Athos Quotes in The Three Musketeers (2011)


Athos Quotes:

  • Queen: Four against 40? Or was it 400?

    Athos: Just 40, Your Majesty... it was an off day.

  • Richelieu: Well-played. I could use men like you.

    [Richelieu holds out his hand; Aramis takes it to kiss it, then stops]

    Aramis: Ehh... I already have a job.

    Athos: I'm a drunk.

    Porthos: I'm independently wealthy.

    D'Artagnan: Thanks, but no.

    Richelieu: The day will come when you'll wish you had said "yes".

    D'Artagnan: Maybe. But not today.

  • D'Artagnan: What? Do you think you have the monopoly on loss? What if she dies? The life of one woman or the future of France? What would you do if you were in my position?

    Athos: I've made a lot of sacrifices. Made a lot of hard choices. For honor, for King, for country. Do you know what I 've learned, boy? Hard choices and sacrifices do not keep you warm at night. And life is too damn short and too damn long to go through without someone at your side. Don't end up like me. Choose the woman. Fight for love, D'Artagnan. France will take care of itself.

  • Athos: What is Porthos doing?

    Aramis: Walking into the barn naked, or so it would seem.

    Athos: But what is he doing?

    Aramis: About to hang himself, I suppose; he's been threatening to do it for months.

    Athos: Hang himself?

  • [the Four Musketeers and Phillipe are trapped by riflemen at the other end of the hallway]

    Aramis: D'Artagnan... They're young Musketeers. They've been weaned on our legends. They revere us. It is an advantage.

    Porthos: Yes. Why don't we charge them?

    D'Artagnan: I trained these men. They will fight to the death. But if we must die - if WE must die - let it be like this.

    [He draws his sword and points it at the floor. Aramis, Porthos, and Athos, join their swords with his]

    Athos: One for all. All for one.

  • Athos: Is that just because you are holier than everybody else?

    Aramis: Well, there is that, but also because I'm more intelligent than everybody else.

  • Porthos: [he puts the rope around his neck and prepares to jump] Farewell cruel world... farewell to useless Porthos.


    Athos: [Aramis and Athos are watching the building from the outside] What was that?

    Aramis: It's all right; I sawed the beam.

    [the building promptly collapses, and Athos stares at Aramis in disbelief]

    Aramis: Well, I'm a genius, not an engineer!

  • Athos: [to Phillipe] Once I, once all of us, believed in serving something greater than ourselves. Aramis had his faith, Porthos his lust for life, D'Artagnan his devotion and I had Raoul. But we all had a common dream. That one day we would finally be able to serve a king who was worthy of the throne. It is what we dreamt, what we bled for, and what we have waited a lifetime to see. I taught Raoul to believe in that dream, and now my son is dead. And now I want to know if my son's life was in vain, and the only person who can answer that is you.

  • Porthos: [the Musketeers have just broken into the Bastille to free Philippe] It worked!

    Athos: Of course; it's a prison. There's no trouble getting in, the problems will come when we want to get out.

  • [Athos and Aramis hear Porthos scream]

    Athos: What happened?

    Porthos: Kidney stones. It hurts when I piss. It hurts when I shit. I'm just a fat old fart with nothing to live for anymore. I'm going to hang myself, as soon as I'm sober.

  • Athos: No, wait. With a king it is so.

    [meaning the way Philippe is holding the goblet]

    Athos: [he shows him, pinching the goblet between thumb and forefinger]

    Athos: Servants have touched the goblet of the King, therefor he will touch it as little as possible. Again.

    [Phillippe tries it and the goblet slips from his fingers, crashing onto his plate and spilling onto everything]

    Phillippe: I am sorry!

    Athos: No. No! Do not be sorry! There are no mistakes when you are the King! You must never apologize. The King cares for nothing and for no one.

    Phillippe: Is that the kind of king you wish me to be? Or do you say this to me because your son is dead?

    [Athos is silent, he shoves back from the table and turns away]

    Phillippe: Forgive me, I would never mean to disrespect...

    Athos: I am not... I am not angry with you. Do you understand? Good. Of course we wish you to be a good king. But first you must pass as Louis, and Louis is cold and cruel. The eyes of this King say that he cares for nothing at all but himself. You eyes ask too much. You shouldn't care about... about me... you shouldn't care...

    [his voice breaks]

    Athos: You mustn't ask about my son...

    [he leaves the room, weeping]

  • Athos: D'Artagnan, I have never known a finer man than you nor cared more for a friend, but if this king harms my son merely to take a lover, then this king will become my enemy. And so will any man who stands between that enemy and me.

