David Cottrell quotes:

  • If each Monday morning, you make a choice to move into the new work week with renewed commitment and passion, you can change all areas of your life. You can truly change your Mondays and change your life.

  • Success is ultimately realized by people who make more good choices and recover quickly from their bad choices. Our personal and professional success depends on repeating good choices, day in and day out, and avoiding repetition of bad choices.

  • Whether you realize it or not, you have the power to be successful.

  • The most important thing you do as a leader is to hire the right people.

  • You are the chief bucket filler, and the best way to fill buckets is with excellent communication.

  • Bucket filling is in the eye of the bucket holder, not the bucket filler. Fill their buckets with things that are important to them ... not you.

  • Leadership can't be claimed like luggage at the airport. Leadership can't be inherited, even though you may inherit a leadership position. And leadership can't be given as a gift - even if you've been blessed with an abundance of leadership skills to share with someone else. Leadership must be earned by mastering a defined set of skills and by working with others to achieve common goals.

  • If expecting something in return is your reason for giving, you are really not giving- you're swapping. If you receive something in return for your gift, what you receive is a bonus - not a repayment of a debt.

  • To become a courageous leader, you must realize that accepting responsibility is not optional - it's mandatory.

  • There is no 'grand conspiracy' preventing your from accomplishing what you need to do.

  • Press on. Your defining moment may arrive just when you feel surrounded by adversity.

  • One of the major sources of stress, anxiety, and unhappiness comes from feeling as if your life is out of control.

  • Enthusiasm is something you can't fake, and it has a tremendous effect on everyone around you.

  • Guard your integrity as if it's your most precious leadership possession, because that is what it is.

  • Don't stifle your career by limiting you knowledge.

  • Positively dealing with the unexpected by looking for solutions, not excuses, is the choice you need to make.

  • Don't be so busy making a living that you forget how to live. Work hard to be successful, but enjoy the journey.

  • When you write things down, you commit to doing them. If you simply tell me what you want to do, there is really no commitment to getting it done.

  • To fulfill you potential, you need to move out of your comfort zone and into the legacy zone.

  • Change allows us to exit the comfortable and enter the improved.

  • Our comfort zones can be our greatest enemy to our potential.

  • When you accepted your job, you were not chosen solely to fill a position on the organization chart; you were chosen to fill a responsibility.

  • Successful people keep moving, even when they are discouraged and have made mistakes.

  • Doing the right thing isn't always easy - in fact, sometimes it's real hard - but just remember that doing the right thing is always right.

  • The worst type of employee you can have is one who has mentally quit and is still physically coming to work every day.

  • The single greatest demotivator of a team is having members who are not carrying their load.

  • Your team has entrusted a portion of their life to you, and it's your job to help them grow, personally and professionally.

  • If you want to be around people who are positive and enthusiastic and eager to live life, your attitude has to be the same.

  • The success of any change depends, in large measure, on your attitude about that change.

  • What you see in the interview will not get significantly better when the individual is hired.

  • Never lower your standards just to fill a position. You will pay for it later.

  • Leaders who have integrity possess one of the most respected virtues in all of life.

  • Frequently, the difference between success and failure is the resolve to stick to your plan long enough to win.

  • Coaching sets the pace to get the best out of others while giving the best of yourself.

  • Even though your responsibilities increase when you become a manager, you lose some of the rights or freedoms you may have enjoyed in the past.

  • Everything you do matters because your team is watching ... and depending on you to do the right thing.

  • The truth is that problems won't just go away.

  • It is rare for people to say they want to be held accountable, but in reality, everyone wants everyone else to be held accountable.

  • Your job is not to lower the bottom by adjusting for and accommodating the lowest-performing employees. You should be raising the top by recognizing and rewarding superstar behavior.

  • When it comes to leading people, there is no problem that is unique to you.

  • You have to escape from management land and get in touch with your people.

  • We all need people who will help us look at situations from a different perspective.

  • Give away everything you have learned. If for no other reason, do it selfishly; in order to get more, you must give more.

  • There is a direct correlation between the books you read and the success you achieve.

  • "To coach" comes from the root meaning "to bring a person from where they are to where they want to be."

  • So much of life is about attitude and how we handle what life throws our way. Life is good - even when a situation appears to be the worst.

  • Every successful person has faced, attacked, and conquered adversity somewhere along the way.

  • You will never have enough time to do everything you need to do, so what you need is a crystal clear understanding of the important things you have to do.

  • A real leader spends his time fixing the problem instead of finding who to blame.

  • Trusted counselors, mentors and guides make an indelible mark on the lives they touch, and they provide the two ingredients to success in life--caring and sharing--that cannot be learned or purchased.

  • I have found success is ultimately realized by people who make more right choices . . . and recover quickly from their bad choices.

  • When you depend on another's perceptions to match your expectations, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

  • People quit people before they quit companies.

  • For you to be successful and provide your employees with the necessary tools for success, you and your boss must work together - no matter what.

  • Take the time and energy to manage your boss the same way you manage your team.

  • If your focus is always changing, expect confusion to be rampant on your team.

  • If you want to make better use of your time, you need to be looking for the small increments of time ... a minute here, five minutes there, etc.

  • There are a few things that you can do that will yield better results than doing a whole lot of other things.

  • Until you accept total responsibility - no matter what - you won't be able to put plans in place to accomplish your goals.

  • You can help determine your team's enthusiasm for the change by focusing on the entrance of potential while you are working through the exit of the past.

  • One of the main things for a leader is to eliminate confusion.