Cynthia Lewis quotes:

  • Believing in the Tooth Fairy is easier than trying to figure out how else the money gets under your pillow.

  • If you want to see a shooting star, you might have to spend a lot of nights looking up.

  • Whiners usually play alone.

  • It's more fun to color outside the lines.

  • They'll remember you if you're the best reader in class-or if you throw up at lunch.

  • Nobody notices it when your zipper is up, but everyone notices when it's down.

  • As soon as you understand 2 x 4 you can't believe there was a time when you didn't understand it.

  • If you want to zoom down the expert slope tomorrow, you have to fall down the bunny slope today.

  • It doesn't count if your swing is going the highest if you're getting pushed.

  • Ten minutes is short if it's a recess and long if it's a punishment.

  • It's easier to see the mistake on someone else's paper.

  • Nobody can pedal the bike for you.

  • Getting lost teaches you how to read a map.

  • You don't get to decide your part in the school play, but you do get to decide whether or not you play it well.

  • Don't expect a stranger to wipe your nose.

  • Hitting the kid with the ball might get you the ball, but it won't get you anyone to throw it to.

  • Flowers and pricker bushes grow out of the same dust.

  • If you wait until you're really sure, you'll never take off the training wheels.

  • Every piece of the puzzle that doesn't fit gets you closer to the answer.

  • If you keep missing, get closer to the basket.

  • It feels a lot colder when you're shoveling snow than when you're building a snow fort.

  • It's easier to knock on a door that's not shut all the way.

  • It's easier to throw sticks on the campfire than to try to restart it when it goes out.

  • A tiny hole can empty a great big bucket.

  • One thing you can't pretend to be is funny.

  • Don't say "The last one there is a rotten egg": unless you're absolutely sure there's a slow kid behind you.

  • Every time you swim out to the rock, it gets a little closer.

  • Before you trade sandwiches, check between the bread.

  • If you want pancakes for breakfast, offer to help make them.

  • You'll have a lot more respect for a bird after you try making a nest.

  • You can either keep peddling, get off the bike or fall over.

  • You can teach an old dog new tricks with the right kind of doggie treats.

  • Crawling still gets you there.

  • Shortcuts aren't always.

  • The longer the test the better you feel when it's over.

  • The path you're on looks different when you turn around.

  • Even babies like to grab for things just beyond their reach.

  • If the horse you're drawing looks more like a dog, make it a dog.

  • It's not enough to be able to spell "magnificence" in your bedroom. You have to be able to spell it at the microphone during the spelling bee.

  • Sometimes it's smart to be scared.

  • The teacher can always tell when you did your homework on the bus.

  • Look at the footprints you've made.