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Anne Quotes:

  • Hunter: He wanted me here to protect you. And you look like you needed protecting.

    Anne: From what?

    Hunter: You.

  • [last lines]

    Danny: Hey. Aren't you Anne Frazer? The girl with those weird gumboots?

    Anne: Are you Danny Bryce, the boy who went away?

    Danny: Yeah. I'm back. Where you headed?

    Anne: I don't know.

    Danny: Me neither. Want to come along?

    Anne: [jumps into car]

  • Teresa: [Sharp has a pizza delivered at dinner, while the girls all have homemade salads] What is that?

    Roland Sharp: The Carnivore. Pepperoni, sausage, ground beef, ham and olive loaf all gathered together in one savory pie. With jalepenos. Want some?

    Heather: Yes. No!

    Roland Sharp: Extra thick crust.

    Anne: I can't, I'm on the zone.

    Roland Sharp: What zone?

    Anne: The proper combination of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

    Roland Sharp: This combination here is proper as hell.

    Barb: I'm a total Atkins girl.

    Evie: I'm on Weight Watchers, you'll probably blow all your daily points with just one bite.

    Roland Sharp: This baby has one point and one point only, and that is tasting good.

  • Roland Sharp: [yelling at the radio] Why do you find it necessary to listen to this constant *crap*?

    Anne: What's the matter? You don't like vagina music?

    Roland Sharp: Do you have to use that word before I've had my coffee and soymilk?

    Anne: [mocking him] Vagina, vagina, *vagina*!

    Teresa: [walks in room] Whose?

  • Anne: We had the situation under control.

    Teresa: Yeah. We were about to go all Buffy on their gringo asses.

  • Anne: No, he means the other Texas Rangers, you know, like The Lone Ranger.

    Heather: He had that cool Indian friend, what was his name?

    Teresa: Tonto?

    Barb: He was hot! Why don't guys wear loincloths anymore?

  • Anne: [first lines - driving at chase speeds] Roger, we're going to *church*.

    Tommy: That's why I didn't bring a helicopter.

  • Anne: You look pretty good for a man your age.

    Bob: What age is that?

    Anne: [laughs] Stone Age...

  • Anne: [about Bob] Why does he have so much ice cream?

    Paulo: That's all he can eat sometimes.

    Anne: Ah, heroin.

    Paulo: His lady.

    Anne: I thought luck was his lady.

    Paulo: Ah, when one runs out he turns to the other.

  • Croupier: [considering the odds] The house must retire.

    Anne: The house sleepy?

    Bob: Cash, if you please. Large denominations. And it's getting late.

  • Anne: Mike, look, uh, if it's old sourpuss Fulton that you're worried about, well, he wouldn't know a good minister if God put his arm around him and said, "That's my boy!" You know what I mean?

  • Anne: Are you a minister or Batman?

  • Anne: You stepped on my foot.

    Walter Eckland: You put it under mine.

  • [Talking on the phone]

    Larry Summers: Well, that's their own stupidity, I should have been there. Well, darkness is the absence of light, and the stupidity in that instance was the absence of me...

    [Looking up to see the twins in his office]

    Larry Summers: Kathrine, I've got students in my office now. Students. Undergrads. I don't know, from the looks of it, they want to sell me a Brooks Brothers franchise.

    Larry Summers: [hangs up]

    Larry Summers: Good morning.

    Cameron Winklevoss: Good morning sir. I'm Cameron Winklevoss, and this is my brother Tyler.

    Larry Summers: And you're here because... either of you can answer.

    Cameron Winklevoss: Oh, I'm sorry sir, I thought you were reading the letter.

    Larry Summers: I've read the letter.

    Cameron Winklevoss: Well, we came up with an idea for a website called HarvardConnection, and we've since changed the name to ConnectU - and Mark Zuckerberg stole that idea...

    Larry Summers: I understand. And I'm asking what you want me to do about it.

    Cameron Winklevoss: Well, sir, in the Harvard student handbook, which is distributed to each freshmen, under the heading "Standards of Conduct in the Harvard Community," it says that the college expects all students to be honest and forthcoming in their dealings with members in this community. Students are required to respect public and private ownership, and instances of theft, misappropriation...

