Vince Staples quotes:

  • I love Louisiana fried fish, but it's all Martin Luther King, I can't go over there.

  • Hopefully New Zealand let me stay, and they don't kick me out and ban me. And I hope I don't get killed by a kangaroo, 'cuz I heard that happens out there.

  • Creating music and just having someone's art directs the way you think about life subconsciously.

  • Drugs are horrible; I say no to drugs. I've never done drugs in my life.

  • Radio is better than writing because they can't lie. Cause sometimes writers be straight lying, bro, and these headlines be making me mad.

  • Every song with lyrics is lyrical.

  • Everybody deserves a right to be happy.

  • Everyone serves a purpose.

  • Everything's going to end eventually. I don't know if we're rushing it or making it faster.

  • I don't care at all. I don't know the difference from one president to the next.

  • I don't have any dreams or aspirations or goals I want to meet music-wise, so there's nothing to keep me from being level-headed.

  • I feel like finding the balance is the struggle with making music in general.

  • I hate when a show has an age limit. Like a little tiny child is standing outside, like, 'Hey, I wanted to go but I couldn't.' That sucks.

  • I hate when I lose my voice and then people try and talk to me and I seem like I'm being rude and then I hurt their feelings. That sucks.

  • If you hit a kangaroo in the street and you have to pull out on the side of the road, it can get back up and murder you.

  • I think I'm pretty regular. I try to keep it pretty regular; I go to sleep early. I don't know what distances me from other rap artists - I haven't met a lot of 'em.

  • All my friends and family are either in prison or don't make enough money. I don't know what the president really does. I haven't been able to experience that kind of shift yet.

  • All the rhinos are dead, for the most part. I think that's really sad.

  • As a living, breathing person, you must love things that derive from nature.

  • Hip-hop culture is deeply rooted in the wrong things. Hip-hop is about drugs right now. It's more so about drugs - about selling drugs, about using drugs - it's bad for kids.

  • I don't have a message. You already have all these people telling you how to live, who to be, what to wear, what to drive, what drugs to do - I just want people to see what I see.

  • I don't really have a focus, I just make music.

  • I don't think I've ever been personally fulfilled performing. It's kind of a challenging thing; it's more of a sacrifice for the people that I love.

  • I don't think you should criticize people's music because maybe it just isn't for you.

  • I feel like it's impossible to be completely yourself, because you'll always get bored; you have to push your own limits.

  • I feel like that's the reason a lot of pop music doesn't have that grasp that other forms of music do, because it's more rooted in only the happier aspects of life - there's not really a connection.

  • I just make what I'm making, and then one day I won't want to make it anymore. I think that's a luxury we should be able to have as people, especially as artists.

  • I live in a pretty liberal place, so it's a lot of hidden racism and things like that. If you really look up California, it's a really shitty place when it comes to things like that.

  • I live to die; better that than to live a lie.

  • I remember, once, my sister used to tell me that they found me in the trash-can when I was younger, so one time I pushed my sister into a trash-can - I put it over her head and pushed her down the street. And then after that, we been close ever since.

  • I saw The Revenant, and they were calling Native Americans "tree niggers," and that is not cool.

  • I say what I have to say at the moment and when I don't want to say it anymore, then I won't.

  • I think the opinion is worth less now than it ever has been.

  • I think there's too much of the wrong type of influences that stem from hip-hop.

  • I usually just have ideas when I have them.

  • I wake up sometimes with an idea and then I write it down. It's not necessarily easy, but when you focus on something it comes.

  • I was never like, "Oh man, I want a Grammy and I'll do whatever it takes." Someone like that might not do what it takes to have a decent touring career, because they're in the studio trying to master whatever they're doing to win a Grammy.

  • I would for sure do a thousand dollar meet and greet because literally every single person knows where I live.

  • I wouldn't say I fear the future.

  • If you don't put out a shirt for eight months, that doesn't mean it took you eight months to make the shirt.

  • If you try to make music and try to convey to everyone that everything is all peachy-keen, you might come off like you're full of it, and that could be something that draws listeners away.

  • If your children don't fight, they won't love each other when they get older! It's a common thing.

  • If you're a voice for a community, then you're a voice for something more than yourself. I want to have an impact, because I don't want anybody to have to go through what I went through.

  • I'm a beat hoarder. I'll record five songs in a year and I still hoard beats.

  • I'm getting old! My back hurts, I got asthma, I just been listening to Amy Winehouse, trying not to cry. Life's crazy.