  • Athos: I belong to the past, when uniforms were black and grown men wore them.

  • Athos: What is Porthos doing?

    Aramis: Walking into the barn naked, or so it would seem.

  • Athos: The next time we meet, one of us will die!

  • Athos: You have the heart of a king.

  • Athos: You came to restrain me?

    D'Artagnan: I came to give you hope.

  • Athos: It has everything to do with it. The king is a dog. A dog and a coward.

  • Athos: What gives you the right to judge me, to play God with the lives of others? Is it because you're so much holier than everyone else?

    Aramis: Well yes, there is that. But also because I'm more intelligent than anybody else.

  • Athos: You're the traitor.

  • Athos: You want me to do the impossible and you want me to do it alone?

  • Athos: Is that just because you are holier than everybody else?

    Aramis: Well, there is that, but also because I'm more intelegent than everybody else.

  • [the three musketeers and D'Artagnan are escaping from the Cardinal's men in his own coach]

    Porthos: Champagne?

    Athos: We're in the middle of a chase, Porthos.

    Porthos: You're right - something red.

  • [five Cardinal's guards ride up as Athos and D'Artagnan prepare to duel]

    Athos: Only a fool would try and arrest us twice in one day.

    Jussac: You're under arrest.

    AramisPorthos: A fool.

    Jussac: Are you coming peacefully or do you intend to resist?

    Porthos: Oh don't be so stupid, of course we intend to resist! Just give us a moment, all right?

    [to his comrades:]

    Porthos: Five of them, three of us. Hardly seems fair.

    Aramis: Maybe we should give them a chance to surrender.

    D'Artagnan: Excuse me, but there's four of us.

    Athos: It's not your fight. You're not a Musketeer.

    D'Artagnan: I may not wear the tunic, but I believe I have the heart of a Musketeer.

    Porthos: Warrior!

    Aramis: Poet!

    Athos: You got a name, boy?

    D'Artagnan: D'Artagnan.

    Athos: Athos, Porthos, Aramis.

    Porthos: Pleased to meet you again.

    Aramis: Pleasure.

    Porthos: Everyone acquainted?

    [the four whirl around and unsheathe their swords]

    Porthos: NOW, we are prepared to resist you!

  • [last lines]

    D'Artagnan: So what do we do now? What's next?

    Porthos: Well, we protect the King.

    Aramis: Protect the Queen.

    Porthos: In the name of God. And France, correct?

    Aramis: France indeed.

    [Girard and his brothers have caught up with D'Artagnan. At the other end of the street they draw swords]

    Girard: D'Artagnan! My sister's honor will not wait a moment longer.

    D'Artagnan: I'll handle this.

    Porthos: D'Artganan, we also protect each other.

    D'Artagnan: All for one.

    PorthosAramisAthos: And one for all.

    [Girard's eyes widen]

    Girard: RUN!

    [Girard and co are pursued by all the musketeers]

  • [During a chase, in the Cardinal's own coach]

    Porthos: For a chase, the Cardinal recommends his excellent '24 Cabernet.

    Porthos: [to D'Artagnan] You can't have any, you're too young.

    Athos: Take the reins, boy.

  • Porthos: How's your head D'Artagnan?

    D'Artagnan: I'm beginning to wish the Cardinal *had* chopped it off. Will you stop whistling please?

    Porthos: I'm not whistling.

    D'Artagnan: Well somebody's whistling.

    Porthos: Barmaid's kiss left him dizzy.

    Aramis: I hear it too. Sounds like a...

    Athos: Cannon ball!

    Porthos: Oh I *hate* cannon balls.

  • [Aramis is unconscious after being shot at by the Cardinal, Porthos is trying to revive him]

    Athos: Is he dead?

    [Porthos moves the crucifix round Aramis' neck and Aramis regains consciousness violently]

    Athos: Gently! Gently!

    Aramis: [groans and looks at the crucifix which stopped the bullet] See? There is a God.

  • Athos: Your manners have not improved yet. You're late.

    D'Artagnan: You in a hurry to die?

    Athos: [Porthos and Aramis arrive] Here come the grave diggers now.

    Porthos: Athos, you cannot fight this boy.

    Athos: Why not?

    Porthos: I'm fighting him.

    D'Artagnan: Not until 1 o'clock.

    Aramis: I have a duel with him too.

    D'Artagnan: Not until 2 o'clock.

  • Porthos: You, boy, are arrogant, hot tempered and entirely too bold. I like that. Reminds me of me.

