Aunt Betsy Trotwood Quotes in David Copperfield (1935)


Aunt Betsy Trotwood Quotes:

  • David Copperfield as a child: But why must I go away, Aunt Betsey? I want to stay with you, and Mr. Dick.

    Aunt Betsy Trotwood: But you have to be educated, David, and take your place in the world. There isn't a finer school in Canterbury than Dr. Strong's. You must make us proud, David. Never be mean in anything. Never be false. Never be cruel. Avoid these three vices, and I can always be hopeful of you.

  • Aunt Betsy Trotwood: Janet! Donkeys!

  • Aunt Betsy Trotwood: Now that there's a child coming, what will you call your girl?

    Mrs. Clara Copperfield: Perhaps it will be a boy.

    Aunt Betsy Trotwood: Don't contradict. I have a pre-sentiment that it will be a girl. And I shall be her godmother. She shall be christened Betsy Trotwood Copperfield. She must be well brought up, I shall see to that. Far better than my impractical nephew would have done.

    Mrs. Clara Copperfield: Mr. Copperfield has been dead only six months. It is cruel of you to speak unkindly of him to me.

  • Mr. Micawber: [entering the room] Miss Trotwood, Mr. Copperfield, and Mr. Dick.

    Uriah Heep: Well, this is an unexpected pleasure, Miss Trotwood.

    [chuckles nervously]

    Uriah Heep: There have been some changes in the office since I was an humble clerk, but I'm not changed, Miss Trotwood.

    Aunt Betsy Trotwood: I think you're pretty constant to the promise of your youth, if that's any satisfaction to you.

    Uriah Heep: Oh, thank you for your good opinion.

    David - the Man: No good opinion is wasted on you, Uriah Heep.

    Uriah Heep: Still seeking a quarrel, Master Copperfield?

    David - the Man: I'm seeking more than that.

  • Uriah Heep: [runs to the wall safe, opens it] The books! The books are gone! Who stole the books?

    Mr. Micawber: I did, when you gave me the keys this morning as usual.

    David - the Man: Don't be uneasy, they're in my possession now. I'll take care of them.

    Uriah Heep: Oh, so you receive stolen goods now, do you?

    David - the Man: In these circumstances, yes.

    Uriah Heep: Hmm, what do you want done?

    David - the Man: I'll tell you what must be done; Mr. Wickfield, please.

    David - the Man: First, the deed of partnership must be given over to me now, here.

    Uriah Heep: Supposing I haven't got it.

    Aunt Betsy Trotwood: But you have, therefore we won't suppose that.

    [Heep hands the deeds to David]

    David - the Man: Then you must return the bonds you've taken and all the money you've appropriated to the last penny. All the partnership books and papers must remain in our possession.

    Uriah Heep: Must they? I don't know about that. I must have time to think about it.

    David - the Man: Certainly, in the meantime, you may wish to repose in Maidstone Jail.

    [tursn to Mr. Dick]

    David - the Man: Mr. Dick, will you go around and get a couple of officers?

    Mr. Dick: With the greatest pleasure.

    Uriah Heep: No no, don't let's be hasty, don't let's be hasty.

    [turns to David]

    Uriah Heep: Master Copperfield, we've lost our tempers perhaps, and no need of that. I'm a very humble person, Master Copperfield, I've no wish to rise above my place.

    [Heep unlocks the desk drawer, Copperfield takes the bonds from Heep's hands]

    David - the Man: The keys.

    [Mr. Micawber takes the keys from Heep]

    Uriah Heep: Is that all, Master Copperfield?

    David - the Man: Yes.

    Uriah Heep: Then I humbly beg to wish you all a very good day.

    [David returns the papers to Mr. Wickfield as Uriah Heep leaves the room]

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