Kevin Bacon quotes:

  • Part of being a man is learning to take responsibility for your successes and for your failures. You can't go blaming others or being jealous. Seeing somebody else's success as your failure is a cancerous way to live.

  • I really believe that all of us have a lot of darkness in our souls. Anger, rage, fear, sadness. I don't think that's only reserved for people who have horrible upbringings. I think it really exists and is part of the human condition. I think in the course of your life you figure out ways to deal with that.

  • The business that people do in LA on the social level is amazing. You go to a restaurant, bump into this guy or that guy. The next day you get a call, and they want you in their movie.

  • I've made three studio albums and one live one with my brother. It's melodic singer-songwriter acoustic-rock music.

  • As I was coming up on the stage, there was one source that could make or break you, the New York Times. Inevitably there would be one actor singled out for a better review, or worse, than somebody else. The effect of that was cancerous, divisive.

  • Gary Oldman is impossible to steal a movie from. He's such a great actor, he's off the hook. I love him.

  • If you look at films about becoming a man, coming-of-age movies are made with 12-, 16-, 40-, 50-year-olds... For a guy to feel like hes a 100 percent grown-up is almost like giving up. Like admitting that youre on your way into the grave.

  • Critics can be your most important friend. I don't read criticism of my stuff only because when it's bad, it's rough-and when it's good, it's not good enough.

  • A good director creates an environment, which gives the actor the encouragement to fly.

  • My family survived losing money to Bernie Madoff incredibly well compared to others.

  • There are two things that create opportunities. One is being involved with something that makes money, and the other is winning awards. And the reason that winning the awards creates the opportunities is because it gives the people who are selling the picture the opportunity to make more money.

  • I'm obsessed with zombies. I like watching zombie movies and I read zombie books.

  • My dad was an architect, and he wasn't a rich guy, but in our little world in Philadelphia, he was famous. He loved to see his picture in the paper. I wanted to be more famous than him.

  • Fame is very much a double-edged sword.

  • There are two types of actors: those who say they don't want to be famous, and those who are liars.

  • I'm a vagabond. I have a suitcase that is ready to go at a moment's notice. The thought of being in one place for a long time, or playing one character for a long time, is terrifying for me.

  • I think of being an actor as kind of a young man's gig. It's emasculating, in a way, people messing with you and putting make-up on you and telling you when to wake up and when to go to sleep, holding your hand to cross the street. I can do it up to a certain point, and then I start to feel like a puppet.

  • If you're an actor, even a successful one, you're still waiting for the phone to ring.

  • Any idiot can get laid when they're famous. That's easy. It's getting laid when you're not famous that takes some talent.

  • I think one of the most pervasive evils in this world is greed and acquiring money for money's sake. Once you have six houses and a plane, it's just about a number. It's never been anything I understood.

  • There is a lesson there about greed and it is a lesson I am willing to learn as well. Has it made me a distrustful person? I don't think so. But we probably look a bit more carefully at our financial situation now.

  • I'm very comfortable being married to an extremely strong, opinionated, and driven woman. But I also sit at the head of the table. I have both of those sides to me.

  • I've been in silly movies and romantic movies and historic movies.

  • Here's the thing - I mean, I don't act for statues. I really don't. The great thing about winning an award is that it creates opportunities.

  • Everybody's got bills to pay. Sometimes you see people just go straight for the money, and that's disappointing.

  • I just let the work speak for itself. An actor is not afraid to take risks; to put on different hats; to be a good guy, a bad guy, a victim, an abuser. There are all kinds of people in the world, and playing them is what acting is all about.

  • I think of myself more as a workhorse actor. It will be hot and cold and up and down, but no one will kick me out of the business.

  • I'd really like to get the girl, shoot the gun, drive the car, have fun. I even have these kind of action dreams, where I'm the action guy.

  • My kids don't watch my movies. What I want to do is go home and hug my kids, talk to them and engage with them.

  • Any marriage is hard work. But what I always say is, Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty.

  • Before Footloose, the things I'd done weren't cute. In Diner I was an alcoholic.

  • There's the most resistance to an actor singing. It's like I'm being disloyal to my industry.

  • I don't watch the movies I make, so I haven't seen 'Footloose' since it came out. You see this young, hungry actor, it's pretty fun. I was the only one they screen tested. It was an attempt by the director and producer to talk the head of the studio into hiring me because they didn't want me.

  • I don't want to stop acting, but acting in some ways is a young man's game.

  • It's easy to get laid when you're rich and famous. When you're broke and unknown, it takes skill.

  • I'd love to be a pop idol. Of course, my groupies are now between 40 and 50.

  • There's something therapeutic about nudity ... Take away the Gucci or Levi's and we're all the same.

  • When I go home, I try to raise my children with honesty and integrity and teach them to take care of the world and of each other.

  • My brother is the lifelong musician; he made the choice to do that when we were very, very young kids. I remember him playing in bands and listening to the music he was writing in the house - he's nine years older than me.

  • I would say invisibility would be sort of a fun power to have just to see what it was like to move through the world and not be looked at.

  • There's something therapeutic about nudity. Clothing is one of the external things about a character. Take away the Gucci or Levi's and we're all the same. But not when the nanny is around. But I will with my wife and kids.

  • It does get old to have to always be a monkey in a zoo. I don't know what it's like any more to be anonymous.

  • is about using the idea that we are all connected to accomplish something good. It is my hope that Six Degrees will soon be something more than a game or a gimmick. It will also be a force for good, by bringing a social conscience to social networking.