    Aramis: Don't encourage him. By helping us the boy has made himself an outlaw as well.

    Athos: Not if he leaves Paris right now.

    D'Artagnan: I can't leave now, I just got here.

    Porthos: Go home. Find a wench, raise fat babies, live a good long life.

    D'Artagnan: What about the motto of the Musketeers? All for one and one for all.

    Athos: Wake up boy. The Musketeers are just a dream.

  • D'Artagnan: Athos, why don't you come join us?

    Athos: You fight like a man. See if you can drink like one.

    D'Artagnan: I'll drink anything you put in front of me.

    Athos: Famous last words... What should we drink to?

    D'Artagnan: Let's drink to love.

    Athos: [Snorts] To love. Let me tell you a story about love, D'Artagnan. I knew a young man once, a Count, who feared he would never fall in love. One day, he met a woman. This woman was more than beautiful. She was intoxicating, mysterious, everything he'd ever dreamed of. He felt his heart would burst if he couldn't have her.

    D'Artagnan: What happened?

    Athos: The poor idiot married her.

    D'Artagnan: Isn't that what people do when they fall in love?

    Athos: Shut up and listen to me. They were riding through the forest one day. She was thrown from her horse and knocked unconscious. When he rushed to her side, he noticed a mark on her body... something he'd never seen before, something she'd managed to keep hidden all this time.

    D'Artagnan: What was it?

    Athos: The brand of the fleur-de-lis, the mark given to those who are to be executed for murder. The Count was crushed. The woman he loved, his bride, had betrayed him. She'd lied to him. When she came to, she swore that she'd been falsely accused of these crimes, but he didn't believe her; he rejected her for her lies and for her past. Then he banished her from his province. When the guards came to take her away to be executed, she... she was still professing her undying love. Soon after, the Count realized how much she had meant to him, but it was too late. His betrayal was far greater than hers could ever have been. He gave up his title, his land, everything he believed in, never to be seen or heard from again, all because of love.

  • [five Cardinal's Guards arrive in an inn, two patrols of their comrades are either bound and gagged or unconscious]

    Jussac: What is this?

    Athos: We are having a private party celebrating the demise of the Musketeers. Go away.

    Aramis: Athos. Is that any way to greet our guests? Gentlemen, don't be shy, come in. Your friends have been expecting you.

    Jussac: You are under arrest.

    Athos: Under whose authority?

    Rochefort: Mine.

    Aramis: Ah. Hello again, Cyclops.

  • Athos: [after Porthos arrives and helps him fight off the Cardinals Guards] Where have you been?

    Porthos: Taking care of something ugly.

  • D'Artagnan: Is this Musketeer headquarters?

    Athos: No, this was Musketeer headquarters.

    D'Artagnan: Oh, you mean it's been moved.

    Athos: No, I mean the Musketeers have been disbanded. They no longer exist. Feel free to poke around for souvenirs if you wish.

    D'Artagnan: But I just got here. How am I supposed to become a Musketeer if they've been disbanded?

    Athos: I'd say you've got quite a problem.

    D'Artagnan: [Grabbing Athos' arm] You're not being very helpful.

    Athos: You need a lesson in manners, boy.

    D'Artagnan: Anytime.

    Athos: Why don't you meet me outside the city by the ruins, let's say noon?

    D'Artagnan: I'll be there.

  • [after a fight with the Cardinal's guards]

    D'Artagnan: What's he doing?

    Athos: Last rites. Aramis takes death very seriously.

    D'Artagnan: Is he a priest?

    Athos: He used to be one of the Cardinal's students.

  • Athos: Richelieu!

    Cardinal Richelieu: You're too late, Musketeers! By now the Duke of Buckingham's signature is next to mine! The alliance is complete!

    Athos: That would be difficult, considering the treaty never left France!


    Cardinal Richelieu: A minor problem!

  • Athos: Sabine! I thought you were dead.

    Milady: Cardinal Richelieu took pity on me.

    Athos: You're the spy?

    Milady: I have learned the value of lies. They have kept me alive.

    Athos: [pointing a pistol at her] The treaty. Give it to me.

    Milady: No.

    Athos: I will shoot!

    Milady: Be kind. Aim for my heart.

  • Athos: You go back and you tell the Cardinal we will continue to perform our sworn duty, which is to protect the King, and we will use every means within our power to fight him.

    Rochefort: Bold words. I look forward to ramming them down your throat.

  • [the musketeers are being fired upon]

    Athos: We'll split up... D'Artagnan rides with me.

