Solomon Ibn Gabirol quotes:

  • The test of good manners is to be patient with the bad ones.

  • Jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire.

  • As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.

  • Many men hoard for the future husbands of their wives.

  • Faith is the summit of the Torah.

  • As long as a word remains unspoken, you are its master; once you utter it, you are its slave.

  • The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth teaching others.

  • And when I was born, I drew in the common air, and fell upon the earth, which is of like nature; and the first voice which I uttered was crying, as all others do.

  • Kings may be judges of the earth, but wise men are the judges of kings.

  • If you want to keep something concealed from your enemy, don't disclose it to your friend.

  • A wise man's questions contain half the answer.

  • Plan for this world as if you expect to live forever; but plan for the hereafter as if you expect to die tomorrow.

  • Your secret is your prisoner; once you reveal it, you become its slave.

  • A wise man's question contains half the answer. Unfortunately the other 50% is harder to come by!

  • There are four types of men in this world: 1. The man who knows, and knows that he knows; he is wise, so consult him. 2. The man who knows, but doesn't know that he knows; help him not forget what he knows. 3. The man who knows not, and knows that he knows not; teach him. 4. Finally, there is the man who knows not but pretends that he knows; he is a fool, so avoid him.

  • Drink poison rather than worry.

  • Misfortune may become fortune through patience.

  • Riches bring anxiety; wisdom gives peace of mind.

  • The Sage was asked to define good manners? to which he replied, To bear patiently the rude ones.

  • Worry over what has not occurred is a serious malady.

  • My friend is he who will tell me my faults in private.

  • All men have one entrance into life, and the like going out.

  • The beginning of wisdom is to desire it.

  • I am better able to retract what I did not say than what I did.

  • A man's mind is hidden in his writings: criticism brings it to light.

  • A tiny fly can choke a big man.

  • Man is wise only while in search of wisdom; when he imagines he has attained it, he is a fool.

  • One is punished by the very things by which he sins.

  • There are three types of friends: those like food without which you can't live those like medicine which you need occasionally and those like an illness which you never want.

  • Thou hast created me not from necessity but from grace.