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Antonio Quotes:

  • Antonio: [suave] And my dream is to one day play video games for a living.

    Margo: [romantically] Wow.


    Margo: You're so complicated.

    Gru: Margo...

    [the tweens look up and, once seeing Gru, Margo gasps in astonisment]

    Gru: [attempts a smile] What is going on here?

    Margo: Oh, Gru. Se llama, Antonio. Me llamo, Margo.

    Gru: Me llamo-llama-ding dong.


    Gru: Who cares? Let's go.

  • [arriving at the Cinco de Mayo party]

    Gru: Okay, let's party! But first, let's go over the rules. Because what is fun without the rules?

    [looks at Agnes, whose arms and mouth are already full of churros]

    Gru: Agnes, easy on the churros.

    [looks at Edith, practicing with her sword]

    Gru: Edith, try not to kill anyone.

    Edith: [salutes] Hai!

    Gru: Margo...?

    [sees she is already cozy with Antonio]

    Antonio: Hello, Mr. Gru.

  • Antonio: There's a mystery in you.

    Queen Christina: Is there not in every human being?

  • Queen Christina: Great love...

    Antonio: Don't you believe in it's possibility?

    Queen Christina: In it's possibility - yes. But not in its existence. A great love, perfect love, is an illusion. It is the golden fable of which we all dream. But in ordinary life it doesn't happen. In ordinary life one must be content with less.

  • Antonio: It's all a question of climate. You can't serenade a woman in a snowstorm. All the graces in the arts of love - the elaborate approches that will make the game of love amusing - can only be practiced in those countries that quiver in the heat in the sun.

  • Antonio: You are very pretty, Elsa. Are you also good?

    Elsa: When I do not like a man, yes.

    Queen Christina: That's a true virtue.

    Antonio: The basis of all morality in a sentence.

  • Antonio: Of course. It has to be. I felt it. I felt it! The presence. Oh, life is so gloriously improbable.

  • Antonio's Companion in Coach: It is still snowing my lord.

    Antonio: Good!

  • Antonio: [Laying on her back at Antonio's feet, by the fireplace, Queen Christina holds a bunch of grapes above her head and slowly lowers them down and takes a bite] They warmed and ripened in the Spanish sun. My haciendas overrun with them. In the season of the grape harvest, the air - smells purple. Purple grapes.

    [Queen Christina kisses the bunch of grapes]

  • Antonio: My country could have no greater tribute than your Majesty's curiosity.

    Queen Christina: In honoring your great men, we elevate ourselves.

  • Magnus: The climate here, my lord, is fit only for those that are used to it. It's not suited to foreigners. I advise you to protect yourself against it. You must be very careful.

    Antonio: Is this - is this a threat, my lord?

    Magnus: It's a warning! A friendly warning.

  • Antonio: Why did you go out of your way to make me look ridiculous? All that idiotic talk of love and beauty. You made my heart beat. You made me dream like a fool and talk like one.

    Queen Christina: I thought you'd understand, when you saw me again, what had happened. That it had been so enchanting to be a woman - not a Queen. Just a woman in a man's arms!

  • Queen Christina: Forgive me for being a Queen.

    Antonio: What do you want of me?

    Queen Christina: What do I want? What? I want back that room in the inn. The snow that fell. The warm fire and the sweet hours. Beloved one.

  • Antonio: I'll introduce you to my boy, Rick in the movie business... he'll get you a job.

  • Antonio: You? You need to become an agent and represent me there. That's what we're hoping for, why I hooked you up with the job, right? He could make so much money off me...

    Nicole: That's such a good idea.

  • Antonio: Read this. Write something bigger... why not just focus on being an agent? My short's almost done. It's intense!

  • Antonio: I didn't mean to fuck your girl.

  • Leonato: By my troth, niece, thou wilt never get thee a husband, if thou be so shrewd of thy tongue.

    Antonio: In faith, she's too curst.

  • Leonato: Canst thou so daff me? Thou hast killed my child! If thou kill'st me, boy, thou shalt kill a man.

    Antonio: He shall kill two of us, and men indeed. But that's no matter, let him kill one first. I'll whip you from your foining fence. Nay, as I am a gentleman, I will.

    Leonato: Brother...

    Antonio: Content yourself. God knows I loved my niece. And she is dead, slandered to death by villains scrambling, outfacing, fashion-monging boys that lie, and cog and flout, deprave and slander...

