Onyi Anyado quotes:

  • Entrepreneur, your message, mindset and mandate is connected to your brand, business and brain.

  • Entrepreneur, your last 20 tweets has to be about your brain, brand and business.

  • Entrepreneur, your either raising the bar of excellence or your exhaling at the bar which is expensive.

  • Entrepreneur, if you're going to start up, make sure you start up with excellence in mind

  • Entrepreneur, if your going to start up, make sure you start up with excellence in mind.

  • The only day you should never write and achieve your goals is when the day ends with the letter y.

  • A new week means new goals. New goals means new success. No goals mean no success and no success means a wasted week.

  • Leadership isn't about age but rather, leadership is about influence, impact & inspiration.

  • If your looking to write a book, your creativity, originality and simplicity is what will distinguish you.

  • A goal is not just an object on a pitch; it is also a milestone on your journey of excellence.

  • Do you know great minds enjoy excellence, average minds love mediocrity and small minds adore comfort zones?

  • Be determined to be determined.

  • Entrepreneurship isn't about luck, it's about vision, time management, creativity, determination and goals.

  • Get excellence or live average.

  • Entrepreneur, make today count but don't let the day count you. ~ Onyi Anyado.

  • Entrepreneur, become so disciplined that even your distractions become focused.

  • Serving my generation with excellence will mean my generation can in turn lead with excellence.

  • A visionary is a leader of excellence who sees what others do not see, who achieves for now and plans for the future, who positively impacts different generations and raises up other visionaries.

  • Do you know invisible determination and effort will always accomplish visible distinction and excellence?

  • The worst kind of poverty is the poverty of vision.

  • Your comfort zone is not that comfortable.

  • Do what you love and love what you do, with excellence.

  • A person who values their goals actually values their achievements.

  • What the average call excellent, the excellent call average.

  • A person who doesn't have a structured way of writing their goals will experience disorder, even in the comfort zone.

  • How you react when your back is against the wall will determine if you see what's actually over the wall.

  • Leadership is bringing people into new realms of excellence and challenging them to become distinguished in their chosen field.

  • You have to be so disciplined that even your distractions become focused.