Aubrey Quotes in Pitch Perfect (2012)


Aubrey Quotes:

  • Aubrey: What's your name?

    Fat Amy: Fat Amy.

    Aubrey: You call yourself Fat Amy?

    Fat Amy: Yeah, so twig bitches like you don't do it behind my back.

  • Aubrey: The Trebles don't respect us, and if we let them penetrate us, we are giving them our power.

    Fat Amy: Not a good enough reason to use the word 'penetrate.'

  • Aubrey: What are you doing?

    Fat Amy: Horizontal running.

  • [Their bus starts to sputter and slow]

    Aubrey: What the hell?

    Fat Amy: It's pretty cool, actually... I think we're just running out of gas.

    Aubrey: No, that can't be! You just filled the tank!

    Fat Amy: Yeah, I did! And yet, maybe I didn't, because I got hit by flying Mexican food.

    [the bus sputters to a stop]

    Fat Amy: And we're out.

    Aubrey: A-ca-scuse me?

    Fat Amy: A-ca-believe it!

  • Fat Amy: [out of breath from learning choreography] I should have taken that cardio tip more seriously.

    Aubrey: How much have you done?

    Fat Amy: You just saw it.

  • Aubrey: We will practice, and I trust you will add your own cardio.

    Beca: Why cardio?

    Fat Amy: Yeah, no don't put me down for cardio

  • Aubrey: Hands in, a-ca-bitches!

  • [Part of the Bella oath]

    Aubrey: And I solemnly promise to never have sexual relations with a Treblemaker, or may my vocal cords be ripped out by wolves.

  • Aubrey: As you can see, Kori is not here. Last night, she was Treble-boned. She has been disinvited from the Bellas.

    Beca: That oath was serious?

    Aubrey: Dixie Chicks serious!

  • Aubrey: Chloe, could you please get your head out of your ass? It's not a hat!

    Fat Amy: A-ca-awkward...

  • Fat Amy: I can sing, but I'm also good at modern dance, olden dance, and mermaid dancing which is a little different. You usually start on the ground.

    Aubrey: Ooh.

    Fat Amy: It's a lot of floor work.

    Aubrey: I see that.

  • Aubrey: I can see your toner through those jeans!

    Beca: That's my dick!

  • Fat Amy: That's actually a good idea. I have Bumper's number.

    Aubrey: Why do you have Bumper's number?

    Fat Amy: Ummmm... uhhhhhh... ummmmmm...

  • Chloe: So, are you interested?

    Beca: Sorry, it's just... it's pretty lame.

    Aubrey: A-ca-scuse me? Synchronized lady dancing to a Mariah Carey chart-topper is not lame!

    Chloe: We sing all over the world, and we compete in national championships!

    Beca: On purpose?

    Aubrey: We played the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, you bitch!

  • Aubrey: This time I'm not gonna choke it down!

    Stacie: Been there before...

  • Aubrey: We shall begin by drinking the blood of the sisters that came before you.

    Beca: Dude, no.

    Chloe: Don't worry, it's Boone's Farm.

  • Aubrey: I know you have a toner for Jesse.

    Beca: A what?

    Aubrey: A toner. A musical boner. I saw it on Hood Night. It's distracting.

    Beca: Yeah, that's not a thing, and you're not the boss of me. So...

  • Aubrey: I won't disappoint you. My dad always says, if you're not here to win, get the hell out of Kuwait!

  • Aubrey: Fat Amy?

    Fat Amy: Yes, sir.

  • Aubrey: Chloe, your voice didn't sound Aguilerian at all!

  • Aubrey: I'm sorry, but I am my father's daughter, and he always says 'if at first you don't succeed'...

    [tears up]

    Aubrey: 'pack your bags'.

  • Aubrey: A-ca-huddle, now!

  • Aubrey: Oh, we don't have ladders. Ladders represent a social hierarchy that's counterproductive to what we're trying to do here.

  • Aubrey: Welcome to the Lodge of Fallen Leaves, where Fortune 500 companies send their employees to build teamwork skills.

    Beca: You run this whole place?

    Aubrey: You know, I realized that I had a knack for barking orders and bending people's wills, so I made a career out of it.

  • Aubrey: [cries] Oh my god, what is happening to us?

    Erin: You know what's going on?

    Paul: I don't know.

    Felix: Do you see anyone?

    Paul: I don't see anyone. Do you see anyone?

    Erin: No.

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