  • I'm just saying what I think about at the time. I don't make a point to do anything, really.

  • I'm mad emotional. But my emotions are - I don't really get just like sad, I get hyper, and I be like mad, and I get hungry - that's like my main emotion.

  • I'm not really scared of a lot of things. I'm scared of possums. And I'm scared of raccoons sometimes, it depends on how big it is - I'm scared of the smaller raccoons because the bigger ones are slower.

  • It really hurts my feelings when people are mean to old people, or when people yell at their little kids. Just ask them what's wrong, bro. I think we all just need to be nicer.

  • It's human nature, we take a mile when we're given an inch. We're crazy. You see what we did to the animals! They don't even exist anymore!

  • I've had a lot of people online say they're going to kill me at my shows. A lot of people say they're going to punch me in the face - never happened. It's just people being sad because their life sucks.

  • I've heard a lot of crack stories. I heard a RZA crack story, up close and personal, over a platter of 100 chicken wings that only him and his friend ate. It was a good day.

  • Music was never really something I wanted to do, so I never thought about it as a kid.

  • My brothers used to beat me up, but I used to fight my sisters 'cuz I couldn't hit them back, so I had to find specific severe ways to punish them.

  • One of my younger homies, he went to jail, and some people came to me and were like, "Bail him out," and I said no. Why would I bail him out? He's going to prison. Let him sit and get some time served. You want to be crazy, but you don't want to go to jail. You want to shoot people, but you don't want to kill people. That's such a misleading thing.

  • People been killing each other since forever and hurting each other since forever and taking advantage of each other since forever.

  • People have an overbearing need to project their inward doubt and hatred and emotions onto the outside world.

  • People just tell me I'm supposed to be sensitive, and I'm not. But I think I'm very emotional. I'm very caring.

  • Rappers kinda look stupid sometimes. Most of the time. I'm pretty sure I look stupid too a lot.

  • School doesn't really teach you how to interact with people properly, you learn that outside of school.

  • School doesn't teach you much. School teaches you how to follow directions, that's what school is for.

  • So many things come from people's parents lying to them about the truth about things. I feel like, once those ideas die with people, we'll be good in a couple of generations.

  • Someone who only wants to play sold-out shows will find a tempo that works at the shows and then focus on making that kind of music, but maybe they'll miss out on other things because of it.

  • Sprite really does taste different everywhere! That's like a fact. Because of certain regulations, you can only put so many sugars...

  • That's something that I've always gotten: a sense of humanity, a sense of awareness of yourself and the world around you.

  • That's the crazy part about music, that you can just be someone and it means something.

  • The ones that actually affect people who don't have enough money to change them - which is almost everybody. But that has nothing to do with the president.

  • The police are very mean people sometimes.

  • The work is the understanding of the people that you're speaking for. The further you get away from that, the further you are from the work.

  • The world sucks, man. But Tesla does have a mid-size sedan now, and that's very important to the future.

  • There's a price tag on everything including black people's lives and what they do with them.

  • We give people way too much credit. People just get crazy.

  • We have bad things happen, but it's not like Syria, which we ignore and pretend doesn't happen. We've got it pretty good, no matter who the president is, to be honest.

  • We live in an age where everyone is so opinionated about everything in general in life, especially their expertise or their personal knowledge of anything that they're commenting on.

  • We should focus on the things that are bad that we can immediately control, because people are always going to be people.

  • We still wading in the water... Cocaine, blunts, marinating in the water. Lean and took a puff, and then she gave it to my father, Used to take the bullets out so I could play with the revolver. Satan serenading ever since I was a toddler, Tell 'em talk is cheap...niggas living for the dollar.

  • We're all equally important at the end of the day.

  • When I was a kid I used to want to be a Beethoven or something. That was my dream.

  • When I was a kid if you didn't have "Lil" in front of your name, you were trash.

  • When kids can't come to my show, I feel bad, because grown-up 21 and up people really probably don't need my help as much as an 11-year-old child.

  • When people ask me my influences and I'm like, "nobody" they're like, "there has to be somebody." People seem to think you have to have an influence.

  • When you have this job [as an entertainer] you're suddenly not a person anymore.

  • Whenever you have people in power, they try to control people. It's not necessarily a bad thing to control people - you can control people for good, you can control people for bad, but you're gonna try and control people.

  • Where I come from, there's no common enemy, there's no "why." There's no, "I hate white people."

  • You have to be able to differentiate between the different areas of life. It shows that we're all separate people, we're all different, but we're all the same...