Kevin Nealon quotes:

  • I loved working on 'Happy Gilmore' because I love to travel to new places and we got to go to British Columbia. Any Adam Sandler film is fun to work on because it is a reunion of the boys club of guys that have worked together in the past.

  • The Outer Limits was one of those shows I grew up watching - that and The Twilight Zone.

  • Breaking News: Winds so strong in NYC The Statue of Liberty's gown just blew off!

  • What happened was, I always wanted to be a singer/songwriter kind of guy like a James Taylor or Crosby, Stills and Nash type of thing; I went to a lot of coffee houses and used to watch all those guys, but I never had the nerve to get up and do it because singing seems so personal and intimate to me. It was too revealing.

  • Every homeless puppy and kitten was born to parents who weren't spayed or neutered. I'm proud to support PETA's work to prevent animal homelessness.

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm, is not so much about Hollywood. It's more about Larry's weaknesses.

  • I think the education system is great just the way it is. There's kids in my neighborhood in Los Angeles, seven years old, that can already speak fluent Spanish.

  • If people can't deal with their problems, they numb themselves a little bit.

  • I remember the first date I ever went out on. It was in high school. Her name was Marguerite. She was kind of a heavyset girl... I took her out on one date. We went out for dinner and a movie and a dinner.

  • I have a wandering eye and a lazy eye so they cancel each other out. It's a push.

  • A whole generation of people that didn't know me from 'SNL' recognize me from 'Weeds' now. People recognize me once in a while and appreciate the work. It gets a little embarrassing but it's good. If you work as an accountant, you don't have people coming up to you in the streets saying, 'Hey, great job on tax statements!'

  • Basically, I'm a people pleaser who has a knack for disappointing.

  • Never wear a red t-shirt to Target. I enjoy helping people, but not every two minutes.

  • I learned how to draw from being bored in school. I would doodle on the margins of my paper.

  • I have a severe addiction to 'Angry Birds.' I always tell myself, 'One more game...' But then there's always another and another and another.

  • I'd been doing some light-beer commercials for Budweiser and Coors, and I was doing stand-up comedy. I wanted to get into the acting world, and my agent sent me on audition and they liked it.

  • I became a vegetarian after I became aware of factory farming and slaughterhouses and the torture and inhumane handling of all these animals.

  • I do have a place in my heart for animal shelters because the job they have is impossible - so many animals that need to euthanized because don't have homes for them.

  • I think people really appreciate clever commercials, as do I. I think they're very entertaining. You just have to wade through all the garbage. That's one of the reasons people watch the Super Bowl. A lot of them watch it to see the commercials and not the actual game.

  • When you discover that you are going to have a child, it stirs up memories of your own childhood.

  • When I would see my friends with their kids, I was envious that you can use children to get out of just about anything. If you don't feel like going to a dinner party, you could say, 'My kid's sick. I can't make it.' Who's gonna argue with you?

  • A lot of baby boomers are baby bongers.

  • "Bruce" was an Eddie Murphy film, so there was a whole different vibe, working on that film, as opposed to working on a [Adam] Sandler film, which I'd done a few of. First of all, there were tons of kids running around. I'm surprised I ever had a kid after doing that film.

  • Marriage is great. It'll calm you down - that and neutering.

  • I grew up watching stand-ups and thought it was so entertaining and unique - you didn't see that as a job description anywhere.

  • I'm Kevin Nealon, and that's news to me.

  • I see the love in my child's eyes when he sees me, and I know it's gigantic. As an older person, I've been in love before, and I've loved, but this is really an immense, out-of-control-proportion amount of love that you can't even describe.

  • I was born in St. Louis; I lived there for three weeks and then my father graduated from St. Louis University, so we all got in the car and split. I don't really remember much. I grew up in Connecticut most of my life and then four years in Germany. My father worked for a helicopter company, so we went over there.

  • When I began doing stand-up, it took me a long time to get an hour's worth of material together.

  • I'm on a strict running program. I started yesterday. I've only missed one day so far.

  • If you want a transcript of tonight's program, get a pen and write down everything I said.

  • When I was very young, I didn't really write my own material. I just memorized other peoples' jokes. Established comics, like Stanley Myron Handelman and people like that. And then, for every comic, you develop your own style after a while.

  • Saturday Night Live was a show that I never thought I would be on, because I didn't do sketch comedy and I didn't do impressions. I was a stand-up.

  • I enjoyed living in New York City, I liked the premise of the show [ Saturday Night Live], I liked working with a different host every week and different musicians. I always thought, "This is great. I never expected to get this in the first place, so I'm just happy being here."

  • Any time you do an Adam Sandler film, it's kind of like a boys' club, because you're hanging out and there are guitars around, and basketballs and footballs and electric bikes and scooters and different people dropping by.

  • There's so many vegetarian foods now that are available at the market . The same with drive-throughs. Now, a lot of them serve veggie burgers just like the restaurants are doing. So, it's really very easy.

  • Don't play dead with a vulture. That's exactly what they want.