    Larry Summers: [interrupting] Anne?

    Anne: Yes, sir?

    Larry Summers: Punch me in the face.

    [turning back to Cameron]

    Larry Summers: Go ahead.

    Cameron Winklevoss: [a little shaken] ... or unauthorized use will result in disciplinary action, including a requirement to withdraw from the college.

    Larry Summers: And you memorized that instead of doing what?

  • Larry Summers: Anne, how did they get this appointment?

    Anne: Colleagues of their father.

    Larry Summers: Let me tell you something, Mr. Winklevoss and... Mr. Winklevoss, since you're on the subject of right or wrong. This action, this meeting, the two of you being here, is WRONG. It's not worthy of Harvard. It's not what Harvard saw in you. You don't get special treatment.

  • Anne: But Elizabeth is yours. Watch her as she grows; she's yours. She's a Tudor! Get yourself a son off of that sweet, pale girl if you can - and hope that he will live! But Elizabeth shall reign after you! Yes, Elizabeth - child of Anne the Whore and Henry the Blood-Stained Lecher - shall be Queen! And remember this: Elizabeth shall be a greater queen than any king of yours! She shall rule a greater England than you could ever have built! Yes - MY Elizabeth SHALL BE QUEEN! And my blood will have been well spent!

  • Anne: For six years, this year, and this, and this, and this, I did not love him. And then I did. Then I was his. I can count the days I was his in hundreds.

    [picks up day counter]

    Anne: . The days we bedded. Married. Were Happy. Bore Elizabeth. Hated. Lusted. Bore a dead child... which condemned me... to death. In all one thousand days. Just a thousand. strange. And of those thousand, one when we were both in love, only one, when our loves met and overlapped and were both mine and his. And when I no longer hated him, he began to hate me. Except for that one day.

  • King Henry VIII: Nan, is it true?

    Anne: Have you stepped into your own trap, my lord? Any evidence you have against me, you yourself bought and paid for. Do you now begin to believe it?

    King Henry VIII: Anny, the court is still in session to decide your... verdict. I don't want to hear your guilt from them, I want to hear it from your lips.

    Anne: That I was unfaithful to you?

    King Henry VIII: Yes, just that. Were you unfaithful to me whilst I still loved you? Of course, I'll never know. Whether you say aye or no, I shall never know.

    Anne: You come here to make sure whether there was truly adultery, because that would touch your manhood or your pride. And even so, my heart and my eyes are glad of you. Fool of all women that I am, I'm glad of you here. Go, then. Keep your pride of manhood, you know about me now.

    King Henry VIII: Nan, is it true that you're glad to see me?

    Anne: Yes, it's true.

    King Henry VIII: Then, Anne, lets do all gently for old times sake. I have no wish to harm you, and your words have moved me deeply. I must be free to have a son, and the son must be free to rule England when I die.

    Anne: Why must you leave a king to follow you, Henry? Why not a queen?

    King Henry VIII: This country has never been ruled by a queen. I know it never could be. We can never have a son now, God has spoken. I must have a son elsewhere. And it's getting late. I'm not as young as I was.

    Anne: What do you want of me?

    King Henry VIII: Agree to annul the marriage and give up all rights. You shall go abroad and take Elizabeth with you. You will be well cared for. Please set me free.

    Anne: To marry Seymour and make our child a bastard? No. No. No.

    King Henry VIII: Nan... Nan, you leave me no choice!

    Anne: Once I told you any children we had would not be bastards. You promised marriage and the crown. Now you try to dance out of your promise. Well, I won't have it! We are man and wife together. King and Queen. I keep that. Take it from me as best you can.

    King Henry VIII: Then you have decided, and so have I!

    Anne: Before you go, perhaps you should hear one thing. I lied to you. I said "I love you", but I lied. I was untrue. Untrue with many.

    King Henry VIII: That is a lie.

    Anne: It is true. I was unfaithful to you with all of them. With half your court. With soldiers of your guard, with grooms, with stablehands. Look for the rest of your life at every man that ever knew me and wonder if I didn't find him a better man than you!

    King Henry VIII: You whore!

  • King Henry VIII: If some young man wrote this song for you, Anne, what would you say to him?

