Sam Simon quotes:

  • I am a big PETA supporter, and their East Coast headquarters is the Sam Simon building, and their West Coast headquarters is in the Bob Barker building.

  • Thanks to Bart Simpson, I have a pretty good life.

  • Through PETA, we rescue animals in roadside zoos and circuses. They are some of the most abused animals in the country.

  • The sort of lifetime achievement stuff that I'm getting now is kind of like Tom Sawyer's funeral because they all know I'm sick. I am getting buildings named after me and awards and stuff.

  • Veganism is an answer for almost every problem facing the world in terms of hunger and climate change.

  • The Simpsons' money got bigger and bigger. When I left 'The Simpsons', no one thought that this thing was going to still be around. It's the cumulative effect. It's like, 'Oh my God, 25 years later, and it's still coming in.'

  • I don't think the spirit of Hollywood is such a spirit of generosity. I think people really begrudge giving. In New York, it's like that.

  • Everything that the Sam Simon Foundation does is supposed to help dogs and people-that's our mission.

  • With 'The Simpsons,' people didn't know what they were gonna see. They didn't have a clue.

  • I was just an animal lover. Everything that the Sam Simon Foundation does is supposed to help dogs and people - that's our mission.

  • I want medical experiments on animals stopped. They don't do anything, and they don't work.

  • I don't believe in miracles.

  • Id rather be nauseous than tired, I think.

  • In the pressure cooker of a TV show, it's a little bit of a witches' brew. I completely think I'm capable of being crazy. I probably was crazy when I was doing 'The Simpsons'.

  • Mary had a crypto key, she kept it in escrow, and everything that Mary said, the Feds were sure to know.

  • I want medical experiments on animals stopped. They don't do anything, and they don't work,

  • Animals are not here for our entertainment.

  • When people make donations to non profits, they want to know that their money goes to good use.

  • One of the things about animal rights, which is not the only thing that I care about in this world, is that your money can bring success. I see results.

  • Boxing should probably be banned. But until then, I'm a big fan.

  • A lot of charities spend a million dollars on a fundraiser to make $15,000. It's a social swirl. They do some great stuff and then - it's called mission drift. It becomes more about the parties.

  • The thing about animals that speaks to me so much is that my passion for the animals and against animal abuse is based on the knowledge that these creatures which think and feel can't speak for themselves. I feel it is my responsibility to speak for those who can't speak for themselves.

  • Everyone in my family is taken care of. And I enjoy this.

  • I'm supporting the charities that I supported during my lifetime, and I want to continue to do that.

  • I was hoping for 13 episodes that my friends would like. It's a good lesson, isn't it? If you do something trying to make your friends laugh and that you can be proud of, you can also be successful.

  • I feel so guilty when I see orcas performing their stupid tricks in their little swimming pools, and when I see circuses or elephant abuse. I don't want to be in the same industry with these people.

  • I have a desire to help animals, the question of whether it makes financial sense, it's my money and I get to do what I want with it. It's an expensive hobby I picked up at the end of my life.

  • I have been a vegetarian for forty-two years. I did it because I didn't want animals to die so I could eat. Then, eight to ten years ago, when I found out the life of a dairy cow is way worse than the life of a beef cow, I understood I had to switch to complete veganism. Otherwise, I would be very inconsistent in my beliefs that animals shouldn't be abused for food.

  • I want to do whatever I can to survive.

  • I was very concerned about helping animals improve their situations. But that was out of love. It wasn't political or out of a belief that animals had rights.

  • The reason my food bank is vegan is because I can't pay for animal products in good conscience.

  • Work made me crazy. I was tough to get along with.