Octavia Spencer quotes:

  • Meeting Oprah Winfrey, I cried like a baby. Meeting Steven Spielberg, I cried like a baby. Meeting Denzel Washington, I gushed like a crazy woman. If I don't get excited or star struck by someone I've been dying to meet, it's time to retire.

  • You cannot live to please everyone else. You have to edify, educate and fulfill your own dreams and destiny, and hope that whatever your art is that you're putting out there, if it's received, great, I respect you for receiving it. If it's not received, great, I respect you for not.

  • I just think that you have to believe in yourself and you have to work very hard. You can't ever think that you're the best thing since sliced bread because I promise you, there are going to be Viola Davises and Jessica Chastains and Emma Stones who are the best thing since sliced bread. So take it seriously, but don't take it too seriously.

  • Christian Louboutin, I love you, but honey, please! But when you have this much weight, you've got to give us a little platform. Sorry! The shoes are stunning though. An ounce of pain, it's worth it.

  • I'm not an optimist. I'm a realist. And my reality is that we live in a multifaceted, multicultural world. And maybe once we stop labeling ourselves, then maybe everyone else will.

  • I think that young women and little girls need to see that they don't have to be the damsel in distress. They don't have to not show their strength. They don't have to be whatever the stereotype is or the tropes that we go to in our minds.

  • I was not a Girl Scout, but I try to be very prepared. I triple-Spanx!

  • What surprised me about the Oscars was how familiar it was - because you're in the room with all these people that have inspired you from your childhood to adulthood in the film industry. It feels like you've known them all of your life.

  • As you make your way along life's tumultuous highways, it's important to note that you should always carry a map, have plenty of fuel in the tank, and take frequent rest stops.

  • As we women know, there are so many other hurdles that we have to cross that I would love it if we could stop having the race conversation so that we can get women further on. You know, a female president now that we have an African American president. Maybe we can get an Asian female, a gay person?

  • You have to create your own path and I'm up to the challenge.

  • I'm a woman who eventually will get married and have kids - adopted at this point - but I see myself with a family and less time to commit to wanting to be a lead character.

  • Civil rights happened because youth got involved. The youth stood up and helped to break the pattern that their parents had got accustomed to living. The next generation has to take that stand for whatever it is, socially, that they are involved in.

  • I'm not a fan of 'Gone With the Wind.' I didn't like the movie. I didn't like the book.

  • Weight issues, race issues will always be there and if you allow them to get to you and you allow them to affect you then yes they affect you. But my thing is I have so many other things to worry about I can't worry about other people's perception of me.

  • I think if I weren't so squeamish, I would have been some sort of forensic analyst. And I can't do anything with a microscope, because then I start thinking about the world of germs around us.

  • I'm probably the most militant person you'll ever meet and I speak my mind without provocation sometimes.

  • I'll say that I don't think you can throw a stone and not come in contact with someone who knows someone or has problems with substance abuse.

  • The reality is that there are so few roles out there for women and for women of color, and I'm a character actor, this I know. And I'm getting to see more of the roles that are out there, but there aren't many. And zilch have been studio movies. Zilch.

  • One thing I've learned is be comfortable in your skin, and more importantly, be comfortable in your shoes.

  • We as women have a voice and we are decision makers in what film to see. We always support our boyfriends and husbands by going to see the male dominated films, but we don't compel them to see films with female casts.

  • The fact that women are very young in obtaining their civil rights and African-Americans are young in obtaining their civil rights, I think it's about time that we extend that to all Americans, whether straight, gay, purple, green, black, brown.

  • I don't have one role that I want to play. I guess... I want to be a producer. I want to be an activist. I want to be proactive in bringing about work for men, women, boys, girls, everybody who is good at what they do and deserve a shot at it.

  • The way to bring about change is to be proactive and active.

  • I can only be the best version of myself and understand that the only way that we as a people can heal is to understand that the next person's journey may not be your own, but it doesn't mean that you have to marginalize them in any way.

  • What I love about Tadashi is that he isn't a designer that designs only for a double-zero. He designs for double-Ds, you know? Women of all shapes and sizes can wear him.

  • To be silent is to be passive.

  • I have an affinity for the law. I like looking at the small type on contracts, and if I could have afforded law school, I probably would have gone.