  • Obviousl, my perception of the world is one where humans are a threat to our survival.

  • I always wanted, and still aspire, to be something more than just one thing, just one performance.

  • I do struggle with how much and in which way, as an artist or celebrity, that you voice your political views.

  • There are people who tell you to shut up because you're just a celebrity, but pundits, talking heads, they're every bit the celebrity and a lot of them aren't any more qualified than the average man on the street.

  • Doing the press, it's part of my job, so I do it with a smile on my face, but I'm not comfortable in the hot seat.

  • Music is a soundtrack for your life. You hear some tune and you just get swept right back to that point in your life.

  • I have a natural swagger.

  • If you look at films about becoming a man, coming-of-age movies are made with 12-, 16-, 40-, 50-year-olds... For a guy to feel like he's a 100 percent grown-up is almost like giving up. Like admitting that you're on your way into the grave.

  • I think we all have a lot of darkness in our bellies. As an actor, the challenge of tapping into that, reaching down into that sadness or anger, is very therapeutic.

  • I'm always happier and a better actor when I can really lose myself in a character and become somebody else.

  • Clint Eastwood has always been a hero.

  • There are very few things that are purely conceptual without any hard content.

  • I try to show compassion to people I come into contact with and try to put good out, as much good as I can. But that's my life; that's not my work. With my work, my job is to walk in another man's shoes.

  • When it happened to us and it was all gone overnight, we said, 'We are in this together, we are healthy, our children are healthy and we can work'.

  • I want to see the numbers that prove that show-business marriages are any less successful than other marriages. It's just very public when they fail.

  • A lot of people believe in reading reviews. If I get too focused on some detail of what they've said about me, I'm going to end up shooting myself in the foot.

  • A lot of times, the script is the thing they care about least.

  • After so many years it's embarrassing to admit that I don't honestly know how much I want to be directed.

  • Doing funny scary is something that is rarely good and rarely works, and it's also something that's incredibly hard to market.

  • Even the people that support Bush aren't happy with the way things are going in Iraq.

  • I always watch rushes. They give me a sense of whether I'm going in the right direction. You work hard and hopefully get encouragement from what you see.

  • I did all the dialect work, all my character work completely by myself.

  • I didn't get into this so I could talk about my work, my movies. You become an actor to act.

  • I do better on the first three takes; I won't be better at 20 takes.

  • I don't have to do the lead. If I dig a part, I'll do it.

  • I don't read my own reviews and I haven't for probably 15 years. I read other people's reviews, though.

  • I don't read reviews. I haven't read them for probably 30 years. I can't. When they're bad, they're really rough, and when they're good, they're not good enough. You can always find something to stress over.

  • I don't really worry so much about image. I try to just live my own life, my personal life, to my own sense of morality. In terms of the kinds of characters that I play, well, they could be anything.

  • I feel like my responsibility as an actor is to make characters as compelling and believable as possible.

  • I felt as if I was the brunt of some massive joke at my expense: Can you believe this loser can be connected to Marlon Brando and Katharine Hepburn? But through the years I have learned to tolerate and sometimes embrace the idea. People have asked me if I consider it an honour. Well, all it indicates is that I've been in a lot of movies with a lot of people. And besides that there are plenty of other actors that would work.

  • I like directing. It takes a lot out of you, but I'd like to do it again - I just have to find a story I want to tell.

  • I think everybody reacts to entertainment with a different kind of visceral way, probably mostly based on their own personal experiences. I think everybody reacts to entertainment with a different kind of visceral way, probably mostly based on their own personal experiences.

  • I'd always tried not to worry about the size of the role or the size of the film.

  • If I'm in a situation where someone doesn't recognize me and treats me like everyone else, I'm not used to it.

  • I'll be honest with you. My kids don't watch my movies and never have. I can maybe name a film one hand that they've seen, actually, all the way through.

  • L.A. kind of scares me.

  • Ninety-five percent of celebrity is good.

  • Some people have therapy, some people are alcoholics or they're in AA. Some people jump out of planes on weekends or find ways to release this kind of thing. And for me, it's acting. I find acting very therapeutic for whatever it is.

  • The greatest justice in life is that your vision and looks tend to go simultaneously.

  • The hardest gig there is in entertainment is to be the lead in an hour show, especially if it's a show that's blood and guts and fighting. It's rough. I love to work, but to do something different is really exciting.

  • There are some actor secrets you keep sometimes, and you want to keep.

  • There are two types of actors: those who say they don't want to be famous and those who are liars.

  • They took 3-D digital photographs of my entire body. I had to pose stark naked, assuming a kind of Spider-Man position. After a minute, one of the technicians pointed to my genitals and said, Um, we're not getting enough data there ... It wasn't what you think. It turns out that the fancy digital camera doesn't pick up dark areas too well, and they were having trouble because of the hair down there. I actually had to spray on this highlighter stuff. (On having digital photos taken for the invisible man role in the film Hollow Man)

  • Things could be worse. You remember that, and you go on with your life.

  • When it comes to music, it's my clothes, it's my guitar, it's my voice, it's my song.

  • You have to have something in your life that's more important than the work. People don't really like to admit that. I think that you have to find something else. I don't know what it is. Is it yoga or God or politics? For me it's just family.

  • You have to keep the fights clean and the sex dirty.

  • With a lot of actors, you've got to chip through the surface to see who the real person is.