Mireille Enos quotes:

  • My mother is French, my father is Texan.

  • When I was little, I used to work with my dad on the engine of his car. Mostly this was a matter of me handing him wrenches.

  • I haven't been offered a lot of comedy. In theater, I've done quite a bit of comedy or dramas that included a lot of funny stuff. But in my TV work, those aren't the roles that I've been offered.

  • It's kind of part of human nature to want to know the truth or want to be in on the secret. For stories that focus in on that - like whodunits - it's easy to get drawn into.

  • A lot of cop shows, because they have the restraints of having a new case every episode, the victims often become these kind of nameless, faceless plot points, and as an audience we don't feel anything for those people.

  • When I was doing theater for all those years in New York, I did a lot of classical theater, wearing big corsets and big dresses and doing dialects. It's interesting that once I moved to TV, I'm playing these scrappy, contemporary toughies.

  • I ended my Twitter account a week after I got on the show. I felt like, "This is not a good tool for me to keep my narcissism at bay," so I cut it off.

  • I'd lean more toward werewolves. Wolves are cool.

  • I don't know how people chew gum all day long.

  • I can't worry about whether roles will be there for me when I'm older.

  • I think zombies are the great analogy for all of our fears about all of the scary things that happen on our planet, and the potential for scariness on our planet. Being chased by anyone or anything can be scary. It is just a big, fun analogy.

  • I was sitting in a caf in London with my husband and baby daughter when my phone rang with the news! I feel so incredibly lucky and honored to be nominated, and so grateful to be part of the family that is The Killing.

  • I personally love a cliffhanger - I think it just extends the pleasure of viewing.

  • I grew up in Houston, in a pretty urbane setting.

  • I think that's what makes David Ayer really interesting. He likes to make a tough-y movie, but actually he's a character director. He's fascinated by the actual people who decide to have these jobs and the way it affects their lives.

  • If you're going to marry someone, maybe you can be mad for a few weeks and it can still work out.

  • It's very nice to be in a show where your vanity is completely out of the picture.

  • I know as an actor there is a certain liberation auditioning for a role that has no beauty requirements.

  • Crime shows are really popular, in general, but usually, at the end of every episode, you have to let go of the people that you've invested in and then, the next week, get somebody else.

  • When actors are the real deal, all that star whatever goes right out the window and you're there to tell a story.

  • I'm really lucky to be married to a perfect person.

  • AMC has a track record for finding actors who have been working actors but not names yet and casting them.

  • At the beginning of my TV and movie stuff, I would be really critical of myself, but I've gotten better and better. There's always little things that I think, "Oh, that could have been whatever," but most of the time I'm able to let go and watch like an audience member.

  • Every role that you play comes with its own set of challenges.

  • I don't watch television because I have a tiny baby daughter. I'm useless.

  • I like laughter around me.

  • I'm a black belt in tae kwon do.

  • I'm really grateful for how my career has unfolded.

  • My dad is this very sensible guy who never let me feel that anything was beyond my station.

  • People say to me, 'Oh, being a mother must make you a better actor,' and I think, 'Well, I never sleep, I have very little time to think about anything except when I'm actually there.' I wonder whether that makes me a better actor. I think it must on some level.

  • Something that I believe is that you're as sick as your secrets. The more open you're able to be, the more you're able to share even the most uncomfortable aspects of yourself, the healthier you'll be.

  • The truth is I quite like to dress in jeans and a woolly jumper.

  • The way that being on the job works on your adrenaline highs and the crashes that come after the adrenaline highs. It really takes over your life.

  • Yeah, you can explore a lot more. Every one of the storylines is multi-faceted, so there are so many directions that it can go. It makes each episode so interesting.

  • You get used to falling in love with people and having to let them go.

  • Zombies are the new vampires.