Anne Boleyn Quotes in The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)


Anne Boleyn Quotes:

  • Mary Boleyn: You know I love him...

    Anne Boleyn: Well, I guess you'll have to stop.

  • Katherine of Aragon: [being led to court; stops in front of Mary and Anne] So, the Boleyn whores. Two former ladies of mine. Hiding in shadows. What did I do to upset you, that you should turn against me like this?

    Anne Boleyn: [nose in the air] You failed to give England an heir.

    Katherine of Aragon: And that upsets you so?

    Anne Boleyn: What upsets the King upsets me.

    Katherine of Aragon: How dare you.

  • Mary Boleyn: [as she enters the room] Anne.

    Anne Boleyn: I meant to come sooner. I'm sorry I did not. I've been kept occupied.

    Mary Boleyn: So I hear: amusing the king.

    Anne Boleyn: Only that sister, I assure you; despite his best efforts...

    Mary Boleyn: What, and not yours?

    Anne Boleyn: [is silent for a moment] How is it?

    [glances towards Mary's belly]

    Mary Boleyn: The child is strong, gives me no rest, like his father.

    Anne Boleyn: Do you feel as awful as you look? You know, in France, no woman would allow herself to get in such a state.

    Mary Boleyn: Why did you come Anne, if all you desire is to torment me?

    Anne Boleyn: Perhaps now you know how it feels: to be deceived by your sister.

    Mary Boleyn: I did nothing.

    Anne Boleyn: You stole the king away, and then you betrayed me over Henry Percy!

    Mary Boleyn: If that's what you think fine tell yourself that!

    Anne Boleyn: I did sister, every day and every night I was in exile.

    King's Messenger: [Messenger walks in, holding a gift] A gift, from the king.

    Anne Boleyn: Give it to my sister.

    King's Messenger: It's for you mistress Anne.

    Anne Boleyn: Me? Then send it back! Immediately!

    [looks at Mary]

    Anne Boleyn: How dare he! See? I have your interest at heart.

    Mary Boleyn: Why? Why this cruelty? You know I love him.

    Anne Boleyn: Well perhaps you should stop.

  • King Henry VIII: [Before the hunt] With no man to hold onto how do you plan to stay on your horse?

    Anne Boleyn: [She gets on her own horse] As you do Your Grace, with my thighs.

  • King Henry VIII: I have torn this country apart for you!

    Anne Boleyn: For which you should thank me, not be angry!

    King Henry VIII: Broken with Rome...

    Anne Boleyn: Freed yourself, more like, from the decadence of a corrupt church

    King Henry VIII: Got rid of a good woman in the queen...

    Anne Boleyn: And with Spanish blood shackles you to Rome

    King Henry VIII: Of which I would be excommunicated...

    Anne Boleyn: And instead, become head of a new church! The Church of England!

  • King Henry VIII: [talking in secret] Your sister is gone as you wished. Will you give yourself to me now?

    Anne Boleyn: No. When you are loyal to me above all others.

    King Henry VIII: But I am.

    Anne Boleyn: No. You are loyal to the queen above all others.

    King Henry VIII: I barely see Katherine.

    Anne Boleyn: But she sits on a throne beside you. Your right hand in matters of state.

    King Henry VIII: For appearances' sake only.

    Anne Boleyn: Still, she is your queen. And ever present.


    Anne Boleyn: I feel her eyes on me. And those of her spies. Look at us. Forever reduced to meeting in secret like this. Speaking in whispers. Hardly conducive to passion.

    King Henry VIII: What would you have me do, then?

  • George Boleyn: It's embarrassing.

    Anne Boleyn: Look, she has her eye on you. Sweet Jane Parker would be a match to please our father.

    George Boleyn: Ugh, vile girl, she's the most ambitious little servant in court.

    Anne Boleyn: She can't stop watching.

  • King Henry VIII: Anne, have you considered what I've asked? Is there hope?

    Anne Boleyn: How could I ever trust you, when I've seen how you betray first your wife, now my sister?

