Stanley Victor Paskavich quotes:

  • Most Religions are Social Clubs with expensive Entertainment Cheap Wine and Stale Crackers

  • Total Enlightenment is 'Vision without Purpose'.

  • Mentally I can die, Emotionally I can cry, Physically I can sigh, Spirituality I can fly. If I just try.

  • I Love Spirituality it reminds me of the Old Quaker Oats Commercial. "Nothing is better for thee than me"!

  • Yes, stop your beliefs for a few moments now and then and Be-Life.

  • The only thing worse than a Mexican Stand Off is a Peace Pact that Fails!

  • I'm fighting a long term disease it's called Death and I will have it until I take my last breath

  • Basically all the religions,sciences and powers of the world boil down to a simple truth. The Best Story Teller will win in the end!

  • Hopefully one day Wars will only be fought in movies. And may the best producer win!

  • Today's my birthday On mans scale 53 is a life more than 1/2 over. On the infinite scale of an eternal being I am just a cell of life that has forever to go!

  • Blessed be the ones that are free that have detached from possessions that can possess Thee.

  • Turn thy crown upside down! You need to feel how it is to kneel as those less fortunate than your noble deal.

  • For a lot of people, God lives in their Bibles and they open it when they feel He has something to say.

  • My definition for GOD that works for me is Pure Energy, Supreme Consciousness.The highest resolution of pure energy we use is the sensation we call love.

  • If it has a name or a description it has or will exist at some point in time

  • When it's all over and the dust from our Ancestors bodies and our own settle from the four winds only then will we see that we were here!

  • Laughter and imagination can overcome any ill-felt sensations.

  • There's isn't any slight of hand in Spirituality, everything you desire is right there for you to see.

  • I'm heavily medicated yet happily manic, I've been stuck on hypo mania for years.

  • If there are infinite dimensions then there would be infinite alternate realities and if there are infinite alternate realities we would exist in almost all of them that would make all of us omnipresent

  • I hope to die with dignity and not be on my death bed pondering the afterlife wearing a diaper named Depends.

  • Why do they always prescribe thyroid medicine to go with the mental illness cocktails they whip up?

  • I've heard many say "I'll sell my soul to the Devil"in hopes of gaining money, power or fame.Why do they think that they have that much worth over any other person?And the Devil if there is one wouldn't simply wait for them to condemn themselves on their own

  • Television isn't any longer the only way to fame, all you need is the internet to break into the game

  • Believe what you believe and it will be, believe what others believe and they will consume you!

  • Be-lieve, Be- like, Be- LIFE!

  • Once that ship has sailed don't hold on to the anchor

  • If you're brighter than a lightning bug, don't show your ass

  • I never see the color of a person. I never notice the color of their eyes. But the thing that always gets my attention. Is when the spout out lies

  • Love doesn't always curl your toes sometimes it takes a bite right out of your soul.

  • I'm on a diet I plan to lose Guilt, Fear, Sin, and Doubt then I'll be confident enough to walk about.

  • If there are infinite dimensions then there would be infinite alternate realities and if there are infinite alternate realities we would exist in almost all of them that would make all of us omnipresent...

  • A person looked at me and said "I can't believe you eat ice cream when it's cold out" "I replied oh that's nothing I drink water also when it rains

  • I don't assign myself to the names of any religious or non religious groups I prefer my actions and beliefs to be manic or marvelous just like me

  • I wonder if every genius has a touch of madness, does everyone that's normal have a touch or retardation?

  • In the terms of 'Mental Illness' Isn't stable a place they put horses that wish to run free?

  • Every one wants to be a Genius. But only the brave choose to go mad to get there...

  • Crazy isn't a condition it's a place and it exists somewhere between Love and Oblivion

  • When my mind plays tricks on me I can deal. But when my mind plays tricks on my mind I can not tell what's real

  • I've accepted the fact I have mental illness but when my imaginary friends start calling me crazy that's where I draw the line

  • Don't live by my words, don't die by them, chew them slowly digest them, and smile if they give nourishment to your soul.

  • I like my writing career and it's progression, I'd rather be that slow moving tide that turns a mountain into a beautiful beach for all to enjoy, rather than a flash in a pan that yields no heat.

  • When it comes to most true bipolars, consider this thought: Genius by birth, bipolar by design.

  • If I say I'll help you I'll help you. If I say I'll kill you I'll kill you. Everything else is ripples of maybe.

  • As long as you have a Cell Phone you're never alone

  • My psychiatrist said I had charisma so at least I'm certified

  • I admit I have Mental Illness so please no more 'Fruit Cakes' for Christmas Please

  • If every Genius has a touch of Madness, does every Normal person have a touch of Ignorance ?

  • If you're selfish enough to kill yourself write your suicide note on the back of your will

  • Bipolar is an illness not a hopeless destination it can be maintained with proper medication

  • Whether you lay cold in the ground or warm in an urn the turmoils of life aren't a concern. For some this may be the perfect rhyme except for those you leave behind...

  • The wheel of life has many spokes yet so few people ever leave the hub.

  • Genius by birth, Bipolar by design

  • When you read my poems or quotes remember you're stepping into the mind that steps outside of me

  • Most people can only sleep with a nice soft pillow I can only sleep with heavy anti psychotics

  • The reason I don't Kill Myselfis because I know I can.

  • I like Kindness it's something the Government can't tax and it's free to give away that will return to you some day