Janusz Korwin-Mikke quotes:

  • Building of European Commission would be perfect for a brothel.

  • Under Hitler or Stalin a Góral [Tatra-highlander] could choose to produce oscypek [smoked cheese] however he preferred. Nowadays the EU official is watching him.

  • [Women] Inferior? Superior! I am sexist, of course.

  • If every other Jew had a weapon in 1939, there wouldn't be a Holocaust.

  • Currently we breed cowards and snitches. Whored society of sons of whores!

  • I am for joining a free trade zone. The European Union is not such zone, but a zone of raging bureaucracy which stears every hectolitre of wine, and every tone of beef.

  • Fight to preserve these traits of civilization, that made us go forward.

  • Saying you are a patriot is not enough - you have to be one.

  • Socialists try to convince us that the tea becomes sweet not because of sugar, but because of mixing.

  • A monkey is a much better voter than a socialist. Statistically speaking, if we assume that there are two options to choose from: the "A" and the "B" - the monkey is voting randomly, so its wrong 50% of the time. The socialist, however - is always wrong.

  • But please remember, that in 1991 in the Seym [lower chamber of polish parliament] I didn't demand the abolishment of Special Economic Zones. I demanded the creation of a single Special Economic Zone - which would encompass the whole country!

  • Socialism is a monster, which will die.

  • Socialists believe otherwise - a man is not competent enough to make decision should he use seatbelt, should he buy insurance, and the same man is competent enough to elect president and government.

  • If socialism gave more prosperity than capitalism does, I would still prefer capitalism - as it gives more freedom. Luckily, though, I do not have to face this dillema...

  • Socialist is not a human but animal - because human differs from animal in this that he has moral rules, and reds, as their program states they disobey them.

  • Democracy means that if this man,you Miss and I will be trapped on an island, we having a majority of votes will decide that you have to sleep with us. That's the Democracy. And with 2/3 votes we can even put that in the constitution.

  • Whenever socialism appears it destroys at least one thing: diversity. Everything has to be the best, but in reality as we know best things are scarse Let me remind you again, that for the Reds, best things are these things that they consider the best for us, not these that we like!!

  • Whenever socialism appears it destroys at least one thing: diversity. Everything has to be "the best", but in reality as we know best things are scarse.. Let me remind you again, that for the Reds, "best" things are these things that they consider "the best" for us, not these that we like!!

  • For if the car drives in the wrong direction better fuel doesn't help.

  • The world is not ruled by those who have money, but those who have dreams

  • This is not about the aesthetics: there is a rule in a society: "Whoever you deal with, makes you become them", therefore watching the efforts of para-athletes can bring the temporary mobility disorder. If we want humanity to develop, the television should show us people who are healthy, beautiful, strong, honest and wise - not perverts, murderers, weaklings, losers, idiots or invalids.

  • I've had no sexual education, but I have six children.

  • You people are right - I am for equal rights for women. I am for that, female jobs such as feeding husband and children be considered as valuable as male jobs.

  • I support the protection of life from conception to natural death. But a natural death for a murderer is a death on the gallows.

  • A jump from the sixth floor is definitely more harmful than taking heroin, yet we don't forbid building sixth floors.

  • Socialism destroys everywhere one thing - diversity. Everything is supposed to be best, and as we know, best things are always in shortage. I remind once more that for reds "best" is what they consider "best" for us, and not what we like.

  • A scientist who writes for a grant has to write subpar papers - so that the grant giver will understand what the paper is about.

  • When in organism there are cancer cells, they have to be removed, not helped because they're "so young" and "so creative".

  • It is the nature of the pig, that if there's nothing to stop her from stepping into abreuvoir - then it will. Nothing will stop bureaucracy from continuing to serve us "good" and protecting us from "evil" - if we'll let them do that.

  • The purpose of road traffic is speed, not safety.

  • Before I was nine years old, I had been a socialist. When young, everyone is a socialist; later he becomes cleverer.

  • Every fascist state like Germany, France, or modern Poland takes away citizen's right to self-defense. Fascist Americans such as Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton want to take arms away from American society.

  • Nobody is sure of his life, property and health when the parliament deliberates.

  • We are not for making shoes, so the shoemakers can have jobs, but so we can wear the shoes.

  • Fascism is not [only] squads of the SA or the Blackshirts marching on the streets. Fascism is officials, in uniforms ordering what is capitalist supposed to do with "his" factory, and how he should father "his" children and occasionally - how many Jews (or anti-Semites) should be sent to Auschwitz.

  • Prisons are the universities of the opposition.

  • Politicians that proclaim big words without meaning rule in democracy. At best they allow themselves to discover that it's better to be rich and healthy than sick and poor and that it is necessary to care for 'good of Poland" - clap clap, hurricane of clapping.

  • Paleontologists do not have to search for famous "missing link" from which humans supposedly came, and current great apes. This link is simply the socialist - because he has both monkey genes.

  • I suspect in Lenin's works there's everything, if you search well.