Atahualpa Quotes in The Royal Hunt of the Sun (1969)


Atahualpa Quotes:

  • Atahualpa: I am Atahualpa Capac. Son of the Sun. Son of the Moon. Lord of the Four Quarters. Why you not kneel?

  • Valverde: Tell me, how can the Sun have a child?

    Manco: How could your god have a child, since you say he has no body?

    Valverde: He is a spirit inside us.

    Villac Umu: Your god is inside you? How can this be?

    Atahualpa: They eat him. First he become a biscuit, and then they eat him.

    Villac Umu: We have seen this! At praying, you say, this is the body of our god.

    Atahualpa: And then they drink his blood! Is very bad. Here in my empire, we not eat men.

    Valverde: You are being deliberately stupid!

  • De Nizza: Look around you! Happiness has no feel for men here, since they are forbidden unhappiness. They have everything in common, so they have nothing to give each other. They're part of the seasons, no more. As indistinguishable as mules, as predictable as trees.

    [louder, to Atahualpa]

    De Nizza: All men are born unequal, and want is their birthright! Atahualpa, I will not rest until I have brought you to the true God.

    Atahualpa: NO!


    Atahualpa: Is not true! Where is he?

    [He goes to the window and looks up at the sky]

    Atahualpa: There is my Father. Sun. You see now only by his wish. Look into him; he will darken your eyes forever. Do not speak to me again of your god. He is nowhere.

    [De Nizza leaves, infuriated]

    Francisco Pizarro: M'lord, you shouldn't anger our holy men. You promised me you wouldn't.

    Atahualpa: They are fools.

    Francisco Pizarro: No, they're not fools.

    Atahualpa: You believe them?

    [Pizarro averts his gaze]

    Atahualpa: Look into me.

    [Pizarro looks up]

    Atahualpa: You do not believe them.

    Francisco Pizarro: You shouldn't say that to me...

    Atahualpa: You do not believe them. Their god is not in your face.

  • Atahualpa: They cannot kill me.

    Francisco Pizarro: Cannot?

    Atahualpa: Only my Father can take me from here. And he not accept me killed by men like you. Men with no word. You may be King in this land. But never God. And if you kill me tonight, I will rise at dawn, when my Father first touch my body with light.

    Francisco Pizarro: That's not possible.

    Atahualpa: All my people know it. Is why they let me stay with you.

    Francisco Pizarro: Your people let you stay with me because they knew I could not kill you?

    Atahualpa: So.

  • Atahualpa: Pizarro. You will die soon, and you not believe in your God. Is why you tremble and keep no word. Believe in me. For you, I will do a great thing. I will swallow death and spit it out of me.

  • Atahualpa: INTI! INTI! INTI!

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