Annika Quotes in Pippi in the South Seas (1970)


Annika Quotes:

  • Annika: Mum would not like this AT ALL.

    Pippi LÃ¥ngstrump: Your Mum's a little odd, isn't she?

  • Megan: Do I have something on my face?

    Annika: Yeah. My dad's saliva.

    Megan: Oh, shit.

  • Annika: [approaching her in parking lot] You look like you party.

    Megan: I... guess I'm technically coming from one.

    Annika: Cool. So... we can hardly believe this, but we all forgot our IDs. And I mean, normally we would just go buy some beer ourselves. But I guess we look under 21. Which is crazy, right? I know. Um, so, if we gave you some money or something, would you help us straighten this whole problem out and buy us a six-pack or something?

    Megan: Oh, God.

    Annika: Um, you could totally keep the change.

    Megan: [stunned] Okay. Someone did this for me when I was your age, so I'm gonna do it for you. It's like a rite of passage, right?

    Annika: Yeah. Yeah, ya know, I had a good feeling about you.

    Megan: That makes one of us.

  • Saga: So this is the reason we moved to this bloody dump?

    Annika: We have talked about this. Yes, Gerhard Beckert. He just happens to be one of the greatest in genetic science.

    Saga: He also just happens to look like a moron.

  • Saga: Well, I suppose maybe it won't look as bad in the daytime.

    Annika: I told you it's polar night up here. It won't be daylight for a month.

  • Annika: Is it to much to ask what the fuck is going on?

  • Annika: Who are you? What the hell are you and what the hell is going on?

  • Annika: Professor Beckert!

    Professor Gerhard Beckert: I don't have time. Someone has broken into my private lab.

    Annika: She bit me!

    Professor Gerhard Beckert: Who?

    Annika: Your patient, the comatose woman. She bit me!

    Professor Gerhard Beckert: Let me see. Here, press this hard against the wound.

  • Annika: Pär! Pär, vänta!

    [Annika springer efter Pär som åker iväg på motorcykeln. Hon faller ner på knäna. Efter en stund kommer han tillbaka, hoppar av motorcykeln och omfamnar henne]

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