Niki Lauda quotes:

  • Vienna is the gate to Eastern Europe.

  • I employ 20 people in Vienna. The other 130 coworkers are pilots and flight companions. The Overhead is limited with me. Reduces naturally the costs of my fliers.

  • Airlines go in the long run at the competition to reason. For the passenger the competition is good, because each competitor tries to undercut the other one.

  • Jean Todt's system will never succeed, not even with Michael Schumacher

  • In Germany air became generally accepted Berlin in this area. It operated with 45 airplanes within the Low Cost range from Germany, and is one the most successful carriers in Europe.

  • A lot of people criticize Formula 1 as an unnecessary risk. But what would life be like if we only did what is necessary?

  • We now fly with an airbus, which has 210 seats, six times the week to Palma to the spider of the air Berlin.

  • Running an airline is a normal job. Racing is more.

  • The crucial point is always the own cost structure. Therefore I created a Low Cost alliance with air Berlin.

  • The alliance with air Berlin is attractive for me. I can use the whole sales network of the air Berlin and 24 percent of my own airline at air Berlin sold.

  • I am someone who places great value on the detail. That was always the case, even in my days as a racing driver.

  • Taking your first title is much more complicated and more difficult; it takes years of work - from go-kart to Formula One. The second comes more easily, because you've already got the experience.

  • This aircraft tops everything. All the others look old as compared to this one.

  • Business is much less transparent than a win in a Grand Prix; in a race you drive over the finishing line first and you have won. In business it is different.

  • Giving up is something a Lauda doesn't do.

  • Grey zones do not interest me at all.

  • I always want to know whether the customers are satisfied; customer satisfaction is, after all, my ultimate goal!

  • I want to bring passengers on my airplanes to present to them my product.

  • The guest gets at least as much service with us as with some established airline, if not even more. And at by far a favourable price. Thus the passengers remain gladly with us.

  • A race isn't won until it's over.

  • Don't talk too much, be focused on the goal and achieve it.

  • From success, you learn absolutely nothing. From failure and setbacks conclusions can be drawn. That goes for your private life as well as your career.

  • I always go extreme ways.

  • I maintain that the maxim is still to be faster than the others.

  • I see myself as a classic middle market entrepreneur, and this is the role I fulfil.

  • I see myself as the mind of the business which takes care of every last detail; if you do not do this you cannot be fast enough.

  • I've been through a lot and I realise the future can't be controlled. I'm not worried. You can always learn to overcome difficulties.

  • My experience enables me to select the very best pilots in the market.

  • Really, you should always discuss the defeats because you can learn much more from failure than from success.

  • Sebastian [ Vettel] can also learn to be more laid-back. It's never too late to learn. He's got some way to go. He's young and will turn out well. I'm not worried about that. He'll raise the bar ever higher.

  • The air travel industry moves into a new phase every five to six years.

  • The less you talk, the more time you have for the essential things.

  • To be honest, it is boring to talk about winning.

  • Ultimately, an aircraft owner does not want to have to deal with all the intricate details which are necessary for the business.

  • When you have something in black and white, you can deal with it quicker.

  • Whenever I see something that challenges me, I take it on.

  • Whenever there is discussion, I make it clear that I do not want any grey zones, just black and white.

  • You appreciate that it is very easy to die and you have to arrange your life to cope with that reality.

  • You must always aim for further growth.

  • You must always be faster and better than the others.

  • Happiness is an enemy. It weakens you. Suddenly, you have something to lose.