    Anne: I would ask him if his wife liked it, Your Grace.

  • Anne: [before her execution] I have a little neck.

  • King Henry VIII: I think nothing but you. Of you and me playing dog and bitch, of you and me playing horse and mare. Of you and me in every way. I want to fill you up night after night. I want to fill you up with sons.

    Anne: Bastards! They would be bastards!

  • Anne: You make love as you eat, with a great deal of noise and no subtlety!

  • King Henry VIII: Mistress Anne, will you teach the king of England how they dance in the French court?

    Anne: There is nothing that France can teach England, your majesty.

    King Henry VIII: Well said. Well said.

  • Anne: Doesn't do that well. Not as well as I've known it done. But it's the one arm I want - for some God-knows-what reason. You do everything badly - everything awkwardly - and I love it the way you do it.

  • Anne: Won't you kiss your daughter?

    King Henry VIII: I will kiss her when she's older - and when she has a brother!

  • Anne: She has the face of a simpering sheep. And the manners. But not the morals. I don't want her near me.

  • Anne: She puts the bitch in obituary.

  • [while listening to love song from Titanic]

    Natalie: What kind of dumb bitch lets Leonardo DiCaprio drown?

    Anne: Nat, mind your own business

  • Anne: We just want your sperm, we're not asking you to move in.

  • Patrick: I couldn't do it.

    Leslie: See I told you he was gonna start some shit.

    Anne: You couldn't do it?

    Patrick: I need material.

    Anne: They don't have material?

    Patrick: Well the whole "Hustler" ouvre isn't exactly helping my cause right now.

    Howie: Oh my God it's embarrassing to even be seen in here! You owe me so big for this hag! You know my issues with buying porno.

    Leslie: Hurry up!

  • Leslie: You see, I told you we should've just drugged him and jerked him off.

    Patrick: Drugged me and... is this the woman that you want to become a mother with?

    Anne: She's serious, too.

  • Anne: I'm the new schoolteacher of Bourkassa.

    Lucien Cordier: That's a fine profession. A vocation, I'd say. Thanks to you, black children will be able to read their daddy's name on French war memorials.

  • Lucien Cordier: I can't read the aviator's book. It's too well-written.

    Anne: You like sounding illiterate? You're not. So why?

    Lucien Cordier: Habit. Grammar gets rusty like everything else if you don't use it. And in Africa the same goes for good and evil. What's good? What's evil? Nobody knows. It's not much use here. So it gets rusty too. Must be the climate.

  • Anne: Lizzie, it's about time to cut the cake.

  • Anne: Is that all You ever think about, Music?

    John Joe: Well when you've got the music, you've got friends for life, thats why I'm never lonely. Remember that.

  • Anne: Julie, I made you! I taught you everything you know! How to dress, table manners, how to move, how to make love...

  • Robert 'Bob' Montagné: I was born here. It was not so dirty then. And I left to conquer the world. I was 14 when I left my mother.

    Anne: Did you go far?

    Robert 'Bob' Montagné: Yes... a mile away.

    Anne: And your father?

    Robert 'Bob' Montagné: I use my mother's name.

    Anne: She was unlucky with you both.

    Robert 'Bob' Montagné: I returned 10 years later, early one morning. I saw an old woman on her knees, scrubbing away, as she always had. That's how I recognised her. I left without a word. Then I sent her a postal order each month. One month it was sent back. She had stopped scrubbing.

  • Anne: If you're ever around here again, drop in.

    John Morgan: Oh, you don't mean that.

    Anne: Why, of course I do.

    John Morgan: Gee, you're a peach of a girl.

  • Carl: Hi, baby!

    Anne: Hello!

    Carl: How's business?

  • Carl: Oh, baby, you got a pair of the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. You know, I'd sure like to take you around and introduce you to my Aunt Emma.

    Anne: What a break for Aunt Emma!

  • Scorpio: Hello, buttermilk! Say, eh, I'm going to have to have a little more appreciation from those newspapers. You get me?

    Anne: Sure, I get you. You're no crossword puzzle.

  • Anne: She is out foolin' around with that boy until two o'clock in the morning and it has got to stop! I didn't spend seventeen years of my life raising a daughter and giving her EVERYTHING, so she could throw it away on a summer romance!

