings and Doug picks it up] Yeah.

    Susi Denovitz: Dad, there's a strange man down here who wants to sell us an 84-carat stone.

    Doug the Head: Where does he come from?

    Susi Denovitz: I don't know, it's hard to tell. He's got a thick Russian accent.

    [cut to a TV monitor as Boris stares suspiciously into the camera]

  • Avi: Tony, there is a man I'd like you to find.

    Bullet Tooth Tony: Well, that depends on all the elements in the equation. How many are there?

    Avi: Forty thousand.

    Bullet Tooth Tony: Where was he last seen?

    Doug the Head: At a bookie's.

    Bullet Tooth Tony: A bookie's... pass us the blower, Susi.

  • Avi: How do you wanna get rid of him?

    Bullet Tooth Tony: Well, do you want to shoot him?

    Avi: That's a little noisy, isn't it?

    Bullet Tooth Tony: Well, do you want to stab him?

    Avi: Well, that's a little cold-blooded, isn't it?

    Bullet Tooth Tony: Do you want to kill him, or not?

  • Aditi: Stop this nonsense right now and say sorry to each other. NOW!

    Avi: Sorry.

    Bunny: It's okay.

    Avi: This bugger is not saying sorry!

    Aditi: Bunny!

    Bunny: Sorry.

  • Avi: [to Naina] I'm shocked to know that being a biology student, you haven't watched a porn movie!

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