Arlo Quotes in Chill Factor (1999)


Arlo Quotes:

  • Tim Mason: I need your truck.

    Arlo: You're not taking my truck.

    [Mason cocks his gun]

    Arlo: How far you got to go?

  • Arlo: We're heroes, my man. It's time to start acting like it. Quit limping around like that.

    Tim Mason: Excuse me, I got a bullet in my leg.

    Arlo: Always the negative with you.

  • Arlo: You just hijacked me with an unloaded gun?

    Tim Mason: Yeah.

    Arlo: When this is all over, remind me to kick your ass!

  • Arlo: That's a very, very nice walkie-talkie you have there.

  • Tim Mason: Listen, Arlo...

    Arlo: [Vaughn punches Tim] Hey!

    Vaughn: Shut your mouth!

  • Forrest Woodbush: That creature protected you. Why?

    Arlo: I don't know. I'm going home. Do you know how far Clawtooth Mountain is?

    [the red bird tweets to Forrest]

    Arlo: Good idea. We want him.

    Arlo: Wha-Why?

    Forrest Woodbush: 'Cuz it's terrifying out here! He can protect me, like my friends. This is Fury. He protects me from the creatures that crawl in the night. This is Destructor. She protects me from mosquitoes. This is Dream Crusher. He protects me from having unrealistic goals. And this is Debbie.

    [Debbie, the red bird, tweets to Forrest]

    Forrest Woodbush: Yes, we need him.

  • [from trailer]

    Forrest Woodbush: That creature protected you. What is his name?

    Arlo: I don't know.

    Forrest Woodbush: I name him, I keep him. Killer.

    Arlo: Stinky!

    Forrest Woodbush: Violet.

    Arlo: Spike!

    Forrest Woodbush: Lunatic!

    Arlo: Spot!

    [Spot responds to Arlo]

    Arlo: Spot! Come here, Spot, come here!

  • Butch: I got a job for you.

    Arlo: I'm not really good at jobs...

    Butch: I need you to keep on the dodge and sidle up the loblolly, past them horn-heads, just hootin' and hollerin' and score off them rustlers. We'll cut dirt and get the bulge on 'em.

    Arlo: What?

    Ramsey: He just wants you to get on that rock and scream.

    Arlo: Uh... But who's out there?

    Butch: They'll come right at ya. You hold your ground. Don't move.

    Arlo: Don't move? What if they have claws and big teeth?

    Butch: Don't overthink it.

  • [from trailer]

    Arlo: I missed my family.

    Spot: Huh?

    Arlo: You don't understand.

  • [from trailer]

    [Spot bites Arlo's leg, which Arlo scream, fall and grabbed an edge of a cliff to use him as a bridge to cross]

    Arlo: Why, you little!

  • [from trailer]

    Poppa: I think we went far enough today. Let's get you home.

    [a big flood rises and swept Arlo away]

    Poppa: Run, Arlo!

    Arlo: Poppa! Aaaahhh!

  • Larry Flynt: [to his staffers, as they remained silent] What's wrong?

    Arlo: The distributer called and unfortunately we had only a twenty five percent sell through

    Larry Flynt: Someone want to translate that for me?

    Jimmy Flynt: What that means their sending back a hundred fifty thousand copies

    Larry Flynt: [slams the champagne bottle into the cake] SHIT!

  • Arlo: [During a nude photo shoot of Althea] I've got bad news: Georgia prosecutor arrested a few news dealers for selling Hustler Magazine and other retailers are getting nervous so their taking off our magazines off their stands

    Larry Flynt: Fuel the jet and alert the Georgia media that "the Calvary is on the way"

  • Shaun: Hey guys, what's up?

    Chad: Hey, what's up dude? Hey dude, check this out. Last night we're at this party, and little Arlo here,he decides to like confess his undying love to me. Did I tell ya he was a fruitcake or what?

    Arlo: Bro, that's not true. This is the real story dude. Chad crashed at my house right, and I woke up in the night, he wa fondling my...

    Chad: Dude, I lost my keys. I was looking for 'em.

  • Arlo: [talking about the car they take on the trip] This thing doesn't even have air bags.

    Arvilla: Sure it does. Three of them.

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