  • I really like to read when I'm eating - 'The New York Times' or the 'Wall Street Journal,' paper version.

  • I really enjoyed working on the 2009 film, 'Aliens in the Attic,' because it was shot in New Zealand and I got to visit there for the first time.

  • Workers insist that they are not disgruntled. They are very gruntled.

  • A special validates you as a stand-up by documenting your material.

  • I am whelmed, and not overly whelmed, just whelmed about a lot of facets in life - just how fragile life is and the different challenges you have in life, phobias about things.

  • When I first began doing TV pilots, my expectations were high. I didn't understand that world. So when 'Weeds' took off, I was so happy. Especially as I was just a guest star in the pilot. But once it got picked up, they made me a regular cast member.

  • Standup really is a young man's game, a single young man's game. Even when I was younger, when I wasn't single, it was hard to be on the road because you go through relationships because your girlfriend kinda got tired of you being gone.

  • As you get older, subconsciously you start thinking about mortality and protecting your offspring. It opens up a whole new avenue of life experiences.

  • A novel is too much of a commitment. I tend to peruse Twitter - I check to see if I had any mentions and read the latest messages.

  • As a comedian, you're kind of like a blues musician; you have to live a little bit.

  • As an actor, you're always reading scripts looking for something good.

  • I don't mind seeing two guys kissing, you know, as long as they're clean-shaven.

  • I don't smoke pot or cigarettes, so inhaling smoke as a non-smoker - it doesn't matter what it is, it's going to make you lightheaded.

  • I learned how to draw from being bored in school. I would doodle on the margins of my paper

  • I like to stuff myself at Thanksgiving, not turkeys.

  • I never really got into marketing. I went to school for it, but never pursued it once I got out. Instead, I went to Europe for about two months, just traveling around in youth hostels and Eurail trains with my friends.

  • I played a security guard, and I think it was in the State Department. This was my first acting role, really, and I remember rehearsing it on the couch with my girlfriend at the time. I had a real problem with saying the word "incendiary." Most of my rehearsal was spent on pronouncing the word "incendiary."

  • I think I sent out some résumés for marketing jobs, and they all came back in the mail because I didn't have enough postage.

  • I think Little Nicky was a divergence from the films Adam Sandler was used to doing, and he was taking a risk. I admire him for doing that.

  • I tried to read the Bible, I did, but it always felt like a much less awesome Lord of the Rings.

  • I was never really an impressionist. If there was somebody within my range, maybe I could work on it and do a little exaggeration of them - which I think is really the way to do an impression.

  • I went to school for marketing and advertising, so I have a special interest in good and funny commercials and why they work and why they're funny - which is one of the reasons I, like many people, like watching the Super Bowl, besides the game.

  • I'm probably more of a stand-up comedian than an actor.

  • It is a great rush to come up with a joke that gets a good response from the audience. It's gold!

  • It seems like all the sitcoms on now, the families are kind of dysfunctional.

  • It's kind of fun when you're playing characters that aren't quite on the up and up and people still like you.

  • It's tough getting older. You start falling apart, you know? My gums are starting to recede now. You can't tell tonight, though, 'cause I comb them forward.

  • I've noticed a surge when I go out somewhere, or if I'm doing stand-up.

  • Me and Conan O'Brien and Robert Smigel and Dana Carvey wrote a script called 'Hans and Franz: The Girlyman Dilemma,' and it was going to be co-produced with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he was going to co-star in it. We had a deal with Sony, we got paid to write it, and it was a musical, but it never got made because...I think Arnold kind of backed out at the last minute because he was getting cold feet because ;The Last Action Hero' had come out, where he was parodying himself. But it was a really funny script, and I wish it could've seen the light, because I think it would've done really well.

  • Roxanne came along in '86, when I was doing a lot of stand-up. I auditioned for the movie, and of course I was a huge Steve Martin fan, so I really hoped I would get this part. I don't think there was any part in particular that I auditioned for. I just went in and talked with them. There were so many parts in there, and so many comedians ended up getting in that movie, playing different firemen and townspeople.

  • The ethical argument regarding abortion hinges on the question of when life begins. Some believe life begins at forty.

  • The funny thing about commercials to me is that many of them now don't even mention the product until the very end. You don't really know what the commercial is all about. They're kind of like little movies, like shorts, and that's why I think they're so entertaining.

  • The good thing about Weeds now is, I get to play some dramatic parts in that as well.

  • The hardest thing about moving to California from Connecticut was just missing my family. If I went back, it would be just because I was homesick.

  • They say that moving is one of the most stressful things in life. Death in the family is the second most stressful, and moving your dead spouse is the third.

  • When a show has been on for so long, you lose fans, you gain fans. I remember this from 'Saturday Night Live.'

  • You don't have to swim faster than the shark, just faster than the person you're with.

  • I play a lot of sports. I'm not real good at any of them. I'm above adequate.

  • It is unconscionable for children in our prosperous country, or anywhere for that matter, to go without food. I implore everyone to contact their local and state representatives to encourage action to end hunger.