Ehab Atalla quotes:

  • Realize that your life situation will never line up perfectly for you to start a business.

  • You have to change your environment to serve your purpose.

  • Forget perfect. Be quick. Quickness kills.

  • Life is based on leverage. The more you know how to leverage life, the more successful you will become.

  • See the big picture and details of everything in your life (zoom out, then zoom in).

  • Always have a backup plan in case you fail. Prepare for another business.

  • Business is the school of life. Success in business requires success in living.

  • If you see something working for someone else, and you are in the same business, more than likely it will work for you.

  • Believing business is easy boosts your self-confidence.

  • There is always something better to do with your time and business. Always look for the next step for growth in your career.

  • The simplest way to learn business is to study your competition and improve what they are offering.

  • The art the wealthy use in business is to jump.

  • Quickness means you are hustling.

  • Common sense is a skill to learn, and it is the foundation of all good business.

  • To leverage means to create a win-win situation.

  • If I grow a business to its capacity, I will sell it the next day.

  • To be a great business person, you must be a great observer.

  • The connection between you and any business is knowledge.

  • Business is a basketball game. The more tricks you know, the more points you score.

  • The problem is not the problem. The problem is how you think about the problem.

  • More important than your skills is picking the right business.

  • The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is their perceptions of reality.

  • You can get into any business by leveraging joint ventures.

  • To be very wealthy, you have to program yourself as a machine with targets to reach.

  • Wealth comes from multiple incomes. Always think of growth and new businesses to create new income streams.

  • I pride myself in being a deep thinker, and I want you to be one too.

  • Know your margins; then focus on growing the business.

  • There is no problem you can't take absolute advantage of.

  • You must be an artist and an actor.

  • Be a smart learner. Learn from your mistakes and adjust your behavior accordingly.

  • If you want to be in business, your friends need to be in business too.

  • Opportunities are everywhere. The question is who is going to take advantage of them.

  • The most important thing to leverage is people. Their talents and connections will take you to great heights.

  • Without business skills, your passion or hobby will not translate into money in your pocket.

  • You have to be clever in how you make money and save it, and clever in how you enjoy your life.

  • Just start. A small business can take you to the level of empire.

  • A business person is all about solving problems.

  • You have to be consistent and persistent and never give up.

  • The more businesses you have, the less work you do.

  • An entrepreneur is like a musician creating a new song.

  • Think big from the beginning.

  • Create your own fears; choose to fear living an average life.

  • Anyone can be a businessman; never give up.

  • Delaying is the most dangerous thing you can do in business.