  • Anne Boleyn: Masters, I here humbly submit to the law, as the law hath judged me. As for my offenses, God knows them, and I remit them to God, beseeching Him to have mercy on my soul. I beseech Jesus, save my Sovereign and master, the King, the goodliest and gentlest master there ever was.

    [begins crying after seeing Mary read the King's note; takes off her hood, cape and necklace with shaking hands]

    Anne Boleyn: [kneeling] Sweet Jesus, my God, have mercy on me.

  • King Henry VIII: Anne!

    Anne Boleyn: Your Grace?

    King Henry VIII: You received my gifts?

    Anne Boleyn: Yes

    King Henry VIII: And? Do they not please you?

    Anne Boleyn: On the contrary, my lord, they please me greatly

    King Henry VIII: Then why do you insult me by returning them?

    Anne Boleyn: Because you insult me by sending them at all!

  • The Duke of Norfolk: Damn you! Not a single detail was left to chance! And now the moment of our greatest glory...!

    Anne Boleyn: Glory? What glory? A mistress gave a man a bastard, no more.

    The Duke of Norfolk: A male bastard, a son!

    Anne Boleyn: The queen may yet give birth to a son.

    The Duke of Norfolk: The queen no longer bleeds!

    Anne Boleyn: Can you be sure?

    The Duke of Norfolk: One of her physicians, and the moment this family provides him with a son he turned his back to it on your account! You better have a plan, girl! And that plan better work!

    Anne Boleyn: Or what, uncle?

    Lady Elizabeth: Enough, both of you! And what about Mary, hum? And her child? Or have you forgotten about them already?

    Anne Boleyn: Mary and her bastard child will go back to the country. It is the king's wish... and mine.

    Lady Elizabeth: Very well, and you can be the one to tell her. I think you've earned that privilege.

  • Anne Boleyn: [after getting into an argument with the king] I struck him today, what am I doing? I've destroyed it all on my own! I can't sleep, without sleep I cannot think! It's getting more and more difficult...

  • Sir Thomas Boleyn: [regarding the punishment for Anne's secret marriage] You will be sent to France and stay there until you've learned your lesson.

    Anne Boleyn: What? No! Father, please!

    Sir Thomas Boleyn: How can you have done this? You knew full well that Mary's friendship with the king is at an extremely delicate state! Any scandal, any mark upon her name could be fatal!

    The Duke of Norfolk: You will be sent to join the court of the French queen and stay there until your father has forgiven you.

    Anne Boleyn: [crying, runs into the hall where Mary is waiting] You told them didn't you?

    Mary Boleyn: It was for your own good. You never would have gotten away with it. It would have ruined your prospects forever.

    Anne Boleyn: [still crying] Really? For my good? Well, I'll try to remind myself of that while I'm in exile, and you're here in the king's bed, not challenged for our father's affection! That it was for my good and not yours!

    [running down the hall, leaving Mary]

    Mary Boleyn: Anne!

  • [from trailer]

    Anne Boleyn: [to her brother, George] You're my only hope. My life depends on it!

  • Anne Boleyn: What will the King say when he finds out that I cannot bear children?

  • Mary Boleyn: Mother, please! Speak to father... Do something... I don't want to go!

    Lady Elizabeth: This is not a request. We have been summoned.

    [gets up and leaves the room]

    Mary Boleyn: [to Anne] Please don't be angry with me... You think I desired to go for this purpose?

    Anne Boleyn: All I know is that a man who didn't know who you were was with you in that room for a half-hour and came out besotted!

    [starts to leave]

    Anne Boleyn: Don't know what you said or did!

    Mary Boleyn: Nothing sister! Except sing your praises and talk about my husband.

    Anne Boleyn: Really? Well, you must show me how you did that sometime!

    [leaves the room]

  • Anne Boleyn: [in the Tower] You'll look after Elizabeth.

    Mary Boleyn: [embracing Anne] It will never come to that.

  • George Boleyn: [about Henry Percy] He's betrothed.

    Anne Boleyn: Betrothed is not married... It is a long way on bended knee to the altar.