  • You know, bigotry isn't relevant to just the South. It never was. But I'm very grateful that I don't know what it's like from experience.

  • I hope that in some way that I can be some sort of beacon of hope, especially because I am not the typical Hollywood beauty.

  • I'm an Oscar nominee. I love saying that. Whatever happens, I'm going to sing that 'I'm an Oscar nominee' part.

  • You just keep moving forward and doing what you do, and hope that it resonates with people. And if it doesn't, you just keep moving on until you find a project that does.

  • I think it's actually a misperception that I am a comedic actress. I do more drama than comedy but very little of it has been seen. When you are in big funny movies and they do well and your little part in it kind of explodes people perceive you as a comedian.

  • I can only live in my truth.

  • Let's just say that I have a tendency if I am uncomfortable in a situation to speak my mind.

  • I want to see more women as producers.

  • I prefer doing interviews where people don't have to interpret what you say. I'm going to be real honest.

  • I gotta go home and feed my eels. They're not electric, but I have a plan.

  • Everything happens when it's supposed to.

  • I like a person who knows how to say something dark at a very dark moment. The darker the moment and the darker the comic, the better. Something that is so wrong on all levels.

  • I was always a closet lover of acting. My mom was very practical. She never, ever restricted our dreams, always told us we could do or be anything. Then I said, Maybe I want to be an actor. And she said, Maybe not that.

  • I'm glad that I get to take my final walk as the princess of 2012. ...there's nothing wrong with winning an Oscar!

  • I want to see more women behind the scenes.

  • I'm attracted to things that make me want to be a better person.

  • I'm not trying to be a different weight. I want to be a different body type so that I'm not an apple. I just want to be a pear!

  • I don't think that moms, with all that's going on in our society today, would want to put their kids in front of something that will be disheartening rather than uplifting.

  • People who are overweight face discrimination. African-Americans face discrimination. Women face discrimination and sexism. So I don't have the luxury of not being tolerant of anyone.

  • The first time I saw E.T., the actual image of an alien, and he was so sweet-looking. I wanted him. I wanted E.T.

  • I do believe that we're all God's children.

  • I do believe that everyone has something to contribute.

  • Any upward movement is movement for us all.

  • What's not fair is having the responsibility of a supervisor but not the title or the pay.

  • I can't speak for what other artists should do. I can only tell you how I live.

  • You have to get out of your comfort zone in order to grow.

  • I want to find things that challenge me.

  • I'm excited that I get to do what I love, and I'm benefiting through projects that speak to me.

  • I choose projects that resonate with me on some personal level and projects that I'm afraid to do. If I'm afraid to do them, then I usually say yes, because it means that I'm not ready to go there and deal with certain aspects of the script.

  • The things that scare you only make you better and stronger.

  • Unfortunately, there's a lack of roles for women of color, so you actually have to be the engineer creating some of those roles.

  • As an actor, you don't become Meryl Streep by doing the same type of comedy. You get there by being challenged.

  • If you go through life and you don't find the beauty in an unexpected place, then you really have a sad existence.

  • Every character I get to play has some element of who I am, but there's no fun in playing yourself. At least, for me, there isn't.

  • At 21, you can live life with reckless abandon, as reckless as your abandon is. Then, at 30, there's something there are the supposed to be's. You're like, "I'm supposed to be doing this. I'm supposed to be doing that." You start measuring your life by what you think you're supposed to be doing. Having recently turned 40, it's like, "What the hell?! Why am I worried about what I'm supposed to be doing? What do I want to do?" You become fine with wherever the road takes you.

  • There are moments where you stop living, if you stop changing, and if you stop seeking growth of some sort.

  • You never write a speech in advance because if you don't get to use it, you'll be heartbroken.

  • I'm starstruck everyday. The day I'm not starstruck, I'll have to retire.

  • I was starstruck and sweat a lot when I met Oprah Winfrey and tried to hug her. Because when you think you know people when you see them from your couch.

  • I didn't realize that diets don't work, and I did not want to diet. I didn't want to do anything that required dieting.

  • I'm an actor and I am looking for roles where I can continue to evolve, and things that are challenging. I gravitate to the roles, not necessarily television or film. It's just the fact that, for me, the most interesting roles have been in television.

  • The one thing that I realize - well, not the one thing, but it was a big thing - having in my head that I need to get healthier. It's been a very gradual process for me.