    Young Allie: [Screaming] DADDY!

    Anne: She will wind up with her heart broken or pregnant! Now he's a nice boy, but he's...

    Young Allie: He's WHAT? He is what? Tell me!

    Anne: He is trash! Trash! Trash! Not for you!

  • Anne: 'Cause I might know you a little better than you think. And I don't want you waking up one morning thinking if you'd known everything you might have done something different.

  • Young Allie: What's going on?

    Anne: We're going home.

    Young Allie: We're leaving now?

    Anne: Mm-hmm.

    Young Allie: No, we're not supposed to be leaving for another week.

    Anne: Get dressed, come downstairs and have some breakfast. Willa will pack your things.

    Willa: Why, I'd be happy to pack your things, Miss Allie.

    Young Allie: No, I don't want you to pack my things, I don't want you to touch my stuff I'm not going!

    Anne: Yes, you are.

  • Anne: It's beautiful.

    Georges: What?

    Anne: Life. So long.

  • Anne: What would you say if no one came to your funeral?

    Georges: Nothing, presumably.

  • Georges: [telling a childhood memory] ... some banal romance or other about a nobleman and a lower middle-class girl who couldn't have each other and who then, out of sheer magnanimity, decide to renounce their love - in fact, I don't quite remember it any more. In any case, afterwards I was thoroughly distraught, and it took me a bit of time to calm down. In the courtyard of the house where gradma lived, there was a young guy at the window who asked me where I'd been. He was a couple of years older than me, a braggart who really impressed me. "To the movies", I said, because I was proud that my grandma had given me the money to go all alone to the cinema. "What did you see?". I started to tell him the story of the movie, and as I did, all the emotion came back. I didn't want to cry in front of the boy, but it was impossible; there I was, crying out loud in the courtyard, and I told him the whole drama to the bitter end.

    Anne: So? How did he react?

    Georges: No idea. He probably found it amusing. I don't remember. I don't remember the film either. But I remember the feeling. That I was ashamed of crying, but that telling him the story made all my feelings and tears come back, almost more powerfully than when I was actually watching the film, and that I just couldn't stop.

  • Anne: You are a monster sometimes.

  • Anne: There's no point in going on living. That's how it is. I know it can only get worse. Why should I inflict this on us, on you and me?

    Georges: You're not inflicting anything on me.

    Anne: You don't have to lie, Georges.

    Georges: [looks down at the floor contemplatively] Put yourself in my place. Didn't you ever think that it could happen to me, too?

    Anne: Of course I did. But imagination and reality have little in common.

    Georges: But things are getting better every day.

    Anne: I don't want to carry on. You're making such sweet efforts to make everything easier for me. But I don't want to go on. For my own sake, not yours.

    Georges: I don't believe you. I know you. You think you are a burden to me. But what would you do in my place?

    Anne: I don't want to rack my brain over this. I'm tired, I want to go to bed.

  • Luc: [on Suzanne] What's the pain in the ass doing here?

    Anne: Don't be mean, Luc.

    Luc: She bugs me. She doesn't have to follow me around.

  • [first lines]

    Anne: I never understood why girls had to be princesses and boys, vikings.

  • Anne: [Narrating] We are a hot-tempered family. That's my mom. And that's my dad. Dad likes Mom best when she's upset and breaks things. And Dad can glue them together. Yech! If that's love, I don't get it. But I don't have to worry about that. You can't fall in love at my age. I'm Anne Lunde: Ten years old, 145 centimeters tall, and I weigh 32 kilos. I love fish sticks, especially when I fry them myself. I don't like it when Dad forgets to put clothes on. Or, when insects pretend they are dead. And I hate it that everyone keeps talking about love. But that was before I met Jørgen Ruge. And before I ruined everything.

  • Nicholas Urfe: I've missed you.

    Anne: Careful. You'll be in love next.

    Nicholas Urfe: I never use four-letter words.

  • Nicholas Urfe: This thing, it's like being halfway through a book. You can't just throw it in the dustbin.

    Anne: So you throw me instead?

    Nicholas Urfe: I'm trying to be honest.