  • Anne Boleyn: [on Mary's wedding night] You afraid?

    Mary Boleyn: A little.

    Anne Boleyn: I should be able to tell you how it will be tonight; give you advice on what to do. I failed you as an elder sister.

    Mary Boleyn: No one could wish for a better sister.

  • Anne Boleyn: [happily to her sister] Younger than me, more beautiful than me, married before me. I'm eclipsed! I'm the other Boleyn girl.

  • King Henry VIII: [during a supper in the banquet hall, to Anne] What's so amusing?

    Anne Boleyn: I was merely offering my thoughts on the new French king. With such great power, yet such meager authority as a man.

    King Henry VIII: [intrigued] Continue.

    Anne Boleyn: [slowly walking forward] His pettiness is astounding. He will bear a mortal grudge at the mildest of slights. Spoiled cub with a spike in his paw. Riveted with resentment. Unable to forgive or forget. A great king, a great man rises above such things.

    King Henry VIII: And what would you know of great men?

    Anne Boleyn: [never taking her eyes from Henry's] I've read enough books and heard enough talk to believe I'd know one if he were before me.

    King Henry VIII: Then look about you. I am curious. Do you see one here?

    Anne Boleyn: [approaches him, still not looking away] Looking my lord... still looking, my lord.

    [pauses in front of the King]

    Anne Boleyn: Ah! There. Found one.

    King Henry VIII: [laughs to himself as the subjects in the room start to laugh]

  • Mary Boleyn: How can you show your face in here? My own sister... take care, because he would only do to you what he has done to me

    Anne Boleyn: You should not have given yourself so lightly, these are the consequences.

    Mary Boleyn: I gave myself to a man I loved, and he loved me.

    Anne Boleyn: A man's love is worthless. Our mother's loved, look where it got her, a feeble husband. Love is of no value without power and position. If I gave the king a son, he would not be a bastard.

  • Mary Boleyn: [after Anne tells her how to secure her position] What you suggest is treason! He cannot marry you, he has his queen!

    Anne Boleyn: [Smiling coldly] Who cannot produce a male heir

    Mary Boleyn: You've reached too high! As always!

    Anne Boleyn: The king will deal with Catherine, you'll hear about it from where I'm standing. You are to go back to Rocher, isn't that what you've always wanted? A life in the country, alone with your child.

    [She leaves, later, Mary will see her once free-riding sister sitting behind the King on a horse]

  • Sir Thomas Boleyn: [Refering to Anne's previous secret marriage] I knew this would come back to haunt us!

    Anne Boleyn: I must go to the king...

    Sir Thomas Boleyn: No, he doesn't want to see you, he doesn't want to hear a word from your lips! He won't even talk to me! The only Boelyn he will talk to, the only person whose testimony he would trust, is Mary!

    Anne Boleyn: [Coldly] Then bring her here, now!

  • Mary Boleyn: [Refering to the Queen] The crowds are with her.

    Anne Boleyn: [Confidently] The crowds have no vote.

  • Anne Boleyn: [Discussing politics with her family] And risking civil war, the very thing Henry fears most. Somehow, I need to make him understand that this will be worth it. When I am his queen, and give him a son.

    [She ignores the shocked looks of her family]

  • Anne Boleyn: Henry Percy

    George Boleyn: [Teasingly] Why ever would he interest you? What could you possibly want with the sole heir to the richest earldom in the whole of England?

    Anne Boleyn: [Jokingly] Oh I have no knowledge of that! I simply like his face!

    George Boleyn: Well, he's betrothed

    Anne Boleyn: Betrothed is not married

  • Anne Boleyn: Isn't it a pity to lose a head like this? Still, they will easily find a nickname for me: among the Queens of England, I shall be "Anne sans tête." That means "Anne who lost her head."

  • Anne Boleyn: [referring to her involvement in little Elizabeth's birth] But Henry, didn't I have a hand in it?

    King Henry VIII: Of course.

    [smiles wickedly at Anne]

    King Henry VIII: But I gave you the idea.

    [laughter from Anne and the courtiers]

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