William C. Brown quotes:

  • Examples of human stupidity. Blasphemy in Pakistan can now include spelling errors by children or throwing away a card bearing the name "Muhammad".

  • Since the universe is stupid, it's no wonder that social Darwinism tends to support, promote and finance the evolution of fools.

  • First of all you must understand that practising martial arts means studying a certain oriental philosophy of life, otherwise it's merely a vacuous sport devoid of any significance.

  • When I was young I used to practice a martial art that was a mixture of karate, kung fu, Jujitsu, Yawara Kubotan, Aikido, Okinawan kobudo, Newaza, etc.; now I am just a theoretical samurai or a bushido scholar if you prefer.

  • An aphorism is an extreme synthesis of thesis and antithesis, theory and practice, it's a mixture of intuition and observation, hypothesis and illusions of certainty and probability, history and stupidity.

  • The real fighter knows perfectly well that there is no difference between victory and defeat, friend and enemy, day and night, life and death.

  • Literature can be divided into two large families: the religious and the secular one. The first reveals the origin of stupidity, the second follows its evolution.

  • Once I was adviced never to trust a pretty face. Well, and what should I do when a meet a shithead?

  • An aphorism is a mental exercise, psychical, logical, linguistic, spiritual, ritual, emotional and rational, it is a major conceptual and literary activity, a mixture of prose and poetry that conveys, in addition to ideology, sympathy or antipathy.

  • Everyone can collect quotes, it's a bit different to write 10,000 original ones.

  • It was a strange man, a kind of black humorist, a true philosopher. One day he said: "If my books could ensure an increase in the number of murders, well, it will mean that they have been quite useful in some way or another."

  • A murderer is nothing but an enzyme. In the end he does nothing but catalyze an inevitable process. As a good precursor, in fact, he anticipates it.

  • A stupid disgusting bore is a guy who has nothing to say, and nonetheless says it anyway.

  • An aphorism is a synthesis of poetry and prose, it is a narrative precipitate, a didactic parable, an ideological concept, in practice it 's compressed and zipped philosophy . It is literature that adapts itself to the digital age.

  • Appeal to all scholars of stupidity in the world. Come to Italy, this country has the highest rate of morons of the universe, especially among political, bureaucratic, judicial, religious, intellectual, artistic, and mass media members, so it is the best place to develop your own field research.

  • Communism has failed; capitalism has failed; common sense has failed; now has to fail stupidity.

  • Dear doctor, you must not only let the patient tells his story, but you should also try to understand it.

  • In Italy, above all in view of the next general election, political parties, movements and new politicians continue to proliferate, naturally all inspired by the logic of the most severe, rigorous and atavistic stupidity.

  • Invest in stupidity, its stocks never go down.

  • Another soldier has been killed. Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

  • Money management is the only strategy to survive in this crazy, stupid and doped financial world market.

  • The real hero must fail in order to succeed.

  • All art is political, all art is a martial one.

  • As far as humanity is concerned the origin of stupidity is itself.

  • How can you fight stupidity effectively? The answer is simple: it's not easy.

  • I am a scholar of stupidity, so thanks for existing.

  • If you can't share wealth, prosperity and happiness, then you must at least share suffering, pain and death. To destroy in order to create!

  • If you don't like trading, gambling and betting, then you don't like living.

  • In hard times of severe crisis if you want to create new jobs, I recommend you to start killing some people. It's the old "topos" of war in time of peace.

  • In order to be a writer, first you must become an alive dead spirit.

  • Italian politicians are stupid and expensive, that's why they should be fired, abolished, or better eliminated.

  • Italian politicians are too stupid to deserve my vote, but they can get over it with my critical, denunciatory, satirical, vitriolic and vituperative invectives.

  • It's an extremely good thing that money sometimes changes hands.

  • Life is deceitful because all warfare is based on deception.

  • Life is nothing but a bet that in the end everyone is doomed to lose. So you'd better get used!

  • Man is certainly the most disgusting kind of worm that has ever crawled on this stupid ugly planet.

  • Man is the only animal for whom his own stupid existence is a problem which he has to try in vain to solve.

  • Never underestimate the enemy, above all if he is a stupid one and deserves to be killed.

  • Never undervalue the enemies, especially if they are stupid.

  • One of the main purpose of art has ever been that of making its indispensable contribution to the growth of entropy of the universal stupidity.

  • Only eliminating all pains in the ass the real mild and gentle man can live in peace.

  • Political parties in Italy are so stupid and expensive that they deserve to be abolished.

  • Religion is only literature, but luckily literature is not only religion.

  • Repetita iuvant. Italy, a land of great saints, poets, sailors, artists, statesmen, businessmen, lawyers, intellectuals, professors, journalists, whores, gangsters, religious parasites and dickheads.

  • The common curse of mankind, folly, ignorance and stupidity.

  • The deviant that does not observe the trivial uses of the language is a poet, a deviant who violates the banal customs of society is a criminal.

  • The goal of Computer Science is to build something that will last at least until we've finished building it.

  • The media and their journalists are merely megaphones for stupidity, the verb par excellence.

  • The more you find out about the world economy, the less you may truly know.

  • The poor should learn what has always been the motto of the rich: "What's mine is mine and what is yours if I can I steal it."

  • The true language of commerce is the natural conversation between human beings.

  • To vegetate you don't need to read!

  • Trading is more or less like betting or gambling, but only without the pleasure show of the game.

  • We all live in a small unique world, that's why we need at least one sole common language.

  • Whatever you do the Daimon Club for sure can do something for you too, of course, and together we can do so much more! Join us!

  • What's the advantage to have hundreds of words to define stupidity, when the essence is always the same.

  • What's the meaning of "giornalista professionista"? I have always thought a professional to be a good prostitute!

  • When the balance is broken then everything includes itself in power, power into will, will into appetite. So appetite, aided by will and power, becomes a universal wolf, at last eating up itself.

  • When you are a great scholar of stupidity, logics and marketing, you can do practically everthing, from business to trading, from spiritual research to artistic criticism.

  • Would you like to do something good for the future of the human race; well, start killing some of its powerful members.

  • You must try to make the most of all that comes but also don't forget to learn a lot of all that goes.