    Anne: Honest? It's just like in London. You haven't changed. I'll always be that French girl who slept around. A human boomerang. Throw her away and she'll always come back for another week of duty-free sex.

    Nicholas Urfe: That's below the belt!

    Anne: Your natural territory.

  • Anne: You're running away. That's all it is.

    Nicholas Urfe: Look, in this country I am the typical nowhere man - belonging nowhere, going nowhere and wanted nowhere.

    Anne: Oh, Nicko, this is life, not an existentialist novel.

  • Grace: Where's my daughter? What have you done with my daughter?

    Anne: Are you mad? I am your daughter.

  • Mrs. Mills: [to Anne, who is crying after being punished] No crying now. No crying. Stop that. Here.

    [uses her apron to wipe away Anne's tears]

    Mrs. Mills: Look what an awful face you've got when you cry.

    Anne: [crying] I don't care!

    Mrs. Mills: There, there.

    [Anne finally calms down]

    Mrs. Mills: You listen to me. I've seen them too.

    Anne: You have?

    [Mrs. Mills nods]

    Anne: Why don't you tell my mother? Then maybe she'll believe me.

    Mrs. Mills: There are things your mother doesn't want to hear. She only believes in what she was taught. But don't worry. Sooner or later... she'll see them. And everything will be different.

    Anne: How?

    Mrs. Mills: You'll see. There are going to be some big surprises. There are going to be... changes.

    Anne: [confused] Changes?

  • Anne: They're everywhere - they say this house is theirs.

  • Anne: Nicholas don't speak to them.

    Nicholas: Why?

    Anne: They're dead.

    Nicholas: WHAT?

    Anne: They're ghosts. Come over here.

    Nicholas: But you said "Ghosts wear sheets and carry chains".

    Anne: I don't care what I said. Get away from them.

    Nicholas: You're always teasing me, and telling lies. I'm sick of it.

    Anne: Nicholas I'm telling the truth. COME HERE!

  • Anne: I don't believe that the Holy Spirit is a dove.

    Nicholas: I don't believe that either.

    Anne: Doves are anything but holy.

    Nicholas: They poo on the window.

  • Grace: You told your brother there was someone else in the room.

    Anne: There was.

    Grace: That'll do, Anne.

  • Anne: Cowardy Cowardy Custard.

  • Anne: WE'RE NOT DEAD!

    Nicholas: We're not dead!

  • Anne: Mummy, I won't ask for forgiveness for something I didn't do!

    Grace: You told your brother there was someone else in the room!

    Anne: There was!

    Grace: You're lying!

    Anne: I AM NOT!

  • Charles: [enters Anne and Nicholas' bedroom]


    Charles: How are my little ones?

    Anne: [excited] Daddy!

    [she hugs Charles]

    Anne: Why did you take so long?

    Charles: [smiles when he sees Nicholas] Hello Nicholas.

    [Nicholas hugs him]

    Anne: [to Nicholas] I told you, you see! I told you he'd come back!

    Charles: [as he hugs the children] Have you both been well-behaved?

    Anne: We've been very good.

    Charles: Have you been good to your Mother?

    Nicholas: Very good. We study every day for our First Communion.

    Anne: [pauses] Daddy, did you kill anyone?

  • [Walking in the forest]

    Nicholas: I'm scared.

    Anne: Well, you shouldn't have come then.

    Nicholas: Say something.

    Anne: What shall I say?

    Nicholas: Anything.

    Anne: My name is Anne, and I'm walking. I'm walking and my name is Anne...

  • Alex: [seeing the photograph] Who's he?

    Anne: A friend.

    Alex: What's he like?

    Anne: He's dead.

    Alex: I'm sorry. Do you miss him?

    Anne: Yes. What about you? Do you have someone?

    Alex: I did. A long time ago.

    Anne: You said that once before, "a long time ago". Makes you sound like an old man. What happened?

    Alex: Like you, I lost her. But I think about her all the time.

    Anne: I want to be forgotten completely when I die. I want all trace of my existence to be completely wiped out. Just one of my romantic ideas.

    Alex: There are some things that cannot be destroyed.

    Anne: Are you talking about love?

    Alex: Pain.

    Anne: That passes. A year or two of grieving and you're over it. This is what matters - here, now.

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