    Aramis: See you in Calais!

    Athos: Or Hell!

  • Athos: [Milady is about to be executed] No! Sabine, forgive me! Please

    Milady: I do forgive you.


    Milady: The Cardinal intends to asassinate the King. On Friday, at his birthday celebration.

    [she stands, backs away, and jumps from the cliff to her death]

    Armand de Winter: God's justice be done.

  • Athos: You fight like a man, let's see if you can drink like one too.

    D'Artagnan: I can drink anything you put in front of me.

    Athos: Famous last words.

  • Athos: [the musketeers break into the main hall] I hope we're not interrupting!

    Rochefort: [Rochefort draws his sword] No, on the contrary. You're right on time!

    [the duel begins]

  • D'Artagnan: The Cardinal! We have to hurry!

    Porthos: You two have a date?

    D'Artagnan: No, it's the Cardinal! He's conspiring against the King!

    Aramis: Tell us something we don't know.

    D'Artagnan: He sent a messenger with a secret treaty to a man named Buckingham.

    Porthos: The Duke of Buckingham?

    D'Artagnan: Do you know him?

    Aramis: He rules England the way the Cardinal rules France.

    D'Artagnan: There's a ship called the Persephone. It's waiting in Calais to take the messenger to England. It sails Tuesday, midnight.

    Porthos: If we get that treaty, we can prove the Cardinal guilty of treason.

    Aramis: Calais is over 200 leagues from here.

    Athos: Is the Cardinal aware of the fact that you have this information?

    D'Artagnan: Yes.

  • Aramis: The treaty outlines the Cardinal's plans to forge an alliance with Buckingham.

    Porthos: No mention of the King?

    Aramis: None. However, the arrangement is contingent upon a demonstration of the Cardinal's power.

    D'Artagnan: Demonstration? What kind of demonstration?

    Aramis: I don't know.

    Athos: I know someone who does.

  • Athos: The King's life is in danger. We have work to do.

  • Athos: You will find, young man, that the future looks rosiest through the bottom of a glass.

  • Porthos: [to Athos, who is about to duel D'Artagnan] Are you fighting this, er, fellow? But I'm meeting him meself.

    D'Artagnan: But not till one o'clock, sir.

    Aramis: Oh, no no no. I'm to fight him this afternoon.

    D'Artagnan: At two o'clock, sir.

    Athos: How long have you been in Paris?

    D'Artagnan: Since eight o'clock this morning.

    Athos: You waste little time, sir.

    D'Artagnan: My father recommended that I fight duels.

    Athos: [laughs] Well! Let us hope you can do him some credit, hm?

  • Duke of Buckingham: [the Musketeers have unwittingly rescued the Duke of Buckingham from Richilieu's men] I could have managed on my own, but my thanks to you gentlemen anyway.

    [quickly exits]

    Porthos: [looks after him, then to Athos] Who was that?

    Athos: I don't know, but he sounded a touch foreign to me. Didn't he?

  • Athos: I fight just as well with my left hand. If you find that this places you at a disadvantage, I do apologize.

  • Jussac: We have a duty to suppress disorder and arrest brawlers. Put up your swords and come along with us.

    Athos: Impossible.

    Porthos: Unthinkable.

    Aramis: Unlikely.

  • Athos: [to d'Artagnan referring to the purse Porthos took from a member of the Cardinal's Guard] The Musketeers' motto, young man, is "All for One and One for All", which loosely translated means ten for him, ten for him, ten for you and ten for me.

  • Cook: We need more bread. Can you get some, please?

    Aramis: Does he mean you or me?

    Athos: Me.

    Aramis: I thought I was the baker.

    Athos: There's blood on your apron. You think that came from a croissant?

  • [the four musketeers are observing the stronghold where Cardinal Richelieu's army is entrenched]

    Athos: We'll take them by surprise!

    D'Artagnan: Yes... they're expecting an army...

    Aramis: Oh! Perhaps we shall not disappoint them!

  • Athos: To die among friends. Can a man ask more? Can the world offer less? Who wants to live 'till the last bottle is empty? It's all-for one, d'Artagnan, and one for all.

  • Jussac: [while dueling] Why don't you use your right hand, Athos?

    Athos: I save my right hand for my drinking.

  • Athos: This is no hour for composing letters or looking happy.

  • Athos: This was my family's chapel, Charlotte. You'll remember we took our vows here. I loved you, Charlotte. I still love you. I love you as I love war and drunkeness. I love you as men love all that is worst for them.