    Leonato: Brother Antony.

    Antonio: 'Tis no matter. Do not you meddle. Let me deal in this.

    Don Pedro: Gentlemen both, we will not wake your patience. My heart is sorry for your daughter's death, but, on my honor, she was charged with nothing but what was true and very full of proof.

    Leonato: My lord...

    Don Pedro: I will not hear you.

    Leonato: No? Come, brother, away. I will be heard.

    Antonio: And shall, or some of us will smart for it.

    [Both depart]

    Don Pedro: [Benedick approaches] See, here comes the man we went to seek.

    Claudio: Now, signior, what news?

    Benedick: Good day, my lord.

    Don Pedro: Welcome, signior. You are almost come to part almost a fray.

    Claudio: We had like to have our two noses snapped off with two old men without teeth.

    Benedick: Shall I speak a word in your ear?

    [Grabs Claudio and holds against wall]

    Benedick: You are a villain. I jest not. I will make it good how dare you and when you dare. Do me right, or I will protest your cowardice. You have killed a sweet lady, and her death shall fall heavy on you. Fare you well, boy. You know my mind.

    [Releases Claudio and approaches Don Pedro]

    Benedick: My lord, for your many courtesies I thank you. I must discontinue your company. Your brother is fled from Messina. You have among you killed a sweet and innocent lady. For my Lord Lackbeard there, he and I shall meet. Till then peace be with him.


    Don Pedro: He is in earnest.

    Claudio: In most profound earnest.

    Don Pedro: And hath challenged thee.

    Claudio: Most sincerely.

  • Leonato: Are you yet determined to marry with my brother's daughter?

    [Claudio nods]

    Leonato: Call her forth, brother. Here's the friar ready.

    [Four veiled ladies are presented]

    Claudio: Which is the lady I must seize upon?

    Antonio: [Brings forth one lady] This same is she and I do give you her.

    Claudio: Sweet, let me see your face.

    Leonato: No, that you shall not till you take her hand before this friar and swear to marry her.

    Claudio: [Kneels] Give me your hand, before this holy friar. I am your husband if you like of me.

    Hero: [Removes veil]

    Don Pedro: Hero that is dead.

    Leonato: She died, my lord, but whiles her slander lived.

    Hero: And when I lived, I was your other wife. And when you loved you were my other husband. One Hero died defiled, but I do live and surely as I live, I am a maid.

  • Isaac: I'm calling the police. You two have been stealing - from my uncle.

    Manley: No... The girls had nothing to do with it.

    [looks at Antonio]

    Manley: It was Antonio.

    Isaac: Antonio...

    Antonio: Isaac, our plan could still work! It could be our words against theirs. Her fingerprints are still on the safe, man!

    Isaac: I don't know what you're talking about! What plan? I'm calling the police...

  • Antonio: This is not a motel called "Cemetery". This is a cemetery called "Motel".

  • Antonio: I don't remember your name. You know, nobody ever comes here. It's hard to remember them all.

    Jane: Jane.

    Antonio: Ah, Jane! Like my cousin Maria.

  • Antonio: [Balsam's car won't start] Goodbye.

    Detective Martin Balsam: Goodbye.

    Antonio: Goodbye

    Detective Martin Balsam: Goodbye.

    Antonio: Goodbye.

    Detective Martin Balsam: Goodbye.

    Antonio: Goodbye.

    Detective Martin Balsam: Goodbye.

    [Several hours later Balsam's car finally starts]

    Antonio: Goodbye.

    [Balsam drives away]

    Antonio: What a jerk, he left without saying "goodbye"!

  • Antonio: The tension was so thick, and the music so pretentious, they knew they must be getting close...

  • Antonio: "Alone, on a private plane, Agent Joe finally decides" oh no, wait, wait, forget it... sorry, this scene was cut.

  • Antonio: Hasta La Baby Vista... Hasta La... Hasta La...

  • Antonio: I have to go and take a shower, because I smell like Kevin Costner after "Dances with wolves".

  • Antonio: Yes, I'm not a liar. I tell you the trout.

    Detective Martin Balsam: The 'truth', I want the 'truth'.

    Antonio: It's not a problem. Okay.

    [Picks up a stuffed trout from under the front desk]

    Antonio: Here it is, the 'truth'.

  • Antonio: I totally wanna write for USA To-Gay. I'm working on this sample column called Circuit News. It's important news for, you know, circuit people in the crowd.

