Aunt Bea Quotes in Revelation Road: The Black Rider (2014)


Aunt Bea Quotes:

  • Aunt Bea: Why are you still here? Didn't you hear him call?

    Sofia: Who?

    Aunt Bea: Jesus.

    Sofia: I don't think so. I don't know.

    Aunt Bea: You don't know? Well, you better start listenin'. It's almost time.

    Sofia: Whadda you mean? Time for what?

    Aunt Bea: Why, the end.

  • Aunt Bea: [to a passing construction worker who has grabbed her behind] You Homo sapien scum!

    Richard P. Applegate: Excuse me?

    Aunt Bea: Nah, nothing nothing, it's just uh, some asshole tried to rape me.

  • Aunt Bea: If he cares enough, he'll find me.

  • Kit Preston: Don't ever change.

    Aunt Bea: I try not to, but the bills at the beauty parlor get bigger every year.

  • Aunt Bea: [telegram] Weather beastly and so is my host.

  • Aunt Bea: I was once in Dublin for the horse show, and I got a call at the Sheldon Room from a man who wanted to dress me in black underwear. Personally, mind you! It was the most *stimulating* minute-and-a-half I spent in Ireland!

  • Tony Preston: [opening door] Oh, it's you, Bea.

    Aunt Bea: It usually is when I've been invited.

  • Aunt Bea: 'Swan Lake' makes me terribly thirsty.

    Charles Manning: Must have something to do with those long necks.

  • Inspector Byrnes: Now, Mrs. Covent. Do you recollect exactly what your niece said to you on the phone?

    Aunt Bea: Yes. She said, "Aunt Bea, help me, help me."

    Inspector Byrnes: And what did you assume she meant, Mrs. Covent?

    Aunt Bea: That she needed help, Inspector!

  • Aunt Bea: Thank heavens there are no tigers in London.

  • Aunt Bea: Ah, the jungle of finance. Men must work, and women must weep!

  • Aunt Bea: [speaking to Tony about Kit] She's being tormented by a sadistic fiend!

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