Arya Quotes in Eragon (2006)


Arya Quotes:

  • Arya: [pointing to Eragon's reflection] Because that is who Saphira chose.

  • Arya: Tell me your name.

    Eragon: Eragon.

    Arya: Eragon... I'm Arya, princess of Ellesmera. You're the only one who can save me.

    Eragon: But how can I find you?

    Arya: Durza holds me prisoner in Gil'ead.

  • Arya: Legends of Eragon, the great Shadeslayer, spread throughout Alagaesia.

    Eragon: You know how legends go; people will believe anything these days.

  • Arya: Eragon, you shouldn't have come.

  • Arya: Poor Durza, how will he tell the king? You failed.

  • [last lines]

    Arya: Take care of him, Saphira

    Saphira: I will.

  • Arya: Eragon! You shouldn't have come.

    Eragon: But in the woods...

    Arya: Leave me here! Go, now!

    Durza: It's far too late for that.


    Durza: Forgive me if I stare, I knew you were young, but even then I was expecting someone a little more, well, more.

    [Eragon charges at Durza, only to have him disappear and then reappear down the hall. Durza uses magic to make weapons and rocks fly forward to hit Eragon]

    Eragon: Brisingr!

    Durza: A young magician, how quaint.

  • Arya: Too late. It's hatched.

  • Arya: Time moves quickly.

  • Eragon: When will I see you again?

    Arya: Time moves quickly. Just think; yesterday you were a farm boy. Today you are a hero. Tomorrow may see us together again.

    Eragon: Then I'll be waiting for tomorrow.

  • Arya: This system of collection has been in place for years. The money from this system goes all the way up to the seniors and ministers. The nexus is not going to come to an end with just my Uncle's death. The DCP said that only two powers would survive - the politicians and the corporates. But if a policeman doesn't take bribes from any of them, then he won't fear them either.

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