    Blaine: That's a great idea. Another guide to where you can find cheap, empty, unfulfilled, drug-induced sex.

  • Torquato: Oh... and who is she?

    Antonio: She's a friend of mine.

    Torquato: She's hot. Have you slept with her?

    Antonio: Sleep Torquato, sleep. His lethargic encephalitis causes strong intellectual degradation.

    Torquato: Yeah right. You leave us alone and I'll show you the... the degradation.

  • Gianni Perego: Our generation is really disgusting.

    Antonio: Why?

    Gianni Perego: What? Well, look at Nicola, for example.

    Antonio: What did Nicola do?

    Gianni Perego: Yeah, what did Nicola do? He abandoned his family, his career, and to top it all off he ended scratching out movie reviews signing them "Vice".

    Antonio: Oh, he's vice? Well then, you write for a lot of newspapers.

    Gianni Perego: And all of this for what? For a brighter future.

    Antonio: And so?

    Gianni Perego: The future passed us by without us even realizing it.

    Nicola Palumbo: What? Who says? Throwing away your life means to make the best use of it. Or do you like this one better? Living as you please is cheap because you pay for it with something that doesn't exist: happiness.

  • [subtitled version]

    Antonio: You owe me 6,000 pesetas.

  • Antonio: [in the car, eating an empanada he picked up from some very poor relative's house] What misery! What misery! Do you know what did they have for lunch?

    Sergio: [looking at the empanada Antonio is eating] Empanadas.

    Antonio: Three of them. It broke my heart! Three leftover empanadas from last night's dinner for two people! God, how little you can do to help people!

  • Elvira: [fighting loudly with her husband] ... hey, hey, hey, don't take flight since you're not a kite! And stop yelling at me if you don't want me to go for help to the nun's convent!

    Nora: [standing up, sick of the shouting] Oh, no! no! I'm leaving! I can't no longer cope with this! In my house nobody ever raised his voice, not even to say 'good morning', so, I believe you are all very kind and very lovable, but I'm leaving...

    [to Antonio, her husband]

    Nora: Antonio!

    Antonio: [reading the newspaper, with a bored expression] Nora, what happens now?

    Nora: [leaving the house, followed by everyone else] My nerves aren't made of steel! My problem is not that I'm sensitive, I'm hyper-sensitive!

  • Antonio: We were just wondering if, if it is good to just leave a few things to, to chance?

    Geneticist: We want to give your child the best possible start. Believe me, we have enough imperfection built in already. Your child doesn't need any more additional burdens. Keep in mind, this child is still you. Simply, the best, of you. You could conceive naturally a thousand times and never get such a result.

  • Antonio: [to Vincent] The only way you're going to see the inside of a spaceship is if you were cleaning it.

  • Antonio: In truth, I know not why I am so sad. It wearies me, you say it wearies you. On such a want wit, sadness makes me that I have much ado to know myself.

  • Antonio: These griefs and losses have so bated me, that I shall hardly spare a pound of flesh to-morrow to my bloody creditor. Pray God, Bassanio come to see me pay his debt, and then I care not!

  • Antonio: Hear me yet, good Shylock.

    Shylock: I'll have my bond; speak not against my bond.

  • Antonio: Repent but you that you shall lose your friend, And he repents not that he pays your debt; For if the Jew do cut but deep enough, I'll pay it presently with all my heart.

  • Antonio: Say how I loved you, speak me fair in death; And, when the tale is told, bid her be judge Whether Bassanio had not once a love.

  • Antonio: Stay where you are... I won't leave you!

  • The Priest: San Bartolo, our patron saint, will bless you. It was San Bartolo who stopped the lava and the fire up there with his hands and saved our homes. You will be happy here, won't you? This is your home now.

    Antonio: Grazie a Padre.

    Karin: Good-bye, Father.

  • Karin: I don't care about your barley. Or, your vines! Or, your new terra! I want to leave this island and go away, far away! Like all the others who lived here and were born here and went away, far away!

    Antonio: ...Listen, this is my home! You are my wife! You stay because I want to!

  • Antonio: He is not a man. He is a wolf who becomes human so that he can seduce and murder his victims.

  • Antonio: Why my past is coming back? What does it want from me?

  • Antonio: Bless me, Ultima.

    Ultima: I bless you in the name of all that is good and strong and beautiful.

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