  • D'Artagnan: Well, Athos, in a matter of hours we'll be on the road to Spain with a price on our heads. Will we live to see France again?

    Athos: Will we live to see Spain?

  • Athos: [preparing to duel D'Artagnan with an injured right arm] You'll find the left hand most confusing.

  • Athos: [to D'Artagnan] My friend, my friend. My young country friend, when will you learn about Paris? By now Richelieu, without the slightest question, knows even the color of your underpants.

  • Athos: We can't let this happen and still call ourselves Musketeers.

  • D'Artagnan: [bumping into Athos] Excuse me. I am running after someone.

    Athos: You can find me without running. Do you understand?

    D'Artagnan: Where?

    Athos: Behind the Luxemborg.

    D'Artagnan: When?

    Athos: One o'clock.

  • [after seeing Athos stumble down a flight of stairs]

    D'Artagnan: Athos, are you hurt?

    Athos: Hurt? What I am is drunk.

  • [Richelieu has given D'Artagnan a commission as a lieutenant in the Musketeers]

    D'Artagnan: It is too much! I cannot accept it. Athos, you take it.

    Athos: No, for the Comte de la Fère it is too little; for Athos, too much.

  • Athos: [the Musketeers have captured MiLady] As the Comte de la Fere; with the rights of high, middle and low justice, I accuse this woman of the murder of Constance de Bonacieux. How say you?

    Aramis: Death.

    Porthos: Death.

    D'Artagnan: [Hesitating] Death.

    Athos: Death.

    MiLady DeWinter: No! You have no power of justice over me! D'Artagnan! If you love me; do not let them do this!

    Athos: Make one move to save her, D'Artagnan and we will cross swords; and this time, I swear I will kill you.

  • D'Artagnan: [of Milady] I love her with my head. But my Constance, snatched from my side, I love with my heart.

    Athos: You have a conveniently discriminating anatomy.

  • Athos: Leave now. Leave Paris, leave France. Get as far from that evil woman's grasp as you can.

  • Athos: And you mark this: you kill Buckingham or have him killed, it's no matter to me. He's an Englishman and an enemy. But you touch one hair of D'Artagnan's head and I swear, as God is my judge, I'll break you on the wheel with my own hand.

    MiLady DeWinter: No. Monsieur D'Artagnan has assaulted me, insulted me...

    Athos: [shouts] Since when has it been possible to insult *you*, Madame?

    MiLady DeWinter: And he will die for it.

    Athos: [produces a pistol] Have you ever seen a woman shot in the stomach? You know me, Milady. Give me the papers the Cardinal wrote just now. I'll give you five seconds.

  • Athos: [He has cornered the fleeing Milady after her murder of Constance] You won't need a horse on the journey you're taking, Madame. I warned you, did I not?

  • Athos: [From the St. Rochelle bastion to the attacking rebels] Gentlemen! A moment please! We're having breakfast!

    [He is fired at]

    Athos: Barbarians! Have they no manners?

  • MiLady DeWinter: What do you want of me? There's nothing between us.

    Athos: Thank God! But there might be.

  • Athos: [He is face to face with Milady] The Gascon was right... you're still beautiful.

    [He advances into the light; she recognizes him]

    MiLady DeWinter: The Comte de la Fere!

    Athos: No, Milady. The Comte de la Fere is dead. You killed me years ago... out riding on a summer's day.

    [Her hand strays towards the hidden brand on her left shoulder]

    Athos: It's burned no deeper into you than it is into me.

  • Swiss Officer: Warm work, gentlemen. And where were the Musketeers?

    Aramis: At our prayers, sir, like good Christians!

    Swiss Officer: Ha! By God, sir, so was I! And with good reason. That bastion was buzzing like a beehive.

    Athos: And yet you did not stay for breakfast, sir.

    Swiss Officer: Neither would you.

    Athos: Hmm. Will you bet on that? I'll wager you, better more I will wager you the finest dinner on this camp that my friends and I will have breakfast on that bastion, now.

    Swiss Officer: [laughs] Done. Done! Do you hear that, Spengler? You and I will eat that big dinner alone, I think!

    D'Artagnan: What is it? What's new?

    Porthos: Ah. Our good friends Athos proposes to have us killed for breakfast. Up yonder.

    D'Artagnan: What?

    Athos: Planchet, get me a basket, some bread, and four cold chickens. Ham, some oysters, and eight bottles of wine, now.

    Planchet: Oh fine.

    Porthos: And make the wine champagne.

    Aramis: At breakfast? Oh my dear Porthos.

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